Sneakers over heels

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Chapter 34

Travis dressed up quick and ran down the stairs taking two at a time. He was going to be late in meeting with Judith and he didn't want to waste a second. His relationship with her was sailing smoothly unlike how he had anticipated. The grin on his face was short lived though as his mom came into view. She was seated in the dining room, leg one over the other with her arms crossed over her chest staring at a blank TV screen. Travis knew this posture all too well. His mother was up to something.

Darn it!

"Going somewhere sweetheart?" Her voice was melodious but he could pick out the cold tone easily.

"Yeah." Was all he replied with. Travis and his mother had never been so distant. So cold to each other. Infact Travis had once loved his mom more than his dad. But everything changed ever since he enrolled into medical college.

"Perhaps you're going to meet" she paused. "Judith?" And she turned her face towards him, her eyes steely and stern.

Travis frowned at his mom. Curling and uncurling his fists. Is she fucking stalking me now? He only nodded and hoped this would end. But it never ends soon when his mother was involved.

"Are you..." Mrs Heatherfield starts and Travis knows very well what she was about to ask.

"Judy is my girlfriend." It was out of the bag. Mrs Heatherfield got to her feet at once glaring at her only son as if he had committed some grave crime.

"Do you understand what you are saying Travis?" She demanded but he remained quiet. He didn't want to argue with a lady who wasn't in her right mind to listen. Mrs Heatherfield sighed as she walked back and forth deep in thought. And then she stops.

"Does she know about the incident?" If she thinks that's a trump card to gain victory on her side she was dead wrong. Travis couldn't stop the smirk that overtook his tight lip.

"She knows."

"So it's gone so deep that you are willing to reveal such a dark secret to her."

"It's only dark to you mom. Judith doesn't care. She doesn't judge."

"Shut your mouth! Don't you dare bring that tone to me young man." Mrs Heatherfield's glare alone would send chills down a person's back. How such a woman was a favoured doctor was beyond his comprehension.

"You already disappointed us once. Don't think I'll let you do that again. Your sister is walking down that path. Goodness knows how I'm going to mend her."

"Don't pull Ava into this." Travis bared his teeth out in anger. He hated when his sister was pulled into arguments that didn't involve her.

His mother pointed her stern gaze and he averts his glare. Both being in anger wouldnt solve the situation. And he didn't want to have Judith involved no matter what.

"It's just a temporary fling. Break it off with the girl." She says swinging her hand like it wasn't a big deal. As she spits out those words, Travis whips his head to stare at his mother.

"I love Judith mom."

She turned to look at her foolish son who was starting to sound idiotic and it was making her mad. "You barely know the girl and you use such big words as 'love?"

"I know Judith plenty to know my feelings towards her is not a mere 'fling'."

"The two of you are not compatible."

Travis clenched his fists tight. What right does she have to say that Judy and I are not compatible?

"And what makes you say that mother?"

"Judith is a sportive girl who's dream is close to unachievable. She will never stop until she attains her goal. She is not the right one for someone who is aiming to be a doctor. Both your dreams clash."

"We will manage it between us." He said gritting his teeth hard to keep himself from yelling at his mother to stop talking as if she knew them so well.

"Nonsense. Judith will let go of you one day in order to grasp her dream. And what would you do? Let go of yours and run behind her?"

Mrs Heatherfield snapped. But then she sighed as she rubbed her temple. "Alright. Let's do like this. I'll give you a task. Let's see if you are able to get the answer you desire."

Travis stared at his mom skepticalliy. "And if I do?"

"I'll think about letting you dating the little girl."

"Ask the girl to choose between you and basketball. That is all I am asking you to do."

"And why must I do as you say? I don't have to ask her such an absurd question."

"If you do not then I will have no other choice but to have a talk with Judith's dad. And I'll say you this, jack doesn't appreciate having a conversation with other parents with regards to his daughter."

"Alright fine! I'll do as you say. Keep your word mom. You have to let me date Judith."

