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#Romance She is a timid girl , never been out the of the city . Never tried something called as real fun . While he was naturally scary "Y-You should go " he shook his head while I tried catching my breath . "You shouldn't be here " I begged him . "Please go " I plead . "I Am not going anywhere Ambriose !!" He yelled . I took in shallow breaths and he struggled . "Please " I whispered . "No" He said . "Never " #Bad language #Matured . #Spin off to " All His " #slow updates

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|Little Red|


When I was young , I used to be a good kid . I used to love playing with my sister , help my mother and respect my father . Years later when I grew up . My tendency to listen to someone changed . I no longer wish to be told what to do . I do not wish to be commanded . My father taught me how to make people kneel before you . He taught me how to be the strongest in the eyes of people so they know who they are messing with .

I held a gun and shot a perfect aim when I was seventeen. He taught me . My father is a business man . Rough and committed to his work . He goes straight down to business no emotions . He has only had one women by his side who was my mother . She suffers his anger sometimes . I have seen his raging eyes towards her . But I don't understand that women . She never gets scared . My father told me . Scaring is our work . Getting scared is our weakness  .

He made sure I was turned into his son before introducing me to others . I had to learn how to be the one to rule between thousands of men . I had to be the strongest . The ruthless . Only then do we get the respect we deserve . I turn Twenty next month . I do not work under my father but work with him . The only thing getting in my way is that I finish my studies and then do whatever and however I want to rule my own underworld .

I slam my car door shut and walk in the university. The people around turn away making me feel proud . "Zanthus " I didn't look only walked ahead . "I goods are in " Caleb said . "Well what are you waiting for . Send them up " I spoke and he nodded walking away . I sat down on my desk and leaned back . This was the first time I was attending a class in this month . I could easily get the attendance I need but why not roam around a bit .

The shitty classes had me clench my jaw and I walked out the university cursing . Racing and killing was better than sitting for hours of bullshit they speak . I was about to step out the gates when I saw her . The girl in a red dress  . She was sitting on the stairs . With her phone in her hands . Her ears blocked with headphones as her eyes roamed over a book . My eyes linger over her legs . Her skin below knees was exposed . Her hair black . Her skin milky white .

I didn't waste my time . My mouth formed a smirk and walk to her .


I had promised my mother to love her unconditionally unless she forced me to do something I did not wish to . But then she did . She reminded me of how cruel your parents can be for money . I traced the letters of the pages on the book . The offwhite colour reminded me of my grandmother . I was close to her . Very close . Mother didn't like it . My mother hated her . She never understood my grandma better than me . She never figured my grandma was lonely .

I had my headphones on while I.sat on the stairs of the ground . My eyes roaming over the letters . I wasn't reading . I was only observing . Because that's what I did went I missed someone . Today I missed my mother . I hate myself for my own emotions towards her . I missed her when she was away . But hated her when I was away from her .

My body jumped as a heavy body sat next to me . I look towards that man to see him texting of his phone . He had a stubble . Brown hair . Muscular . I could see his biceps bulge . I gulp looking away . I had no place to sit but the stairs. Because I skipped my class I was waiting for my brother to pick me up . I divert my eyes to my book and concentrated on it . Until I heard my phone ring . He was here . I take my backpack and slowly stand up . Making sure my dress covered me properly so the guy beside couldn't stare at my legs .

I should've worn something different. The dress I worn was red . I made me stick out as my friend said . But I wanted to stick out . Somehow how feel good . Because it was my birthday. "That's a pretty colour " The man beside me spoke and I look back . My eyes running to his black ones . He had black eyes . The rarest colour . "T-Thank you " I spoke and he smirked . "You name " He asking making it clear that I should answer . "Ambriose " I reply . He nodded and I smile for some reason .

He didn't look that well . He had messy hair . He had hair on his face . His jaw was damn sharp and he look like someone who can be very rude . He was huge . Something I never liked . I like guys with a cute look . Someone who would make me laugh and seem friendly. However this man who was the only 'guy' who spoke to me in the entire semester was not someone I wanted to talk to .

"Well bye " I whispered not wanting to seem rude and make him angry . We all know what angry men do . I sat in the car closing the door . "We have to pick up something from the supermarket " he said and handed me a paper and I laugh . "You can't remember this much ?" I asked . "I don't remember that vegetables shit " he said and I laugh .

"One day you will have to remember it because you will have a wife " I said and he smiled . I walked into the house and went straight for my bed . "Get ready by seven we are going for dinner okay ?" I nod closing my eyes . I woke up at five and ate some fruits while doing my home work before getting ready . When I get down i was greeted by my aunt and uncle . I hug her and she kissed my cheek .

I was then taken to nice dinner by them . "Dear . Now that you turn eighteen I have to say something. You have grown up into a fine women . I know I hate talking about this but we have got to discuss about what will happen from tomorrow " My body froze . "Aunty" I called and she sighs . "Don't worry you will always be safe with us . We aren't letting you go anywhere " Uncle spoke while Kaden , held my hand over the table . "As you brother I promise . We are not letting them force you into this again . But they will come . Asking for you .  Just remember, if you don't want this then we will support you .  " he said and I nodded .

I sigh closing my eyes and letting the cold wind hit my cheeks . My hands were freezing due to the coldness but I kept walking . I saw a black car zoom pass while I walk . But I never thought I would see the same guy who sat next to me step out . He was wearing a shirt . Only a shirt with pants . How could stay warm ? It was freezing outside .

I bite my lip some how my eyes still on him . I noticed it . My body reacting to his eyes . As he looked at me . I have never felt attracted to a guy with hair on his face . I have never felt attracted to a guy with muscular body . Never have I talked to any guy from this school . Since I think I am not as attractive to them . But he . He made me look at him . He was really gorgeous .

He smirked walking to me and I step back biting my lip . Was he coming to me ? Why ? I felt myself freeze on the ground as he walked in my direction .
I was afraid for an unknown reason . I wanted to move but my eyes couldn't divert from his face . He stood in front of me as his hands rested in his pockets . " Hello little red " he said .

"H-Hi" I replied .

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