Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 23

"Oh no you don't." Were the first words I heard from my best friend as she entered my room. "You are so not going on a date with MY brother looking like THAT."

She points at me with a disgusted look.

I look down at myself.

I look... Pleasant.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I ask honestly confused.

"You look like your going to one of your street matches!" She throws her hands in the air.She loves doing that. "You're wearing track pants for a date?" Ava asks in remorse. I just give a shrug. Travis said I could wear casual clothes. I'm comfortable in these. She doesn't have to act so crude.

"Please atleast wear a short Judy." She begs. Sighing I take off the pant and roam the room in my undies in search of a clean short to wear. I show her a pair of my Chino shorts and she grabs it and throws it outside the window.

What the fuck?

She points her baby pink painted index finger to my closet once more and I grunt aloud as I go back to finding something else.

I find my blue-white cut off shorts Ava had once forcibly gifted me on a Christmas. I had thrown it aside to the back of my closest. Seems it's of use to me now. I show the thing to her and she nods vigorously a couple of times.


I pull it on and button it up in time to have something thrown at me. I grab a hold of it before it falls to the ground and see what it is.

A purple blouse of some sort. The shoulders were stretched out and hanging off. A thin strap on either sides to support the dress.

"Who's one is this?" I ask holding the t-shirt loosely on a finger.

"Yours." Ava says blankly.

Right. Like I wouldn't know the things I own. I roll my eyes at her but she doesn't budge. Nope. She sneers and my eyes go wide.

"When the fuck did you ever buy THIS!? I ask in horror.

I've always worn hoodies or high necks or well anything that covers my upper body. But this thing was about to show off a whole deal of my shoulders to the world.

"That thing your holding so gruesomely is called an off shoulder top. It's trendy with the young girls. And you my dear is going to wear it." She says taking a step in front

No. I will do no such thing. I've already agreed to something unbelievable as a date. And now I've to put up with another?

Travis said I can come in casuals but this is no casual!

I throw the off shoulder to some part of my room and dash down the stairs trying to flee my psycho best friend who was running after me. "Judy stop being so childish and get back here!" Demanding Ava continues trying to catch up to me.

There's not much place to run inside my house. I could go outside but I was in the weird shorts and just my sports bra.

I had no escape.

"Gotcha!" Ava throws her arms around me and I wail trying to break loose. She wraps her long lean legs around my body to keep me from squirming. We struggle for some time and finally groaning like some grandma and heaving deeply Ava gets to her feet victorious.

I sit cross-legged on the floor pouting. I'm not taking one step outside of this house wearing clothes so revealing.

"You look cute." Ava says out of nowhere.

"Thanks." I snap rudely. I'm going to snap at her for every little word she gets out of my mouth for what she made me go through.

"No really. I mean it. I've always seen you in sports attire or clothes that make you look like some nerd-" she stops when I throw her a glare. "But this new look really brings out your beauty Judy. I'm a beauty critic so you shouldn't take my words lightly. I see now why my brother is smitten with you."

At her last words I feel my cheeks flush. Getting to my feet I walk to the kitchen to check myself on the long mirror.

Was I really what Ava was saying me to be?

Standing on the other side of the mirror was a totally new Judith.

Yeah, these types of clothes were an ordinary to most girls. But I wasn't those girls. I wore clothes fit to play a match in any circumstance. This was something new to me.

So much change happening around and in me.

Is this all for good?

"Alright that's enough self admiring. Now get going. You don't want to keep Travis waiting now do you?" Ava pushes me back upstairs to get my shoes.

I plead with her to wear my everyday sneakers and sighing she gives in.

Ava asks me to untie my pony tail. She went along the lines of "you've really good hair Judy. Long and lustrous. Leave it down." She says as she pulls off the rubber band that was keeping my ponytail intact. "Such beautiful golden locks." Ava says with a deep sigh as she runs her fingers through my hair like some pervert. "Exchange your hair with me?" She asks so innocently I turn to look at her in shock, afraid she'd start snipping at my hair and pasting it onto her head.

Sometimes my best friend says the most retarded things I'm left baffled at the lack of her brain.

I swat her hand aside and she pouts. Just for a mere second. Ava gets back to grinning once more as she tries to make my hair into natural waves as she says.

