Wanting Her

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Her One look at the blue eyes was what it takes for me not to breathe. Godly handsome is what she thought. His First time he saw her was what it takes for his day to be fill with the thoughts of her. Fucking beautiful is what he thought. What would Lana do, when all this time no one has ever passed to make her walls to crumble but it takes one look from Ethan, and for him to own her heart?

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I can't feel anything. I'm numb. Everything is over. I can't even pretend that I'm okay when what I feel inside, are dead.

No one can save me.

From me.

The voices and the images inside my fucking head is making home to specifically remind me of that treacherous event. What a fucked up thing to happen to anybody.

And I'm the unlucky one.

I'm at the school office waiting for the principal to call me.

Everybody in this fucking town knows what happen to me. The people even have the guts to glance my way with pity in they're eyes. I don't want their fucking pity. I don't need anybody's pity. I'm not a fucking pity charity case. That's why I decided to take a break from school and take my time elsewhere.

Away from this fucking town.

"Hye, I'm new here, I would like to get my class schedule." Voice so soft and sweet, it make me glance up to where the voice are.

I don't know why I even bother to look her way.

She stood at the counter of Mrs Brown and let her eyes trail through the entire office. Her brown wavy hair are passed to her small waist. Her fingers are drumming softly on the counter whilst waiting.

Not until she looks my way. Cute heart shaped face staring back at me. From where I sit, I can't decipher her beautiful almond shaped eye colour, like greenish maybe. Small button nose and full pink parted lips. And I don't miss how her cheeks flushes light pink when our eyes meet.

I keep my face indifference and she did something that surprises me. She smiles at me. She look even more beautiful and way younger when she smiles. I stare a little too long for comfort and let my mind memorized her. The way she looks at me, I will always remember it.

She looks at me, with no judgments. Away from any bad speculations. The way she looks at me sparks a little hope in my dead inside.

"Here is your schedule, Lana. Welcome." Mrs Brown speaks to her making her breaks our contacts.


She smiles at Mrs Brown after saying thank you. She then, walks out of the office without even glancing my way.

And I'm left staring at her back until she's out of my sight.

And I know what I decided to do. I'm not getting out of town. That's for sure.

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