Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 26

"Daaaaaaaad!" I scream aloud from the top of the stairs, bright and early in the morning. Thankfully Dad was home today cause the gym was closed for the day, or I would have had to run to the gym in my pajamas. Not that it's anything new. I've done that a couple of times before when I had wanted to ask him something of dire importance. Like why it was butter pancakes and not syrup pancakes.

That's important right?

"Where's all my clothes?" I yell loudly most certainly letting the neighbors know I've no clothes.

"Stop yelling for goodness sake!" He scolds as he comes up the stairs. "I gave them all away for laundry." He says once I'm in his view. "You don't do your laundry properly. I found some moths on a few of your clothes and who knows if the entire closet is filled with them? So I gave them away for some good cleaning." He finishes. I stare at him dumbfound.

"All of them?" I ask in shock. He only nods like he didn't mind sending away all my clothes leaving me with nothing to wear. "Dad how do I go to school without clothes?" I whine.

"Don't be ridiculous. There's some clothes on your dresser drawer." He scolded me once more like I'm some kid.

Dresser drawer? Since when have I kept clothes there?


"Dad those aren't clothes! They're an abomination." I gasp in utter shock. Dad just gives me a weird look and turns around walking down the stairs forgetting about me completely.

I sit on my bed wanting to cry. As the clock ticks my eyes drift to the bottom drawer of my dresser. Pulling it open I find hidious outfits Ava had gifted me for birthday, Christmas or any other occasions that included exchanging gifts. Sometimes she would waltz through my room gifting me a super short dress saying "Tuesday gift!"

I sigh as I fall back on my bed. It's not like my hoodies and jeans are gonna appear if I keep staring at my ceiling. Groaning at how unlucky I was, I trudge slowly to my drawer once more and Search through the contents. Everything looked too tiny, too frilly, or too anything to my usual style.

Sighing once more I pull out a baby blue dress. It looked pleasant, I guess? The thing came to my knees with a little flare to the skirt. I think Ava called this a halter dress? Or something of that name.

Begrudgingly I pull it over my head and the thing falls into place perfectly like it was stitched just for me.

How in the world does she even know my size so precisely?

I pull my hair up into a messy bun as always and put on my sneakers. Staring at my mirror I find how awkward I looked. Unraveling my hair so it would fall freely I leave my room.

The shoes stay even if I'm wearing underwears.

I open the front door and drag myself down the street feeling grumpy. A honk makes me stop and I look back to find Travis standing beside his Porsche.

He looks at me in a weird way and I find his eyes darkening.

What's with him? I have enough to worry about.

"Why are you wearing a dress to school?" He asks his nose twisting up.

"Well cause girls wear dresses to school?" I reply in a matter-of-fact tone wondering where this conversation was leading to. I mean some weird girls wear their underwear to school! Or so I assume cause the shorts they wear are so short you could see their butt lines when they sit. My dress was of decent length. What's he grumbling for?

"You've never worn a dress to school before." He says harshly and I frown. So he's known me since I started high school to know the clothes I've worn? What's his deal?

"Just cause I've never worn does that mean I should never do so?" I question the guy folding my arms across my chest and wait for his reply. Travis looks troubled as his ears go red.

"No well..." He starts to stutter. "Oh fuck sake, just put this on." Saying so he throws his jacket over me like a blanket. The enlarged thing might as well cover me whole with how big it was on me. "Keep this on you the entire time until your afternoon practice." He says with a low growl taking me by surprise.

"But why?" I ask confused at his behaviour.

"Just because." Was the only reply he gave me


Without another word Travis asks me to get in and he drives me to school. Once we reach the parking lot he cuts the engine as I remove the seat belt and get off.

"Don't take that." He puts a strong emphasis on the 'dont'. "I'll have Ava monitoring you." He finishes. I snort and roll my eyes at him.

"Bye weirdo." With a wave I walk away and get inside of the school premises.

I wait for Ava by the locker. Five minutes later she comes barreling in comes to an abrupt stop when she notices me leaning on her locker. At once the girl barfs out laughing, pointing her finger at me.

"Am I to laugh that you're finally wearing the dress I gave you last year or to the fact that you look like a bear in that oversized jacket?" Ava hiccups As she tries to get the words out. I scowl at her and kick her in the shin as payback.

"Sorry. I couldn't contain myself. But seriously this is epic." She starts once more and I give her a menacing glare to shut up. She continues grinning though. "But why am I left at home when Travis can give us a ride to school together?" Ava asks me as if I have the answer.

I mean it's her brother who's doing all the weird stuff. Why question me?

We wait for the first bell to ring and then we go out separate ways. I've AP English language and composition class first thing in the morning. Not that I hated it. It was fun. And so whistling to myself and ignoring the snickers and stares I walk to class.

