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Chapter 11 .

"Ava wake up " Roman said pulling me into him .
I open my eyes and he kissed my cheek .
I hissed in pain and touched the corner of my head .
"Ava are hurt ..don't touch it " he said sternly .
I scooted away from him .

"What are you doing " he asked harshly  .
"Y-You killed his ..his son ..why !??" I ask .
He rubbed his forehead .
"I did it for a reason now come here " he said .
I shooked my head and stood up walking towards the bathroom .
But i was pushed to the wall by Roman .
"Don't ignore me " he said .

"Why w-would you d-do that !??? ...he had a son !!!.." i yelled .
Roman's hand went tight on my waist and shoulder .
"You don't need to know the reason. .." he spat .
"I do !!!  ...y-you killed an innocent. ..why ?" I tried to get of his hold .
He pushed me again and held my jaw making me look at him .

"Innocent! ??? ..." he chuckled .
"I can kill baby ...and make it far more hurtfull ...but because there is a reason behind it go take a shower. ..we're leaving " he said
I stood there looking at the floor .
"Reason?  W-What reason. ..that he suffered because of his father's fault ? ...that ..M-Mr . James didn't l-listen to you ...t-thats why ? ..." i spoke .

His eyes glared at me and he held my elbow dragging me in the bathroom .
"You don't want to shower ? ...fine ..i'll help you " with that he ripped open my shirt and underwear .
I tried and pushed him away but he simply kissed me .
"NO !! ..Y-You are a k-killer ..l-let me go!!" I scream but his hand came on my mouth .

"Killer ? ...yes baby ..i can kill ... that boy was a criminal,  about to shoot a receptionist. ..about to rob my money ...he had killed two of my men ....he was fucking drug addict now tell me Ava you still think i killed a child !! ? " he yelled .
I stayed quite .
My mind stopped working.

He picked me up to straddle him .
I look at him in disbelief.
"Do you still think i killed a innocent for fun ..huh " i gasp and shut my eyes close as he grinds into me once .
His hand squeezed my thighs and i fist my hands .
"Do think you are married to a psycho !!" He yells again making me shiver .

He grinded into me once again and i throw my head back and a squeak escape my mouth .
"Are you enjoying this baby ?" Tears fall from my eyes .
I feel something build up in my stomach.
"Are you still judging your husband! ??"
I shooked my head and a voice left my mouth as he did it again .

"I-I am sorry " i apologise.
Please stop this ...
I finally came undone and left heavy breaths ..
"I have never killed a person without a reason Ava should get it in that pretty little head of yours " he said and sat me on the counter .
Kissing my lips once he walked out the bathroom leaving me trembling.


I was about to take my book and read it when Roman unbuckled me and sat me on his lap .
I look down in fear .
"Look . At . Me " he demads .
I lifted my gaze to meet his deadly eyes .
I noticed his eyes soften .
He cupped my cheek and kissed my lips .
"I don't want you talking back me like that again ..get it ?" I nodded in fear .

"And if you do ready for the punishment " my eyes went wide ..
He started kissing my neck and my core suddenly clenched as his hands went near it .
I held his hands to stop him .
"Don't resist me .." he muttered and kissed my ear biting it .

I flinched and my hands came to his neck trying to stop him but he brought  my hand to his face .
His fingers caressed my hand as he continued .
He finally pulled away and pressed the call button.
I immediately tried to stand up but he pulled me back

The airhostess soon came with drinks and i saw her eyes become wide .
"What would you like Sir ?" She asked
Roman told her something and she poured it in the glass .
"And what would your wife like ?" She said .
To my surprise i blushed slightly.
"She will have cranberry " Roman said and she walked away .

"I-I am getting my book " i said and stood up .
Grabbing my book from my handbag i sit on my seat .
But Roman picked me up and sat me on his lap again .
"I-I want to sit th-there " i protest .
"As if i will let you .." he said and rested his head chin on my shoulder. .

Either i am killing him , or myself

A while later our drinks arrive.
I loved mine ...too bad we landed early ..


I was about to enter the bathroom when Roman picked me up and laid me on the bed .
He started undressing me ...
"R-Roman ...i-i ..don't. ."i tried to stop him .
But his hands uncliped my bra and threw it away
He took of his clothing and hovered over me .

"I-I c-cant " i said ..
He then stopped ..
"Fuck " he muttered under his breath and ran his hand threw his hair .
Embarrassed i walked to the bathroom
"I am holding back Ava ..but don't expect me to be soft the moment it stops " he said .
I blushed furious and entered the bathroom

My cheek were red and i was nervous.
Why is he like this !??


(2 days later )

" I don't know what happened after that ..." Ken said .
"But can a man do this to his own family ?" I said .
She shrugged.
"One thing think Roman is heartless , cruel ..and ..well ..many things ..i do as well ..but ..what he did back then ..was ...kind " she said

"What did he do ?" I asked .
"He was the one who took in their whole family "she states .
I look at her with wide eyes ..
"H-He ...took them in ?" I asked
She nodded .
"Mom told me this ..he was just 18 when this happened ..yet he was very mature to make a decision like this considering his father was on bed rest "

Roman took in a family  ?
With no background check ?
I would never believe this

"Where are they now ?" I asked .
"They are in a good state ...they now have their own house ..good status " she said and i nodded .
The elder brother was killed by the youngest. ...what happened to him ? 
"What about the youngest son ?" I asked
She looked at me .

"I shouldn't tell you this ..but are a member of our family now you have the right to know .." she stated .
What happened to him ?
"He works for Roman his personal assistant " she stated .
I gasped .
"What !??" I almost went in a shock

"Roman appointed him ...after all he had done !!?" I stated .
"He hasn't done anything to us ..and he promised not to ...apparently ...there is a story behind this as well to why would Roman appoint him ...and keep him so close "

I look down ...
"But why ?" I asked
"Nobody knows Ava ...the night it happened Roman came in the house with him ...Aunt Emma was terrified as to why would he bring a murdered in the house ...but then ..he listened to no one and directly made him work and closed enough so that he had acess to all the companies even to Roman's pent house " ken said

I look at her in disbelief.

Why would Roman do such a thing ?
He ...he killed his own brother ...
Lincon Killed his brother. ..yet Roman made him his secretary. ..
My curiosity increased. ..
And i now feared not only Roman ...but his personal assistant Lincon as well .


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