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Chapter 13 .

I look at the tab and press the Peach lemonade with lasagne and hand it over to the man .
"Would you like our seasonal dessert after your meal ?" He asked
"Um .." i look at Roman .
"Make that two , thats all " Roman said and the man walked off .

I am kinda getting used to ordering on tabs now ..
Its fun .
Shut up inner thoughts.
I clear my throat and fidget with my fingers.
"What is it love ?"
Crap .
Ummm ...
"Uhhuu ..i-i ..wanted to ask something " i said
"Go ahead "
I look down and bit my lip ..
But then stop as he doesn't like it .

"I-I ...don't mean to m-make you upset or ...question y-your decisions ..but .."

"You couldn't just asked why i hired him insted of rewinding the story for me love " i blushed  embarrassed.
"I-I am sorry " i apologise .
I explained the whole matter to Roman trying to get an answer but ended up telling him the story ...which he knew better than me .

The food was brought to our table and i took a sip of the lemonade slightly glancing at him to see he was looking back .
"Lincon ...was 14 ...not 12 when this happened " Roman said .
I stopped sipping on my lemonade.
Huh ?
"But ...why did you it ?" I asked

He started eating his food .
Guess i won't be getting any answers anyway .
Who am i to asked in such a personal matter .
I am not even involved in this ..

" Brad was his elder brother " Roman said taking a bite .
I started eating my food expecting him to tell me something more .
But i know he won't ...
He doesn't trust me in these issuse .

He looks at me and sights .
"My father was shot by a druggie who happened to be the class mate of Brad,
Tony ...his class mate  started involing Brad in drugs .."
He took another bite of his food .
"Brad's father , Mr. Rivers knew about this and decided to put him into bording school on which Brad refuse , his mother was disappointed day they saw their child  having alcohol and doing drugs ..Brad was arrested once ..after that things got worst "

So was deeper than i thought .

"Brad decided to kill his own parents"
I froze .
K-k-kill ..his own parents! !???
"That night he was preparing his gun when his younger brother Lincon walked in ...he knew what was going to happen. ..he tried to stop Brad but Brad threatened to kill his younger brother as well ..."

What kind of man does that !???

"Lincon made a swift move hitting his legs and took the gun ..Brand tried to snatch it and ended up being shot himself ...Lincon was frozen with the gun ...he didn't do anything. ..when the family came to know about this ...they disowned him .."

What ?

"Mr. Rivers was an employee of my Dad ...and was in debt dad was shot by Tony because Brad told him to ...because Mr. Rivers was to pay back to my father ..Lincon was to be arrested as well ...but Mrs . Rivers begged not to men informed me about the situation and i took a decision " Roman ended .

By now i was amazed as how he handled such an issue .
So Brad was the reason behind all this .

"You took the family in ..." i muttered to myself but Roman heard it .
"I did not .." he said .
"Mother did .."he continued
"I just accepted her suggestion , I ordered one of my men to educated Lincon ...when i found out he was smart enough. ..i kept him close " Roman simply stated .

Lincon probably told him the whole story ..

"Y-You believed Lincon the first time ?" I asked .
Am i asking too much ?
What if he gets mad ...?
"I can predict lies baby " He states making me blush .
He definitely predicts mine ..soo ..
We ate in silence after that not wanting to get involved in any matter .

"I have some work at my company....then will go to my villa "
Villa ?
"Why to your villa ?" I asked .
"Work " he simple stated opening the door for me .
I was about to sit when he pecked my forehead making surprising me .

No offence. ..i am still scared of him .
But ...i am falling for him because of his THIS attitude .

"Are you done with the work on my Mother's boutique ? " he asked .
"Uhh ..y-ya " i stuttered with his sudden hand on my thigh  .
"Its ...its ..done  " i said nervously .
"Emma ...asked me whether i could her clients..." he stopped me by a question.
"Who ?" He asked harshly
I gulp and spoke up .
"Umm ..M-Mr . Alex" i answered .
"No aren't working for him .."
I open my mouth to protest.

" You are not ...end of discussion. ..i don't want that asshole to get close to my wife " he said .
For some reason i suddenly felt safe ..or ...ensuring. .by what he stated .
He was stern on his voice ...
There must be a reason ..why he is not letting me .

"Do you hate ..working ?" I asked
Please say no .
"No ...i hate the man who was to work with you are going to reject him and take another client " i sighted .
He is never going to let me work with a man , he ?
"Understood love ?"
I nodded .

We reached in five minutes and he pulled me with him to the private elevator.
I saw Lincon standing in front of his office as soon as we got there .
He nodded at Roman .
"Noon Mrs . Chevrolet " he greeted .
I nodded and gave him a slight smile .

"How are doing on the Will's ? " Roman asked taking the file from Lincon and looking at it .
"Why don't you go sit on my chair love " Roman said and pulled me with him to sit on his chair .
Comfortable. ..was the first thing came on my mind .

Wait ...i am sitting on his chair ..
I shouldn't be doing this ..
Its kinda disrespectful.
But if i get up now it will be disrespect again ..
I better just stop thinking .

After some time they finish and Roman walked to the desk .
I immediately get up and scoot away from him to seat .
But he wrapped his hand around my waist and made me sit on his lap .
"I-I can sit there " i pointed at the sofa but he simply kissed my neck .

"Shhh .." he shushed me before crashing his lips on mine .
He soon slided his tongue in and kissed me deeply ..
He finally pulled away and looked at me .
Redness creeped in my cheeks and i fidget with my fingers unable to look him in the eye .
"Lets go " he said we walked to the car and drove direct to his villa .

One word ...
Wow ..
His villa was not as big as his mansion. ..but i was beautiful.

He took my hand but i couldn't stop speaking up .
"Y-Your villa is beautiful " i said .
He pulls me into him and kissed me deeply .

"Our villa love "


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