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Chapter 14 .

Roman took my hand and pulled me in the villa .
The hall was huge and modern furniture.
He then led me upstairs to a room .
Its was his office.
I was about sit on the sofa but Roman pulled me on his lap

I squirmed but he bit my ear lobe and wispered 'stop'
He then starter his work as i sat on his lap the whole time .
"C-Can i go look at the books ? " i asked .
"No " he replied.

There was a whole library to our left and i miserably wanted to look through it .
I pout looking at the shelves.
But Roman held my jaw kissed me .
"Don't pout love " he said .
I sighted and looked at his files .

Hesitantly taking one in my hand i look at Roman .
He didn't protest.
I opened it and saw that file of man named  Charls .
Reading further my eyes went wide .
He was in debt to Roman ?
He owed a million to him ???
What the hell ?

"W-What do you do ...if these people don't. ..give the money back ?" I asked
"Kill them " i almost chocked on my spit as he answered it with no expression.
"That's way to ...treat people " i mummered .
"Thats the only way we get it back "he stated

What ?

"But ...h-he ...has a family can they live without him " i stated frowning
Roman looks at me in a intense gaze
"Either way they can't live a drug addict who spends his time in casino and in strip clubs " i gasped .
This man was ....a drug addict ?
"What about his family ?" I asked
"We either offer them a job and if they refuse ....we get our money forcefully "
I lowered my gaze .

Why is he so harsh to people
What if that family has small children? 
Their future gets destroyed ...just because they never got a chance

"What about the children ?" I asked fidgeting with the hem of my dress .
"Bording school " he stated .
Well at least they are safe ..sometimes.
Roman's decisions might be harsh ...but they are thoughtful .
I noticed him closing his laptop .
He kissed my neck and picked me up .

I was taken to a bedroom where he sat me .
"Take of your dress " he commands ..
What ?
Why ?
No way .
"W-Why ?" I asked .
He sighted removing his clothes.
He then walking in the closest.
"Now " he demanded .

I took my my dress leaving me in my undergarments .
He came out wearing a sweatpants  and handed me his shirt .
It hung low on my chest exposing my cleavage and reached till my mid thighs .

Roman sat on the bed and pulled me on his lap with my back against his front , his chin rested on my shoulder and he turned on the T.V .
This man can watch T.V .
He turned to Netflix and flipped through many movies .
I raised my eyebrows as he came on horror .

Ummmmm ....shit .
I am not good at these .

"Which one ?" He asked .
Which one ???
I have never watched horror in my life ...
I looked at the screen and saw numerous covers with blood and hunted dolls ..
That looks scary .

"Y-You choose " i said
He let out a chuckled and clicked on the movie named Mirrors.
"You don't like them ?" He asked
Of course i don't.
"Its ...its not that " i reply nervously.
He brought the covers over us and wrapped both his hands possessivly around me kissing my neck .

I am excited to see a horror movie. ..but i am scared as well ..
Common Ava ...its just a movie.
And its on a screen ...
Not bad right ?


oh my god ...
This is bad .
Why was there a hand on the glass !!!???
I kept biting my thumb nail to see whats was coming next .
I know there will be a jump scare ...
Here it comes ...
Wait ?

Suddenly the man is on fire ..
What the hell !??

I frown and bite my nail again .
I jumped as Roman suddenly kissed my cheek .
"R-Roman " i wined and he chuckled .
"My sweet wife ..." he said nuzzling my neck .
I smiled at thought of how gentle he was now then anyother time .
The memories of how he treated me flooded back and my smile faded .

He is changing. ..according to me .
I don't want his bad side again ..
I want this man ..gentle and sweet .
I hesitantly kept my hand on his neck from the front as he kissed my skin .
My eyes lowered on how he mistreated me .
But my mind was indeed stupid ...
My heart is dumb makes me feel things i have never felt before  .

And i love it ..

I hate myself for liking him ..
But i do like him ...even if he is heartless ...cruel .
But this little tjings he does just makes me forget how cruel he is ...
Seemes like he was hiding this character from me .
Just to show his boldness ..

But as he wife i have to see what troubles him ...affects him .
I would've done everything in my position to run if wasn't married to him .
But ...i can't

I divert my attention to the movie and stop thinking about it .
"R-Roman ?" He hummed in response rubbing circles on my stomach.
"C-Can i please meet dad this Sunday ?" I nervously asked .
"Why ?" He questioned back
I bite my lip and gulp .
"I ...just want to see him ...he ...he is living alone ...i ..i just want t-to see if he eats right " i stated .

"Fine " he said and i smiled .
Finally !!
I can see dad .
"But ..."
What now !!??
"I will be coming with you " Roman said .
There was nothing i could protest about .
So i simply nodded .
All i want to do to see dad and see if he is doing fine .

"You want to meet him today? " Roman asked tracing his fingers from my cheek to my stomach.
"Umm " i said .
"We'll leave in half an hour " he stated and kissed my lips .

We were currently laying on the bed .
This was the first time we talked like this .
Like a real married couple.
It was the first time he told me about how he was holding his anger because of some things in his company .
It was the first time he laid besides me and asked me to run my fingers through his soft hair .

It was perfect. ....untill that one phone call ..
"What !!" Roman roared .
I flinched slightly but he noticed and kissed my lips lightly .
"Bring him to my office i'll take care of it tomorrow " Roman said harshly and hung up .
"W-Who was it ?" I asked .
"Brice ..." Roman muttered laying back .

"One of the fuckers tried to hack into our system. caught  " he said .
I nodded .
What would hack into the system? 

Roman then gets up and walks in the closest.
"A-Are we leaving? " i asked .
"Yes my love " he said and i beamed up smiling.


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