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#Romance # Exclusive On Inkitt I fell for a ruthless man ... And he claimed me as his . I am to be his wife ..I don't know if i can change him . He is cruel, heartless ....yet i feel safe with him . Will i say yes to him after all he did to me ? Does this ruthless man deserve a chance ? Ava is a timid women while Roman is a cruel man . After he has claim her his ....will she let him in ? Will this marriage bring them closer ? THIS BOOK IS SQUEAL to ALL MINE I suggest you read All Mine before this book . #Dark-Romance #18+ #Bad language used

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Chapter 1

I woke up and rubbed my eyes to adjust to the light .
I didn't feel Roman's hand around me as he was shifted to another room , forced by his mother.She said we are not to sleep together till the honeymoon .

Only 5 days left

I stood up and went straight to the bathroom .Dressing up in a simply baby blue knee length dress .Getting downstairs i see Roman in the living room talking to his cousin. They came yesterday The only two i got near was Ken who was now my close friend and Roman's cousin named Crystal.

Roman's eyes met mine and he walked towards me ."Had a good sleep ?" He asked kissing my forehead and wrapping his one arm around my waist .I nodded
"Hey Ava ...we have to go dress shopping today " Emma and ken said.I was nervous to say it but didn't want a new dress .

Emma was excited but i was nervous I also have to visit my mother .Guess tomorrow then .
"Umm ...can i talk to you Emma ?" She nodded ""Whats wrong dear ? " she asked "I am sorry but i don't wanna buy a new dress " i said .Her face turned into a frown .

"Why ?" I looked down and bit my lip
"I ,you see my mother won't be here to give me away with my dad i want wear my mom's dress ,it will make me feel like ..she will be with me when i walk on the aisle " i stated

I look up to see Emma's eyes tearful ."Oh dear ...of course " she said hugging me .I hugged back and smiled ."Well ..why don't we go and get your dress we have to dry clean it and then get your reception dress ..oh god ..there too much to do " she said excited.

"Aunt Emma down are making her hyper as well " Crystal came in the room with Ken and kept her hands on my shoulders from behind
"Okay then ...lets get going " ken said .

We drove to my house .Dad had already kept the dress ready .I never missed the expression on his face .'I got to see my beautiful wife in this i get to see my beautiful daughter in this dress ' he stated .I was on the verge of crying but i blinked the tears away After giving the dress for dry cleaning we shopped for my reception dress .I tried hard to make them appeal a low budget dress .But Emma ended up taking a something i can't  ever afford ,We then went to church .From then we shopped for my so called "honey moon " They said he was taking me on a  island .What the hell ?

I felt my phone vibrate ,Roman gave me a phone so that he could contact me and irritate me
I sigh and pick it up . 

"Where are you ? "

"We are heading home now " i replied

"Meet me in my room as soon as you get home " he said

"Okay "

"Whats wrong. ....are you not feeling well ?"

"Ummm ..i-i am just tired " i said

"Alright ...get here soon " he said and hung up

We reached home and i walked to the guest room where Roman was told to sleep for next few days I chuckled at the fact the his mother kicked him out of his own room .I opened the door and Roman turned his head ..He took long strides towards me and slammed me on the wall before kissing me roughly.

"Mm ...R-Rom.." he picked me up and laid me on the bed all while kissing me
"You were gone for too long love ..." he said and slipped his hand under my dress .
His fingers hooked on my panties trying to pull it down ..

I gasped and moan as he sucked on my neck His lips were about to met mine when there was a loud knock on the door "Fuck " Roman cursed

He opened the door and faced with angry Emma "How many times did i tell you not to touch her !!" She shouts ."Well she is mine ..i can touch her whenever i want " he barked back
"Don't you dare speak to me like that young man ...Ava ..out now !!" She said

I walked to the door blushing and was about to walk out but Roman pulled me back and kissed me again before i was pulled out by Emma look at him to see his pissed face .I and Emma chuckled as we made our way in my room .

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