The door of the classroom opens wide and a girl walks inside. Everyone's eyes are strained on her as she whispers something to the teacher who keeps nodding. And then she faces the classroom.

I didnt even have to look behind me to know the guys drooling at her. She was tall with quite thin lean legs which might break if snapped. Golden brown skin which looked shiny and glossy? Is that even possible? And eyes I must say we're the beauty in her face. Hazel shaped aqua blue that looked all knowing and wise. Let's not forget the turban that was wrapped on her head covering up her hair. She had an exotic beauty I'm sure everyone would turn to see a second time.

"Everyone this Rabiya Qamar and she's moved here all the way from Egypt." Mr. Benjamin, my AP U.S History teacher announces to the class.

Ah. So she's Egyptian. Where the mummies lie.

Rabiya's eyes move around the classroom taking in every face into memory. And then she smiles.

I wonder if she talks English? Or are we to Google translate with her?

"She'll be joining us as of today guys so make sure you show her the ropes. Got it?" Mr. Benjamin asks and before the girls the guys holler an "of course".

"Why don't you sit on the spare seat next to Judith? She's our class Einstein. I'm sure she'll be of assistance to you." And Mr. Benjamin looks my way with a smile. I smile back and then at Rabiya to give her a welcoming smile as well. Her eyes were on me but something stopped me from smiling. Something in her eyes, the attitude that was oozing out of her made me scowl.

"Where is Zudith?" Rabiya asks innocently from the teacher when she very well can see there's only one spare seat in the class. Her accent was deep and the words sounded slurry.

"Judith. It's Judith." I correct her. Her eyes move to me once more and I grin at her just to get under her skin. "You can take this seat." And I point to the empty chair next to me.

She dumps herself on it and ignores me. Snorting I turn to the front to concentrate on anything but her.

The period drags on and I'm at wits end of snapping at the boys for being such dogs. Can they not keep their mouths shut for just one second? Rabiya is not going to disappear for fucks sake. They can get her number after class. The fool seated next to me keeps whispering to me to call Rabiya and I finally point my middle finger at him to make him shut.

Didn't expect quiet Judith to be so feisty hah?

The guy keeps shut afterwards and I continue taking down my notes.

The jacket felt stuffy and heavy and I just wanted to rip it off of me. Maybe I should? Ava isn't here and she wouldn't know.

I mean why the fuck am I even listening to Travis?

Involuntarily I bang my head on the table taking the guy ext to me by surprise.

"Sorry." I mouth to him and resume feeling bad for myself for being stuck in such a situation.

Finally the bell rings and I stash my books and pencil case inside. The guys come over at once to Rabiya's side. Some even rudely push me aside.

Um hello? There's a human seated here?

Sighing I pick up my bag and throw the strap on my shoulder before adjusting the big jacket.


Hmm? Who's calling me? I can't see what with these towers in front of my eyes.

I push the boys to the side. Or atleast I try to push these meaty boys who were a ton heavy.

"If you don't move aside I swear I'll spit on your shoes." I threaten to the guy closest and he retreats at once, his eyes wide in shock as he stares down at me. I just glare back at him and then push past to get to the door.

Oh. It's James

"Hey James." I call out and the guy who must have been trying to find me looks over and smiles. With the light dust of pink on his cheeks of course.

I will never understand boys and their ways of feeling shy.

"Whatsup?"I ask as I skip to the guy. His eyes move behind me and frown.

"What's going on over there?" He questions and I lean on the doorframe sighing.

"New kid. And you can guess the gender with the fans being boys." I reply with an eye roll. Some move and some leave after successfully getting her number I presume. Rabiya's face glows with the grin that's plastered on her face. Her eyes move to me and to the person behind me. And at once they go wide.

Oooh. Someone's crushing on James I see. Well he is an eye candy I guess. Or that's what Ava calls him.

Rabiya's expression turns to a scowl at once but quickly disappears. I saw the scowl though. What's with her? I mean I don't think I did anything to offend the girl?


Someone's already told her about James's crush on me? She did have two classes before this one. We are in our third period right now. Maybe she had one class with James and someone told her James has someone he's trying?

Let's hope there's no drama I'll find myself in. I've enough to worry about to add a supposed rival. Even if I'm not interested in James.

"So what are you here for?" I ask turning my attention back to James as we leave the classroom. I head towards the lockers and he follows.

"Oh right. Tori asked me to hand this over to you. Mind passing it on to Senora? Tori has an appointment with the doctor today and won't be able to come for afternoon practice." And he hands me a book. I take it and put it inside my bag and give him a nod.

"So why are you wearing something that's so big?" James asks rubbing the back of his neck. The poor dude must have wanted to ask the question the whole time.

