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Chapter 15 .

"Dad do you eat fine ? " i asked .
"Yes yes i do "he said nervously.
He was a bit hesitant to talk in front of Roman .
But i know Roman wouldn't appreciate me asking a bit privacy.
He was sitting right beside me with his leg kept on other and folded hands .

"And how is your health? " i asked .
Dad smiled .
I know what that means .
"Did you visit the doctor? " i asked
He sighted .
"Don't  worry about me Ava ...i am just a bit restless" he said.
"Are you taking any medication ?" I asked
He chuckled .
Keeping his hand on my head in a fatherly manner he said .
"My dear , don't worry yourself. ...i am taking my medication well enough. ..."he said .

I smiled .

After about an hour we decided to leave .
I sit in car and look out the window.
"What's wrong? " Roman asked .
I look at him and glance back .
"I-I ...don't know ...Dad just seemed ..he..he was hiding something. ." I replied.
He seemed off about something.

I should visit him offten ..
I know how he is ..he never takes care of himself .

As soon as we reached home i made my way to the library which Roman renewed for me ..
It was appreciable. ..
I open my laptop and started working .

"Ava ?" I look up to see the door opening and Ken walked in .
"Hey " i chriped .
"Yo ..umm ..i want to talk to you " she said .
I stand up walk to her .
"What about ?" I asked .
He lightly scratched her head and blushed

"Its ..uhhh its about this guy " she said .
I chuckled
"Why don't we have some coffee and talk ?" I asked and she nodds .
We sat on the sofa in my library having our coffee .

"Mary makes real good coffee " Ken compliments
"She does " i reply.
"So ...tell me " i spoke again
"Ok his name is Dean , he is a painter ...we met a event ..he is rich , handsome , honest,  and his background is impressive " she said
I smiled .
"Are you interested in him ?" I asked
"Ya ...he asked me on a date ..should i go ?"

"Of course " i reply.
"Ok what so i wear ??" She asked in panick .
I grinned .
"Wear something sexy and cute " i reply.
"Ok " she replied blushing .

"So ...when are you going? " i asked .
"Today 7 in the evening " she said .


I knocked on the office door and heard a faint come in .
I open it slowly to see Roman sitting behind his desk with Lincon standing beside him .
"Umm ..." i open my mouth and Roman closed his laptop and stood up .
"Out " he muttered harshly yet with low voice .

Thats when i noticed two men standing near the sofa .
They immediately walked out the door with Lincon closing it walking out .
Roman wrapped his hands around me and pulled me closer into a deep kiss .

His hand came aroung my neck holding it firm and other caressed my waist .
"Umm ...D-Dinner is ready " i say .
He rested his head in my neck kissing it lightly .
"Hhmm" he hummed .
I tried to hold back a moan as he kissed my sweet spot over an over .

"Wait here love " he said and walk to his desk and typed something on his keyboard before closing his laptop
We walked downstairs and were greeted by Mary .
She smiled at me and served the dinner .

"Mam ....would you like some boilded potatoes? " she asked .
"No ...thank you Mary .." i kindly decline.
"Why aren't you eating ?" Roman asked intensely .
"Uhh ...i-i am ." I replied
"I don't want my wife getting sick ..." he said .

I noticed how Mary smiled making me blush .
Suddenly Roman's phone rang and i look at him confused .

"Speak " he barked .
There was a moment if silence when i saw rage in his eyes .
He stood up ran his hand through his hair .
"I want him at the company ...NOW !!" Roman snapped .
I look at him in fear .
He hung up and gave a peck of my forehead saying ,
"I'll be back by midnight " and stormed off the house .

I look at Mary in worried eyes .
"Don't worry Miss ..Sir will be ok " she assured.
I was about stand up but she held me down .
"First finished ypur dinner mam ..Sir won't like it if you slept empty stomach " she said .

I sat back down and finished my dinner .


Its freaken 2 in the morning and there is no sign of Roman .
I called Lincon but he never picked up .
What was going on ?
I sat up and wore my robe walking out the room

Too my surprise the living room was lit up .
I heard voices and i took my last step from the stair.

"Sir ...if we get any clue , consider it done "
"I want it done in less than 48 hours get that !!"
This was definitely Roman's voice ..
I took two steps closer to listen more .

"But ....we still don't know what is he up to " a man said
"Whatever it is ...i don't want him anywhere near my wife " Roman spat .

Whats going on ?
Is it someone again ?

"Increase the guards around the house ...and i want two on her back watch ..both of them should be trained women "
It seemed like he was ordering someone. in danger ?

"Do you think James is behind this all"
I think it was Lincon but as soon as i heard his name i froze ..
James ? ..
Was he behind Roman ? ...
Or me ?

"Question him about it ...if he doesn't reply know what to do "
I gasp .
Will he be killed ?

"Love ?"
I jumped at the voice and started shaking .
I had been caught .
The door opened reveling Roman ..
His eyes went wide he clenched his jaw
"I-I a-am so-sorry "
He grabbed my elbow and brought me closer .
"What makes you think you can come down wearing that ?"
I look up in confusion.

"I-I w-was ..." i gluped .
"Were what love ?" He asked sternly .
My eyes diverted to the group of men sitting on the couch .
"Dont . Look . At . Them " he said gritting his teeth.
I lower my gaze .
His hand came to my cheek and i gulped again in fear .

He then dragged me all the way to our bedroom and picked me up laying me on the bed .
He brought the covers over me and kissed my lips .
"Sleep " he oredered .
"But ...i ..." i was cut off by him kissing me again .
It was rough ..
"Sleep Ava " he said and walked out the room .

I sighted and turned over to one side and closed my eyes


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