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Chapter 10 .

" We can handle the shares " Mr. James stated .
"That won't be necessary ..Lincon will take care of it " Roman states and looks back at his files .
"Well ...good ...then ..leaving the formalities,  we can expand this by many other methods "
What the hell is he saying ?

I look at Roman to see him in a kill look .
"I have the authority here and I will decided ...I do not like being told Mr . James " Roman said .
I saw a hint of anger in James eyes .

The meeting was going since an hour .
The discussion was quite confusing but i did put up with them .
Roman had me sign few papers for witness ...
I made sure to read it before i sign ..
I don't want any kind of second disaster in my life .

Mr . James was the current CMO .
No offence,  but i was getting weird vines from him .
He was constantly pushing the company into investing the shares .

I had studies a bit about these things ..i wasn't full illiterate in this part .
It was all in Roman's hand ...but he sticked to his choice .
He never listened to anyone except Lincon for any problems.

The meeting finally ended and we walked out with Roman's hand around my waist .
"Mr . Chevrolet " Mr . James called  .
Roman stopped and looks back .
"What ?" He barked .

"We will be expecting you in tonight's event " he said .
"Anything else ?" Roman asked .
James glanced at me and once making me uncomfortable.
Roman's hand went tight ..
"No ..." James said .
Roman took a step forward with anger .

"Look at her again i dare " he spat .
James looked down in fear and i was pulled in the car by Roman .
After getting to our room i took off my dress and wore a t-shirt .
I laid on the bed closing my eyes .

I am bored ..

I felt Roman lay on the bed beside me.
He pulls me closer and kisses my neck making me shiver .
Soon we fell asleep .


"Ava " i heard a voice with kisses on my face .
"Wake up love , we have to go "
I opened my eyes and came face to face with Roman .
"W-Where ?" I asked sitting up .
"For a event go get refreshed and dress up " he ordered .
I make my way in the bathroom .

After finishing my business i took the bathrobe and wrapped it around me walking out .
I open the closest where i saw my maroon gown hung up .
Roman picked it ?
I never took it out of my bag ..

I shrugged it off and wore it .
It was a simple mermaid dress with a golden belt  .
I took small strands of my hair and secured it behind with a hairpin .
Putting on a light lipstick with gloss i look at myself once again .

Thats when Roman came in .
He was wearing a black suit .
I took in deep breath as his fingers touched my cheek .
"You look beautiful " he said kissimg me softly .
I close my eyes shut as he kissed me again with his hands firm on my waist .
He pulled and i open my eyes and they went wide

Oh shit ..
He has the lip gloss on his face .
Shit shit shit

My mouth opened but nothing came out .
He started walking to the door when i stopped him by his hand .
"What's wrong love ?" He asked
"Umm ...uhhh " i look anywhere but at him and bite my lip
"Don't bite your lip " he said 

I immediately stopped .
Taking a step away i took the tissue from the table and walked inner him .
Nervously standing on my tip top my suddenly shaky hand came to his jaw and other on his lip .
His hand came on my waist tight .
I dabbed his lips and removed the lip gloss.

He never spoke a word , simply stared back at me .
"Done ?" He asked and i nodded .
He pulled me to the bed and made me sit .
He then walked to the closet and pull my heels kneeling down in front of me .

His hand took my feet and slipped them on .
"Lets go , we're late " he states and wraps his hand around my waist .
We walked to the car and drove off


"Would like some champagne sir ?" The waiter asked .
Roman took a glass and sipped with his one hand still around my waist .
"Sir ...good to see you here and Ava look beautiful " James said walking towards us .
Before i could thank him Roman spoke up .
"That's Mrs.Chevrolet to you ...and i don't like you complimenting my wife " Roman spat .

James looked taken back and nervously nodded .
"I'll be back in five " Roman said
"Where ..." he looks at me .
"A-are you going ?" ...
Not like i care ..
Its just i don't know anybody here and he leaves me alone
He takes a step closer to me and kisses my forehead.

"I just have to someone important and i don't want them to see my beautiful wife " i blushed as he stated that .
"Stay here " he said and walked away .
No seconds after James came and stood beside me .
No offence,  but i don't wanna talk to him ...
Anybody but him .

"Hello ..Mrs .Chevrolet " i gave him a fake smile .
"You know ...Sir is a very dangerous man ...why would you get involved with him ?"
I was forced .
Before i could reply he spoke again .
"Is it a love marriage ?"

"Yes " i answer ...
The only reason i am saying yes is because i know whats gonna happen if said the opposite.
I don't know what i am saying ..but this man is making me nervous. a bad way
"I see , you wouldn't mind having a dance with me will you ?" He asked .
"I ...i am sorry ..." i said .

But he takes my hand and pulls me to the floor .
His hand wrapped around me and he made me keep my hands on his shoulder.
"Don't worry ..." he wispered .
I tried to step back but he pulled me closer .
"I-I ..i have to go .." i said and pushed him but he held my wrist tight .

"Oh no you don't " he said in a husky voice and i felt something on my back .
My eyes went wide .
"Yes ...keep your mouth shut ...and walk to the balcony. ..or else " he pushed it more making me wince .

We walked to the balcony,  he was about to close that door when i made a run for it .
But my dress made it hard and his hands wrapped around my waist .
I was harshy pushed on the wall and i winced at the pain .

My eyes went wide and i shivered in fear ..
He was holding a gun to my head .
"Do as i say Mrs . Chevrolet...i won't mind killing you " he said .
No ..
"Let me go !!" I yelled but he pushed me back slapping me in the process .
Tears ran down my cheek .

I clenched my jaw pushed him but he didn't budge .
"Shhh yell ..and i am pulling the trigger " he said covering my mouth .
He dragged me away from the door and pushed me in the small area full of plants where no one could see us .

He held my throat and looked at the door and it was slammed open  .
"Do not utter a word  ." He said with the gun still on my head .
Tears leeked through my eyes .

"Ava !!??" I struggled as i heard Roman
"Go check on the other side " he voice boomed through the area .
I open my mouth but James beat me to it .
His hand came on my mouth and he hits me with the gun on my head .

Why me ??
Why is he hurting me ...?
I haven't done anything wrong .

My throat became dry and i tried to called from help by looking at the door but james pressed the gun on my throat.
I cried again as it was hurting me more now .
"Shhh ...i am gonna kill you ...and then that fucker can die " he said .
But why is he trying to kill us .
"You know what your husband did !??? ...he killed my son ..."
My eyes went wide ..
"He killed him .." james muttered .

"So i am killing you " he removed his hand from my mouth ...
No no no no ..
I scream as i heard the gun shot ..
My eyes opened and i felt him being lifted off me .
I scoot back from that man who was bleeding from his shoulder.

I took in deep breath.
And yelled out as someone touched me
"Shhh ..shh ..its me love ..its alright ..its alright " Roman wispered .
I couldn't hold it and brust out crying.
My weak trembling hands clutch his hands and i take in deep breaths .

"I am sorry for leaving you love ...i love you .., he will pay ...he is gonna pay for laying his hands on whats mine ...i'll make sure of it " he said kissing my forehead and picking me up .

He settled me in the car and we drove to the hotel .
He was quite the whole time ...
But as soon as we where in the room, he took of my clothes and laid me on the bed .

"Sleep baby , i'll be back " he said and walked out .
He ....he .. he killed his son

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