Sneakers over heels

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New book!

Hi everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well ♥️...

I was asked by a lovely person when the next chapter would be out since it's been weeks that I updated. Life's been keeping me busy and I had a lot to tackle with.

I'm trying to get back into writing and hopefully I will do my best to get a new chapter out soon. (Fingers crossed)

In the meantime, after a good scolding from my younger siblings (😣) for always abandoning ongoing books, I came up with a new book.

I wont be stopping Sneakers over heels but I will also try to write up the new book ♥️

It's called "He fell in love with the Tomboy"

Here's a small summary ☺️

Rhythm Drake was not a regular teenage girl. She was one with the guys, and the person all girls stayed away from.

She was Hudson High school's one of a kind tomboy. With her quirky personality and wild behaviour, she had won almost everyone's favor.

But behind every smile their was a pain she hid, behind those clothes were wounds she covered.

Rhythm was a strong girl who was breaking apart on the inside.

Constant abusive father and a home she calls hell. No mother to show love, neither a soul friend to share her grief.

Her only breakout from her miseries were the songs she wrote and sung in secret.

Everything was fine and sailed smoothly until the school's Mr. Cinderella found out her secret.

Jaden wasn't who he portrayed himself to be. Behind his glamour there was an untold story.

Rhythm and Jaden despise each others company. Their very existence was a bother to one another. Yet something pulled Jaden to Rhythm and Rhythm just couldn't push him aside like she had always done with everyone else.

Just what is it that the school's Cinderella want with the tomboy?

And that's it!

I'll put up the cover on my profile so you can have a look. Do show your love and support ♥️☺️

Lots of love


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