Ava pushes me down the stairs and out the front door in an instant.

"Get going girl. Your going to be late. Shoo shoo." and she shoos me off. Chuckling at her I wave a goodbye and start walking to the bus stop.

"Judy." Ava's call makes me turn around and I look at her giving me the warmest smile. No goofy grin. No winks. Just a gentle smile which always melts my heart.

"Have fun." She says sincerely and I give her a nod and a grin.

As I get into the bus that pulls over, I take my usual seat at the back. The driver who always annoys me almost fell off his seat at the sight of me. Probably wondering if I'm the real deal or a clone.

I'm wondering that myself.

Travis had offered to pick me up but I strongly refused. He said this wasn't prom, so the guy had no reason to pick the girl up and so I asked him to wait at the cafe and I would meet him there.

It's fine right?

I get off the bus and take deep breath. Unlike the other days where the driver pulls away at once, today he's rooted the spot, the doors still open. I look at him weirdly as I cross the road and enter cafe Astoria.

I take in a deep whiff of the donuts and other goodies that were being spread out. I look to my left and right trying to spot a familiar Nutella head. I didn't have to strain too much. The splatter of a tray draws almost everyone's attention and that includes Travis. He looks up from a corner table at Harry who had dropped his tray. Thankfully it was empty. Travis follows Harry's gaze and his eyes travel to where I am standing still by the entrance.


No I'm her evil twin Rudy. I wanted to say but didn't since Travis wasn't kidding with the look of surprise he was holding.

Oh come on. I just changed my style of clothing. Is it that much of a shock that it makes the bus driver slip and a waiter to drop a tray?

Sighing while shaking my head I make to where Travis was seated and take the seat across him.

I first look at Harry who was still staring at me like I'm some alien invading his homeland. I quirk a brow and he silently picks up the fallen tray and walks to the back of the counter silently.

"Judy?" The insane guy in front of me says unsurely.

"If you go 'Judy?' one more time I'm outta here brother gorgeous." I say pointing a finger at the guy to make a point. He must have finally realized it's me with my sassy attitude that he relaxes back in his chair.

"What happened to you? You look-"

"Weird?" I say to help him since he was trying to find the right word. He shakes his head firmly as he looks at me straight makinge feel awkward. "Different than the usual was what I was trying to say."


"Is that a good different or a bad one?" I ask him and he gives me a cute smile. "Definitely on the good side." he replies with a glint in his eyes. "Let me guess, Ava?"

I groan aloud and feel like banging my head on the table. "She threw my Chino pants outside the window!" I say throwing my hands up in frustration. Travis doesn't pity my poor shorts and chuckles making me scowl.

"Is the pant alright?" He asks finding this all funny.

"It's going to be alright. This isn't the first time Ava threw my clothes out the window. Every time she does someone from the gym who happens to see it stashes it inside the mailbox to be retrieved later on. I hope my Chino pant is safe inside there." I say with a sad sigh.



I look at Travis just as he breaks into a thunderous laugh. Tears form at the corner of his eyes. There's nothing in front of me to throw at him so I grab the paper napkin placed neatly on the table, roll it up and throw it at him.

He looks at me trying to hold back his laughter. What's so funny? "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh. I hope your Chino pant is safe too." He says but there's no sincerity. His eyes are filled with amusement.

Once he calms down we make our order. Harry comes over to take the order all the while giving me the bizarre look. I look back at with an equally weird expression. He snorts as he writes down our order and goes to the back to scream at some poor person to get a Mocha Frappe and Latte Macchiato ready.

I sit back comfortably rocking my legs back and forth as I stare at the other customers. A date doesn't seem that bad. I thought it would be some kind of cliche romance drama shit that happens the way Ava tried to explain to me. It's just sitting with a guy I know for coffee and then going for a walk and movie.

Travis clears his throat to get my attention. I look at him and find his beautiful eyes staring at me intently. I shift in my seat uncomfortably with the way his gaze made me feel awkward. "Why did you want to come over to the cafe?" He asks as he taps on the table top.

"Well I didn't want things to be awkward between us. I mean you were struggling to explain what a date is. I was afraid where the actual thing would lead us to with an inexperienced person like me and a bashful guy like you." I say with an easy go smile. If he's going to make me feel uncomfortable I must return the favour.