"Come back with the reply first honey."

"I will!" And he marched out the house banging the door behind him.

Fuck! I'm bloody twenty one and I've still got to get my parent's permission to date? Can I not for once make my own choice!? Damn it!

Travis pulled his phone out and dialed Judith's number. She picked up in the second ring with an excited and shy "hi."

"Meet me at the alley by the cafe Jude." And he cut the line as he started sprinting down the street forgetting the fact that he's got a car.

I stood by the empty alley waiting for Travis to show up. He had sounded urgent and I just ran out of the gym asking one of the trainer's to watch over for me. I lean on the brick wall and kick the small pebbles on the ground as I try to think up of any valid explanation as to why we had to meet up in the alley and not at the cafe or somewhere else.


"Tray." I couldn't keep the excitement from my voice but when I find his facial expression morphed into annoyance I pull back my smile. "What's wrong?"

Travis takes a deep breath before staring me down with his hard gaze. "I need to ask you something very important."


Why does he sound so serious?

Travis takes his own time in asking me the question. He walks back and forth in the narrow alley and then makes a final stop in front of me with a mere inch separating us.

"If I ask you to choose between me and basketball what would your choice be?"

And just like that I felt the world around me stop moving at his cold words.

He doesn't stop there though. No, he has more to say to break me even more. "No let me rephrase that." He says before I could get a word out. "Judy, I need you to choose between me and basketball."

I didn't know what to do. What to say. All I could fathom was the pain that was starting to build up on my left side.

"Did you just... ask me to choose between basketball and you?" I ask Travis in disbelief.

His face holds a grim look, lips pasted in a thin line.

I can't believe him!

"I thought I was able to make you realise my dream. My ambition. Was I not clear of my goal?"

I had always known that if I had ever dated there would come a day when the guy would eventually ask me to choose between him and my dream.

"I just... Thought you were different. I guess you're not special like I'd hoped you to be. I have been deluding myself."


"Is it because I lied to my teammates inorder to be with you? Or perhaps because I delayed in going to a meeting for your sake? Is that why you're ask me such a question with so much confidence in your eyes?"

No Judith. Don't cry. You don't do crying.

"I would have never asked you such a selfish question. I would have definitely given It my all to allocate time for you and for my dream. I always stood beside you whenever you needed me. I cared for you Tray. It seems you don't have the same thought."

"Judith calm down."

No!" I yell not giving a fuck if anyone would hear our argument. "I guess I set the bar too high on my expectations on you. Maybe that's why it hurts here?" I point to my left side of the chest which was starting to feel like it was being ripped apart.

"You thought that just cause we shared a few kisses I would choose you over my lifelong dream?" I didn't mean to hurt him but I couldn't stop myself. My voice void of any emotion as I felt my heart sink further into the darkness.

"I just asked you a simple question Judith. No need to be so emotional."

I clenched my fists to my sides, trying to pipe down the rage that was building inside of me.

"I've been playing basketball since I was six! Thefirst thing my dad gave to the one year old me back then was a ball. I've been in awe with it since i learnt how to bounce it. Travis you don't understand. Basketball is my life force. My one purpose in life." I take a deep breath to keep myself from shivering any further. I hold myself tight to keep the cold out.

"I really like you Travis. but now that you've come to the point where you ask me to choose between you and my dream..."

"Judy?" He holds my hand firmly.

"I'm sorry." I loosen his grip on my hand and let it fall to my side. "This wont work out . I'm sorry Travis. Goodbye."

I turn around and walk away from the one guy who I had started growing feelings for.

Irrespective of his calls, I didn't turn back. I heard him punch the empty trash bin in frustration and I still don't turn back. I was afraid he'd see me crying. Afraid he'd find the tears that were stubborn to stop from falling and realize how much this was affecting me.

This is why I never wanted to do dating. I knew it would break me one day.

Is this what a heartbreak feels like?

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