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#Kissing Her # Iris is seventeen when she meets Eric . The only hire to one of most dangerous groups present in the world , His hidden identity was only know to few people surrounding him for his protection . He is the FireDrake Clan . He is the death god . But for her he is " The Angry Stranger " , Her charming personality not only surprises him but also takes a huge toll over his behaviour . " Move the fuck away for me " She only frowns stepping back ,no second later pushed back into his body . " You are gonna die staying near me Iris " He said kissing her deeply . #18+ #Abusive languag

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Welcome To My New Book !!

Cover By : Magenkop
[If interested please contact for book covers . Highly recommend this person ]

The Female Lead : Iris

Black long hair , Amber eyes , Fair skin tone , Round face , freckles .

The Male Lead : Eric

Black hair , Black eyes , Muscular , Tattooed , Stubble , Olive skin tone .

# There will be abusive language

# It is a cliche story


I smile feeding the squirrel . My two fingers gently , slowly rubbing its little back as It bravely ate its bread . "You should not run over the road like that Mochi " But he ran away into the shrubs beside my house . I sigh standing up suddenly feeling dizzy . "I should have some breakfast" .

Walking in I take my boots off dusting my hair off the snow that had fallen over it . " Mumma , I am gonna be late to school . Can I please have my breakfast ?" . She smiled sliding the bowl of yogurt and fruits in front of me . "Remember to wear your socks and take your lunch ya ? " I giggle nodding .

As a child I always forgot to wear my pair of socks . At the end I would always get my legs frozen . I wonder why ?

"Bye Ma and Pa . I'll see you later " Closing the door shut making some snow fall off the edges I walk down the stairs . I loved the thick white air which came out my mouth when I sigh . It always fascinates me . My high school was fifteen minutes away from my house . I think it would be stupid to get bus till there. However I do not feel my legs while walking up their in winter .

When I enter the class I always have my one friend waiting for me . Simon . His name is Simon . He is a smart guy with white hair and green eyes . I have always felt envy of him . Such unique features he had .

"Will you join the art club with me Iris ?" I smile. "Of course I will . Besides I have nothing to be interested in anyways " He gave me nodded drifting back in his notes . Signing up for the art club and walking out I spot him standing next to my locker . "Hey , did you bring your roller ? I need to see your last painting " I nodded walking to the canteen with him .

"Literally every single time ? Do they have nothing but this greasy pasta to serve " He whispered . "Do you want my lunch . I have so much I won't finish it all " He chuckled . " I won't mind " It made me smile as how much comfortable we were with each other since the first time we met . As soon as we finished our food we made our way to the art club . I really liked the fact that we were allowed to choose our own subject and not attend the class we were not interested in .

It some how sparked the love for drawing more inside me . Not that I was great in it .

"See , it makes a huge difference when you use a different brush " I smile nodding . Learning literature and painting was all that I wanted in my life . Nothing could be more exciting than that . But I must have gotten carried away . Because not long after I realise It was past noon . I was cooped up in my own world of painting so much that never realised that it had been about three hours and that the other students had left . Simon as well .

Grabbing my stuff and running to the door I shut it close and walk down the dark hallway . I opened my locker hating how the noise echoed through the dark empty hall and walked to the back entrance of the building . I had just learned that since the faculty members stay in the school till evening there was no problem in staying up till six after the noon .

However , walking down the empty road was quite scary . It was almost dark . It was too scary but I had to make it to the supermarket . I bite my lip grabbing the pack of cookie dough and some milk . "Should I buy some chips or should I get some instant noodles ?" Tough decision .

I end up buying both . "Thank you and come again " I wave at the girl on the counter stepping out in the cold and walking away . It was ten minutes later that I saw a bike with a man leaning on it . I gave my inner cheek a bite watching him as he played with something in his hand . Wow it was shiny

My curiosity wanted me to look directly at him . But the slippery road had me falling on the ground . I tripped on my foot fortunately landing on both my hand . "Oh no " I whine getting the fallen things into the bag again . But one such little can of soda for my dad rolled right across the road near that person's feet and stopped . My eyes trail up from his legs to his face .

His eyes were on me . I clear my throat standing up and making my way towards him . "I am sorry " I said picking it up . "This little guy likes to roll I guess " giving it a chuckle My eyes wander back to his face .

I gulp watching his eyes stare back at mine . He was wearing just a hoodie with the hood over his head . A knife in his hand . And his straight face . Was I suppose to run away if a man had a knife in his hands ?

" Aren't you cold ?" I ask

He raised his one eyebrow . Wow that's cool . "Get going " His husky voice landed on my ears . Suddenly I was curious . "You should wear something more . Or you will freeze up " He only grunts making me frown .

"Listen up , Get the fuck out of my face or it won't end good " I bite my lip looking at his eyes . He had a small scar at the start of his left eyebrow . But for some reason he looked so much better with it . "Are you fucking deaf ! " I flinch at his voice . "Huh ?" He clenched his jaw looking away . " Get away " He said . But this time he hand his teeth closed .

For some reason I step back and my eyes land over his hand . I gasp slapping my hand over my mouth . "Your hand is bleeding !" He looked down to his palm and then back at me . "You shouldn't really play with a knife you know . That's dangerous " I said hunting a big bandage from my bag . " Here " I said .

He just stared at me . "Take it . It might not help . But at least might stop the bleeding " I said taking his other hand and putting the bandage on it .

"Bye bye " I said waving at him and walking back on my path .

While she walked away Eric just stared at the girl in utter horror . How could she have the nerve to talk to him . The Eric . Who the fuck did she think she was to touch him like that ?

He clenched his jaw turning his palms into a fist and throwing the piece of crap on the road given by that girl .

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