Travis flushes pink, his ears going red with embarrassment. "I wasn't being bashful. I was just struggling to find the right words to explain to you since you didn't even know what a date is."

Hmm. Is that really a big deal? Not knowing what a date is I mean. I have enough things going on in my life to worry about the definition of a date.

We don't get any further with our conversation as Harry hurries over with our drinks. He places the cups in front of us and then leaves without a word. He was never a man of many words anyways.

I quietly sip my frappe totally aware of the glances Travis kept throwing my way. If I were to look up at him, it would surely get awkward as our eyes would surely meet. Maybe I've got some cream on my lip? I rub my lip with the back of hand but there's nothing there. What's this pink smudge?

"Woah there. What do you think your doing?" I say as I push myself back away from Travis's outstretched hand gripping a paper serviette.

"Stop moving. Unless you want to be laughed upon." He says as he continues to lean forward towards me. Using a corner of the serviette he rubs the corner of my lip multiple times and then he sits back with a grunt. "You had lipstick smeared."

"I had lipstick on? Was it pink?" I ask surprised and show my hand that had a pink smudge on it. Travis looks at me in wonder and then shakes his head. "I can never figure you out Judy." A light humor in his tone.

What did I ask that makes him amused? Did Ava apply lipstick on me? When I looked at the mirror my lips were bare. When did she manage to?

"Do you mind wiping off the whole thing please?" I ask Travis and he gives me a lopsided smile, shaking his head.

"It looks good on you. Leave it."

How can something I've never tried look good on me?

I finish my frappe and dab my mouth with the serviette so a repeat of what happened doesn't reoccur. I grab my wallet and get off my seat, heading to the counter to pay for my drink. A hand grabs me from behind and holds me firmly in place. I raise a brow at Travis mentally asking him what he's doing.

"I'll pay for yours." He says and both my brows skyrocket.

"You've never paid for mine before. Why now?" I ask confused. Travis is lost for words when the counter boy comes to his rescue.

"The guy pays on a date." He says with a chuckle looking at Travis and me with amusement while Travis nods firmly. Who in the world created such a rule? What's so special on a date? I don't think I'll ever understand. But no way in hell am I letting someone else pay for my drink. And so before Travis could say another word, I grab the money from inside my wallet and drop it on the counter. The guy behind the counter looks at me amused and then his eyes travel to Travis standing behind me. With a low grunt Travis drops some cash on the counter as well and pushes mine aside. "Take mine for both our drinks."

He has the audacity to do something outrageous in front of my eyes!

I push back my money to counter boy with a glare. The kid who looked at us in amusement was now Looking troubled. Serves him right for taking me as a joke.

"Judith. Let me pay." Travis says gritting his teeth tight.

"Do you have plans on paying for my movie ticket as well?" I ask him and he gives me a firm nod like that's the right thing to be done.

"Figures. Take my money and get me the bill." I order the counter boy. Our little prittle prattle was gaining some audience. Harry comes up and asks the counter boy what's going on and when it's explained to him he stares at me in a deadpan way.

What the fuck are you staring at me for? Stare at Travis!

We kept continuing to argue and counter boy was beyond flabbergasted. "Uh shall I pay for you two?" He asks with a nervous grin.

"No!" Travis and I both yell at the poor guy who was only trying to help.

"Now you listen here you punk." I say placing a hand firmly on one side of my hip and pointing a finger at Travis.

"No you listen here." he says swatting my finger aside. "Do you know the rules of dating?"

"Of course I don't." I say proudly. Counter boy gasps and I turn to look at him sporting an expression of shock. Harry turns the other side and his shoulders shiver from trying to hold back his laughter. Counter boy turns to Travis with pity in his eyes as he leans across the counter to pat Travis's shoulder in sympathy.

What the fuck?

After countless minutes of bickering back and forth Travis managed to pay for my drink as well. I huff in annoyance as I lean back on the counter grumpily. Travis let's out a deep sigh while counter boy gives him soft claps for his victory.

"Shall we get going?" Travis asks me with a smile. We were arguing just a second ago and now we're supposed to smile? Is this a part of a date as well?

I will never understand such complications. This is more hard than dribbling past an opponent.

Sighing I follow him to the front door but stop when a familiar voice hits my ears.

