Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 29

I don't think I've ever day dreamed before. But I sure as hell am now. As I sit on the bench, I stare at the girls in front of me. We were having an unplanned Saturday practice session.

It's been two days since the incident. Travis had acted pretty much the same the next day much to my relief. I would not have been able to bear being awkward around him. Only I've been out of the world ever since.

Does being a couple have this sort of an effect on everyone?

"Judy look out!" Someone screams. Too late, as a flying fall hits me on the side of my face and I fall off the bench with a thud.

"Oh god, Judith are you alright?" Senora, who had been in a deep conversation with Kaera came rushing over. I rub the spot where the ball had hit me and it stung.

"I'm fine. I guess?" I reply as I stare at her. Cassy who had been standing behind Senora pushed her aside and bent down to me.

"Judy is hurt!" She cried as she tries to lift me up like a sack of potatoes.

"I'm fine you fork. Stop that!" I snap as I flick her hands aside.

"But you're not yelling at the culprit like you always did when someone threw the ball your way." She has the nerve to say. I stare at her in shock while Senora sighs at our retarded center player.

"Everyone get back to practice. We've a game the day after. No slacking." She orders. When no one's makes a move she raises her voice. "Now!" And everyone scatters about.

That's right. We've got a game on Monday and coach had strictly asked us to rest on the weekend so we will be at our best on Monday. Me, being the usual workoholic sneaked into the school gym for some extra practice, only to find the entire team present staring at each other blankly.

Everyone had wanted to practice and so thought of sneaking into the school gym. We all laughed at each other for sucking at being sneaky and then got down to some serious training.

"Are you sure you're fine? Perhaps we should have that checked." Senora says as she looks at my cheek closely to find any sort of swelling. I shake my head and she drops her hand. We sit at the bench and I heave a deep sigh.

"You've been slightly distant lately. Is everything okay with you?" She questions and I stay on guard with my lips sealed. I don't want a repeat of what had happened.

"It has something to do with that boy, am I right?" She asks with a slight tease in her tone. I turn and look at her in shock. Is she fucking psychic!?

"Stop looking at me like that. In not some superhuman. It's just easy to read you sometimes. So was I right?" Senora waits for a response from me while I ponder over the idea of revealing it to her or not. Sighing I finally nod. Senora doesn't blow up like I thought she would. Instead she gives me a smile. "I'm sorry I frighten you when ever it involves that boy. It's fine to date Judith. Just don't let your love life clash with basketball. We're all counting on you." And with that she gets to her feet and goes over to break up the argument that was going on between Cassy and Rekha.

"Nice pep talk eh?"

I fall off the bench with a scream as Tori laughs her head off. I fine at her as I scramble to my feet.

"Fuck you Tori. Can you be less scary?" I snap at the ginger head. She just shrugs as she continues grinning at me. I remain on my feet since I'm afraid I'd fall off the bench once more. Enough hurting my poor ass.

"Were you eavesdropping?" I ask warily and Tori rolls her eyes at me.

"Yeah right. I was here the whole time. You just never noticed me." She throws me a smirk which was starting to piss me off. "Some point guard you are." She teases and I scowl.

Why pull my position now?

"So you finally dating the guy?" Tori asks playing with her keychain. She stops for a second as her gaze turns to me, a speck of humor in her eyes. "You don't have to be wary of me. My lips are sealed." She was definitely referring to her brother. The thought of James made me feel bad, but is it really wrong to like someone?

Tori wait for a reply and before I could give her one, Senora calls me back to practice. I quickly give Tori a nod and hope she gets what the nod was for as I run back to the girls. I look back and find Tori grinning at me. I give her a smile back appreciating her for not planning to giving me a hard time for turning her brother down.

Ava had been so ecstatic, I was left in shock at how easily she accepted the fact that her best friend was dating her brother. Aren't girls supposed to be extra bitchy when they find out their best friend's was dating their brother in secret? Oh well. Ava had always been trying to hook us both since the beginning. She was now hunting down a partner for herself as I am now taken; her words.

We're let off early since Senora didn't want us to tire ourselves. The girls plan on hanging out somewhere afterwards while I'm busy tying my shoe lace.

"I'm sorry girls. I promised mom i'd go to the mall with her." Kaera apologized.

"Me too!" Cassy who had been putting away the balls came rushing over excited for God knows what reason.

