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Chapter 12 .

"So mom told me about this family ....the family included Mr . And Mrs . Rivers and their five year old daughter with a 12 year old son and one 18 year old son ,a nanny and their grandmother " ken said .

"So ...this one day , the 18 year old son who work at a grocery story never came home ....his parents Mr. And Mrs. River got worried. ...the next day he comes home ..and just walks into his room ...
The nanny and his parents asked him but he never replied. ...then that night it happened .
Mrs . River was heard telling the cops that she and the others heard a loud bang in the middle of the night from their son's room ...when they got their ...there was a horrifying image. ..
The 12 year old son holding a gun in his hands and his elder brother lifeless on the floor ....bleeding "

Ken paused for a second ..and continued

"And that same night .. Roman's father was shot in his arm someone  , the part which gives me chills is that the man who shot Roman's father ...was in acquaintance to the elder brother who was shot by the 12 year old "

"Roman was the one to take this family in "
"He also  took in that 12 year old ..and soon appointed him as his personal assistant "

I closed my book considering i was just staring at the pages , but thinking about what Ken had told me .
I stand up and let out a sight .
I want to know the reason ...why did he take in a boy who murdered his own brother.
I gulped thinking about how i had seen that man .
Lincon looked nothing like a murderer. ..
He had glasses and good personality, good speech

Even after meeting him only for two to three times view of him was good ......untill i heard this .
After sometime i decided to finally ask Roman about it .
I hope he tells me something.

I was scared to ask him something like this which questioned his decisions, but my curiosity was killing me from inside .
I walk to the third floor to his office .
But then i heard a loud bang .

My body fliched at the voice but my legs kept walking to the sound .
What if Roman was hurt ?
Why would i think such a thing ...puffftt ...
He is the one who hurts people .

I slightly open the door but i opened it way to much so that a man's attention diverts to me .
I froze as i look at Roman .
Mr . James was strapped to the chair which blood oozing out of his nose and forehead
Roman ran his hand through his hair and looks at me .

I opened my mouth but nothing came out ...
My eyes divert to Lincon standing in a corner he looks at me and then at Roman .
"Take care of this " Roman said walking to me .
"I-I a-am sorry ..i-i won't come here again " by the time i was done talking he was already pulling me out of the hallway but my hand .

"How many times have i told you not to come here !?? wife just doesn't listen does she " he said
Tears formed in my eyes knowing that he would hurt me again ..
He pushed in our room and slammed me on the wall
I closey eyes shut scared  but what i got was different.

He rested his head in the crook of my neck with his hands on my waist .
I took deep breaths to calm myself down .
"Why can't you see , there are dangerous people in there , what if something happens to you ?" He said pulling out .
His lips softly brushed agains mine and he sights lightly .

I stood their still afraid that he might be angry .
His eyes suddenly turned into anger and his hand came up to my cheek brushing his thumb over my skin .
"That fucker touched you didn't he , he fucken dared to aim a gun at my wife " he said gritting his teeth.

His gave me a kiss on my cheek with his hand sliding down from my neck traling his fingers to my cleavage and resting on my waist making me shiver
"Stay here ...i'll be back " he said and walked out .
What is he doing ?
What is he thinking? 
Suddenly it strikes. ....he walked out in anger .

I ran out the door to his office.
Taking a deep breath walking to the office i slam it open .
Exactly as i expected.
Roman was holding a gun pointing at James .
I walked to him and rested my hand on his chest slowly.
"Please dont kill him " i wispered .

"He was going to kill you " Roman said in anger .
"But doesn't m-mean that you should take someone's life ...for this " i reply.
"This fucker touched whats mine wife ..and expect me to FORGIVE HIM !??" I slightly flinched at his voice .

I was going to give up ....but no
I won't.

"He was going to kill me Roman ...but ..but i am alive ..he didn't " i state although my voice was a bit shaky i managed to speak with no stutter .
Roman's eyes gazed in mine with his gun still aiming at James .