"Well would you look at that. My very own armrest has come to ease my arm ache." saying so with a mischievous grin Jeremy makes his way towards me. As always he lifts his arm to place it on my head but unlike the other times where he's successful, this time Travis blocked his forthcoming arm.

"What do you think you're doing?" Travis asks harshly. His green orbs dancing with annoyance.

"Travis it's fine. He's someone I know." I say before Travis picks a fight with Jeremy. Travis looks down at me and then back to Jeremy confused.

"You're friends with delinquents?" He asks unsurely. Typical of judging Jeremy based on looks. Though I did the same as well.

"He's the sub captain of the boys basketball team. I also share a class with him." I say for extra reference so that Travis doesn't think I'm friends with guys who aren't classmates.

Wait why do I even care what Travis thinks?

"I thought you don't do dating?" Jeremy asks perking a brow in doubt. He must be wondering why I'm with Travis when I turned down James. Before I could answer Travis does it. "She doesn't. She didn't even know the meaning of a date until yesterday." Travis says with a tired sigh.

"No!" Jeremy breaths in shock as he stares at me. I just shrug. I mean it's not even a big deal? So why are they creating such a fuss about it?

"Is he with James Howell?" Travis directs the question to me and I nod. It's amazing how Travis remembers James's name still. Jeremy gives an unpleasant look and an ugly clicking of the tongue.

"You go around talking about Jeremy?" He asks with disappointment. What!?

I scoff. Did he just ask me a question sounding so rude? Does he thing I flaunt myself to others over a guy crushing on me?

"Judy doesn't. My sister was the one who mentioned about a James Howell." Travis says to Jeremy to clear any misunderstanding.

"Sister?" Jeremy asks and then scrunching his nose with his blue eyes in a frown he turns to me, "that clingy bitch?"

I grab a glass from a nearby table and aim to throw it at him. How dare he! His eyes go wide in horror as his eyes move to my outstretched hand but before he could dodge Travis grabs him by the collar. "That clingy bitch you're referring to happens to be my little sister." He growls with fury.

Jeremy realises he had said something rude about Ava in front of family. He raises his hands out in surrender. Travis picks the glass out of my hand and returns it to Harry who had come running towards me to stop me from killing someone.

"Sorry. She just gets on my nerves."

"What did she ever do to you?" I snap. Ava is a sweet girl who never harms anyone unless they're a threat to me.

"When ever I tried to talk to you she was always there barricading you! I mean how does she even appear out of thin air? And she acts like I'm some kind of a plague." Jeremy screams in frustration.

"When did that happen?" I ask confused.

"Of course you would know! What with that girl being so clingy and hiding me from your view." He snaps and then groans rubbing his exhausted face.

So this is what Ava meant when she said she got rid of the competition. She's trying to bring down my choices to one. Her brother.

That retard.

"Just forget whatever that happened. My best friend can be extreme at times." I apologize in her stead and Jeremy rolls his eyes at that. Travis face palms himself at his sister's antics.

"Forget all that but you're on a date now?" Jeremy asks straightening his crumpled t-shirt that Travis had grabbed earlier. I give a nod since I have no better reply.

I thought Jeremy would snap at me for trampling on his friend's feelings. Not that I am. But instead he grins a Cheshire smile.

"James is struggling on an impossible love." He says shaking his head as his gaze goes from Travis to me.

What does that even mean?

I turn to Travis for an explanation but find him thin lipped, glaring at Jeremy. What the hell?

Why are guys so hard to understand?

"I'll leave you two on your date. See you at school squirt." Messing my hair that Ava struggled to style, he walks out the cafe chuckling to himself.

"Shall we get going as well Tray?" I ask a guy who was as still as a stone. "Tray? Tray?Travis? Brother gorgeous?"

"I can hear you just fine!" He snaps at me for no reason and marches out the cafe.

I scoff at the air. What the hell is happening?

I turn to counter boy who is taken aback from the drama that just took place in front of him

"So I don't know this dating protocol and shit but this is not how a date is supposed to end right?" I ask him.

"Of course not you fool!" The boy who is always calm yells at me coming across the counter. "Go after him!" And he pushes me to the front door.

Groaning loudly making heads turn I run after Travis. Aren't guys supposed to come after girls?

What's with this sudden change in events?

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