"How about I bring mine as well?" Tori who had been silent all the while asks the two who give her a nod.

"I could ask my mom over as well. We could get the mother's to hang out while we roam around or what not." Rekha suggests and soon everyone were excited on letting their mom's meet each other.

I wonder how weird that's gonna be?

"I'll drop out on this girls." I say getting to my feet. All their attention is on me now.

"But why?" Tori asks innocently as her face is scrunched up in confusion.

"Well, I've no mom to bring?" I say dryly trying to state an obvious fact they were well aware of. A thick silence follows as the words sink in to their heads. The atmosphere gets heavy as a look of regret covers all their faces.


I raise my hand before Tori could let out any words of sympathy. I don't do pity. I don't like it when people try to sympathize with me. "It's fine. Really. I've always been without a mom girls." I pause. "Yeah, there was a time when I had wondered why I didn't have a mom when all the kids at elementary had one. But then I decided that my dad is all the parent I needed. He loves me more than any mother would ever love me and that's more than enough for me. So don't worry. Enjoy the rest of the evening ladies." I throw them a grin and Walt's out the gym, quickly shutting the door behind me.

Well. That went well.

Sighing I adjust the strap of my bag, pushing it up my shoulder as I trudge down the school grounds. I wonder is Travis is free right now? I pull out my phone to dial in his number when someone calls out to me.

Fuck. What now?

I turn around while making up a quick excuse in my head but then stop midway when I find the person jogging towards me wasn't someone of my team but James.

"James? What the hell are you doing at school on a weekend?" I ask as he gets closer and stops in front of me to catch his breath.

"I would ask you the same if Tori hadn't asked me to drop her at school." He says and I wait for an explanation as to why he was still in school. "The boys team are having a practice session. A scheduled one." He says with a light grin, pointing out to the fact that we girls were having a sneak session. I chuckle and brush him off.

"So why did you call out to me?" I ask and he stares at the ground hard as his forehead furrows in deep concentration. Don't tell me he actually forgot?

Realization dawn's in his face as he finally remembers. "The boys want to meet you." His tone serious so suddenly.

"Why? So we could plan on which store to rob next?" I deadpan. James stares at me baffled at my reply. " Well then why the fuck do you sound like you're calling me to a meeting with a bunch of thieves and I'm their leader?" I snap. James only chuckles and I roll my eyes at the dufess.

"Lead the way." I say and follow James inside the school building.

West view high was an enormous high school that facilitated two gyms. An indoor gym and an outdoor gym. The girls' team used the outdoor gym most of the time with the help of Coach Harlot and so the boys team were left with the indoor one. James opens the gym door and steps aside so I could enter. I figured the gym would be packed with an I tense training session taking place but what I find inside were just five boys.

"You call this a scheduled practice?" I turn to James with a blank expression and he just shrugs. Sighing I turn to the boys who were in their own world. "Hey guys." I try to be as quiet as possible but in the vast gym, my voice was easily loud enough for an entire army to hear.

The boys heads quickly snap my way. Their gazes falling on me, making me feel uncomfortable. They weren't scrutinizing but it still sucked to be towered over.

"Judith!" Jeremy was the first to call out to me as he grinned my way. He pulled away from the rest and came over to where I was standing awkwardly.

"Uh, hey Jeremy." I try to act as cool as possible. "So um, why was I needed?"

"We thought perhaps you wouldn't mind watching a game of ours?"The captain spoke up throwing a dazzling smile my way almost blinding me.

"Sure I guess one match would be fine." I remove my bag and take a seat on the bench. Coffee with Travis can wait a little longer.

The boys get in position at once. They were doing a three-on-three game. While the boys were busy tying their shoe laces and talking up strategies, I take a look at each player. They were the top five of the boys team. But who is that sixth person I've no idea of? He lacked presence to a great deal.

A kid with dirty blonde hair stood on one side of the court with Jeremy and the captain. He was lanky and too thin for my liking. I'm pretty sure opponents would totally forget all about him when in a game since his presence was so light. But something about him captured me.

Better watch him close.

James hands me a book and a pen to to keep scores and runs back to his team of Jonas and the final member in yet to meet up close. Elijah.

"Begin." I say raising my voice as the excitement settles in my blood. I throw the ball as high as possible and wait for the game to begin.

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