I nervously kept both my hands on his chest and look down .
Lifting my gaze up to his eyes i spoke .
"Although he has done something wrong. ....he ..he doesn't deserve. die ....please " i said .
He clenched his jaw and lowered his gun .

"Take him to the basement " Roman ordered .
"Wait " his voice boomed again .
I let out a muffled scream as i heard a gun shot .
I look back at James to see him frozen .
My eyes windend .
"That was a warning shot time i won't hesitate to kill " Roman said .

He threw his gun to a man who catched it and pulled me out of the office .
Taking me to the bedroom and smashed his lips to mine .
I felt good ...that he listened to me .
For the first time ...he considered my suggestion.

I gasped as he lifted me and brought my legs around his torso not leaving the kiss .
He then walked us to the bed .
His body hovered over mine and he started undressing me .
I moan as he sucked on my sweet spot .
His hand pulls off my dress and explore my body...
I fisted my hands on the sheets and arch back as he entered me .
His hand teased my nipples and he moved in and out .
I moan as shiveres of pleasure form in my body from head to toe .
I arch back again causing our chest to collide.
He grabs my both hands and wrap them around his neck .

His thrushes eventually became faster and  shocks ran down my lower body .
I felt a knot in my stomach and let out a sight moan .
My hands fist in his hair and i buried my face in his neck .
He bites my ear causing me to loose control and come undone .

I felt something warm in my stomach and Roman pulled out .
He rested his head in my neck and support his body on his elbows .
"My Ava " he wispered before getting off me and covering my bare body with his .
He brought the covers over us and wrapped his hands tight atound my waist leaving butterfly kisses from my shoulder to my neck .

After a while i notice he was alseep .
But i was still awake .
I turn my head to look at him .
His face was relaxed and calm ...
I got to admire his perfect jawline , his lips , his hair .
I was afraid to wake him up but my fingers found themselves on his cheek .
I trace the back of my fingers on his cheek and i gasped and he caught them .

His hand gently brought them to his lips and lightly kissed my plam .
He look so ...different.
I wasn't afraid of him at this moment.
I was just nervous that i might mess things up .
I fell asleep with his hand still holding mine gently .


My eyes open to the ring of a cell phone .
I look around to see it coming from Roman's trousers .
I look at him to see his eyes still closed .
I slowly unwrap his hand around me and slid my hand off his hold
Grabbing the sheet i bend down and take the phone .

"Brice " it said on the caller id .
I don't know if Roman might like me taking his calls .
"Roman ...R-Roman .." i called but he was sound asleep .
I accept the called .
"Yes ?" I spoke and question.
"Oh ..Mam , i called to inquire about the 9'o clock meeting ..." he said
"Just a minute " i put the call on hold and scoot closer to Roman .

I am scared if he hates me waking him up .
"R-Roman ..wake up " i put my hand on his shoulder shaking him .
"You had a meeting at 9 .." i said .
He suddenly moves and wraps his hand around my hips and rests his hand on my lap .

I have never seen him do something like this .
My hand unconsciously rests on his head .
"R-Roman wake up .." i said .
I heard him groan and i froze ..
"Tell them to cancel it " he said and made himself comfortable on my lap .

"O-Ok " i said and resume the call
"Umm ..he told you to cancel the meeting " i said .
"Alright then , sorry for intruding " he said and hung up .
I kept the phone on the night stand and look down to Roman .
My fingers brush on his hair and other on his shoulder.

"What time is it ?" He asked .
I look at the clock near the table
"Eleven " i answered nervous running my fingers through his hair .
"I should go bring ..something to eat" i said and tried move but he didn't let me .
"Stop ..." he commands .

"B-But ..t-the ." I am trying to get away but he just won't let me .
Suddenly he flipped me over and hovered over me .
"We'll go out for brunch " he said and laid his head on my stomach.

Guess i am stuck here .


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