"It's a long story buddy." I reply sighing. The urge to yank off this thing and throw inside my locker and shut it forever gnawed at me. James doesn't pester anymore and just gives a shrug. We share few more words and then we head to the cafeteria together.

James heads over to his table of boys who stares at the two of us. Jeremy winked at me and I roll my eyes at him before heading over to where Ava was seated tapping away on her phone.

"That your weird brother asking if I've the jacket still on?" I ask her teasingly before taking a seat across from her. Ava's eyes go wide as she hides her phone from my view.

Wait no way. I was correct!?

Goodness what was Travis even thinking?

"Forget Travis. Did you come across any girl with a turban?" She questions me at once. I pull out my sandwich paperbag and take out the cheese and ham sandwich.

"Rabiya?" I ask as I take a bite out of the sandwich. Ava's nose screws up in disgust.

"So you know her name. A class together?" She asks and I give a nod. Ava groans as she bites into her salad.

"I had one with her too! She's simply infuriating." Ava exasperates. "She clearly wants every guys attention. Can you believe her? She's also got her eyes on James by the way." Ava voices pointing her fork at me. I frown at her. Why is she even saying me this? "I made sure she knew who he's crushing on." Ava finishes with a proud grin and takes a sip out of her juice can.

So she's the culprit!

I hit her with the paperbag since I've nothing else to hit her with. Ava looks at me with confusion. "Don't pull me into unwanted drama! The girl was giving me the evil eye."

I guess that was why she spelt my name wrong? And the coldness in her eyes when she looked at me.

What the fuck is she doing trying to get a boyfriend as soon as she transfers!?

I finish my sandwich up quickly, gulp down my juice and walk over to the trash bin to throw the bag.

"I'll see you later babe." I call out to Ava. She waves at me.

"See you honey."

And we get the required reaction.

The boys of the basketball team choke on their food as they turn their heads our way. Only Jeremy breaks out laughing. I wink at Ava and she grins wickedly.

How can they be so gullible?

The rest of the day flows smoothly. Thankfully I had no other class with miss Egypt. I spent the day handing out my homeworks. Answering questions and solving sums. And finally the bell rings to signal the end of school.

I hurry up as I leave the class and run to my locker to grab my stuff. I rip off the jacket and dump it inside my bag feeling the cool wind hit my bare arms. I sigh in contentment with the lively feel of the wind on me.

I better get back my clothes from the laundry asap or Travis might make me wear this annoying thing over and over again.

Gna head 2 the gym Ava. C u ltr - J

I quickly drop a text to Ava and then fasten my pace to the gym so I wouldn't be late. Some kids from my earlier classes stare my way. Most probably wondering where the jacket disappeared to.

"Woah. Judy?" At the call of my name I turn around and find James along with the rest of the 4 boys on the team. They stare at me like I was some alien figure.

"Stop staring." I snap and they look everywhere else but me. Jeremy shamelessly keeps staring while James god knows why he's blushing so much. "I'm getting late for practice. Catch you some other time Bud." And I quickly sprint off before they could keep me waiting any longer.

I throw open the gym door and find Cassy already there along with Kaera, Rekha and Nora.

Darn! How do they manage to always get here so fast? Are they bunking their last class or what?

"Judy?" Cassy calls out my name as if in shock. "Is that you?"

I lift a brow and wait for her to ask any more idiotic questions.

Who else do I look like? Did I change in one night that she has to ask such a stupid question?

"Since when have you worn dresses?" She exclaims. And that's when it dawn's on me. James blushing and Cassy's question.

It's the dress. That's what causing the commotion.

"I ran out of clothes this morning. Had to do with the dresses Ava forcefully gifted me." I answer her as I walk to where she's seated on the ground with her legs outstretched. She continues to stare at me uncannily. I'm about to diss her when the door opens and the rest of the girls enter followed by Senora.

Some of them look at me nervously and then at Senora, who had her face stuck in a book. She looks up and finds me staring at her. She waves and I wave back.

"Tori asked me to give you something." I rummage through my bag and then hand out the book that James entrusted to me. Senora thanks for it and goes to talk to Kaera about today's practice menu.

"Uh... All good now?" Rekha whispers to me and points at Senora with her eyes. I give a shrug and she sighs relieved. I guess these girls were tensed with the situation between me and Senora yesterday.

After last night somehow it didn't feel all that awkward to speak to Senora. We didn't reconcile with words but somehow it worked out between us.

"Alright girls. Change quickly. We have an upcoming game as you know. We better get to shape and increase our training if we hope for victory. Let's go." And she claps her hands together making a loud noise. Coach enters and blows her whistle and we quickly get changed and the after training begins with warmups.

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