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"YOU were mine the minute I laid my eyes on you , that means you can't run away from me nor can you look or talk to other men ...get that ? " I trembled . "GET THAT ??" He demanded an answer .. I nodded not able to speak. "Good shut that pretty little mouth of yours or you'll be punished " I felt tears streaming down my cheek . His rough yet warm hands came towards my face . His fingers brushed the tears way . "Don't cry my love ....I will never hurt you are mine , only mine .." With that lips roughly crashed onto mine . #abusive content #18 + # Under Editing

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Chapter 1

             "They say love is a mere four letter word ,but for me ...... it means fantasy ,it means living in a beautiful dream ,i do not know when will i fall in love with my prince charming but i am looking forward to it "

I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock ,i groaned and made my way to the bathroom ,after having a long relaxing bath i dressed up in black shorts and a light pink crop top .I make my way way downstairs to see dad making breakfast .We exchanged our hello's before me sitting down and taking a sip of my mix fruit juice .

"So .....first day in high school ....i hope you enjoy"he said . I sighted ."You expect me to enjoy the high school on our third shift ?" .

We have shifted the third time this year ...and it sucks  .After mom died my dad got depressed but him trying to forget her and trying to find a better job for both us was least expected by me .I respect him for that,but i get irritated as to how i have to leave my new best friends and move to a unknown place .And making friends for me ......boy that isn't easy .

Dad drove me to the high school .He lightly pecked my cheek before saying goodbye .I make my way to the office for information.After getting the schedule i walk to my locker .While walking to my locker i see couple of boys in some sports outfit and girls attached to them .They were from some football or basket ball team .I was looking at them and the girls who looked like models when i got roughly shoved by some boys .

My arms hit the locker as pain shot through them .I heard the group laugh .

Well great way to start a day isn't it ?

After couple of lectures it was lunch time, i make my way out the school building and sat on the benches near the football ground .I don't wanna be humiliated again .My mind and my eyes were in the book  with my other hand grabbing the apple .

Suddenly i heard a car pull over on the drive way .The ground was all clear so i could see a man in suit rushing out of building to the car . Must be the principle .

I thought . I took in deep breath as a man stepped out the the black posh car .His tall body ,his dark brow hair ,he was dressed in a grey suit .

I couldn't see further as they  stepped inside the building .Wonder who is he ? ,i couldn't care less . Ignoring the curiosity in went back to my book .The first horrible day of my third high school was finally over , i step out the doors and sight .Our house was only minutes away from the school ,so dad didn't had to come pick up , i rather walk than call him .

I was walking from the parking lot when i saw that familiar man with grey suit walk out the the principal ,this time his face was visible to me . As i kept walking his face finally came in the view .

My god .

Was the only thing came in my  mind . He was handsome . Very much .I could see his perfect jawline ,his perfect body ,how the suit was a perfect fit on him , and when he turned ....our eyes met . I sucked in deep breath as the cold stormy silver eyes started to dig in mine .I gazed down and walked faster towards the gate . 

As i reached home i started preparing something for dad and myself , after having something eat i requested my teacher from the e-mail to change my classes for the entrance exam preparation , I knew that it would be tough since it was only my second day but i have to start studying now for my career as an Architect . 

When i finally decided to sleep and tossed and turned over my bed because of one face in my mind , That man . Who was he ? His eyes , they were so scary yet so interesting . I fell asleep in no time after that  . 

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