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Chapter 16

 "  I went down to a place in Bed Stuy
A little liquor on my lips
I let him climb inside my body
And held him captive in my kiss

And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting now
And there's a storm you're starting

I'm a wandress
I'm a one night stand
Don't belong to no city
Don't belong to no man
I'm the violence in the pouring rain
I'm a hurricane
I'm a hurricane
I'm a hurricane"

"Miss..." i jumped and turned back to see Mary standing near the door grinning .
"Y..yaa ? " i reply tucking the hair behind my ear .
"You sing very good " she said walking in .

I was working on my design for Mrs . Green for her intec . Beach house listening to "Halsey Hurricane"
I never realised i started to sing along.
I smiled at the compliment.
"Thanks " i said and stopped the song .
"Oh no ...why don't you keep it on ..i like it please " she requested and i chuckled resuming it .

She starting cleaning the library .
"Mary don't have to clean this library. ..i can do it myself " i said
"Its alright mam " she said .
I smiled and continued my work .


"Hey .." i heard a faint voice and i look up to see Ken .
I smiled and closed my book .
"How was it ?" I asked .
She squeaked and ran to me hugging me tight .
"He wants to meet me Tomorrow again " she said blushing
I chuckled

Why couldn't i have this ?

"So are going? " i asked as we sit down
"Yes ...and can you please come with me to the mall ?" She asked .
I frowned also immediately .
"You know Roman wouldn't let me .." i said
"But ..just try once ..cause you are the only one i have to talk and to have fun with " she said .

I sight and stood up .
I have been locked for a while ..
I should at least try .

I walk to Roman's office with Ken .
She stands behind and i knock .
I open it as i heard Roman say 'come in '
He noticed me and stood up .
I walked near him amd stopped right in front of him as he leaned on his desk .
He pulled me closer and wrapped his hands around my waist tightly kissing me roughly.

I pulled back and regreted it as Roman squeezed my bum pulling me in a kiss again .
"R-Roman .." i called ..he simply rested his head in my neck kissing it .
"C-Can i please go with Ken ..." before i could finish he raised his head in a snap and his eyes had a sudden rage in it .
"....t-to the mall " i half wispered .
"Why ?" He asked .

"K-Ken ...was taking me ..f-for " i said ..
His jaw clenched.
"Please " i request.
"No " he stated .
Whyyyy ???
I hate being locked up like this !!!
"R-Roman please. ..i-i ..will be back soon ...i-i don't like ...sitting. ..the house too much " i begged him but he tightened his hold and bit my ear lobe .

I wimpered slightly trying to push him .
"Are you trying  to get away from me ?" He asked harshly .
I immediately shooked my head negative.
"I-I ..just ..want to go shopping " i said .
"I will buy you whatever you want don't need to go " he stated .

"But ...i want to go with Ken " i protest .
Seemed like it got on his nerves as he banged his fist on the table looking at me .
I flinched going completely quite ..
He pulled me into him harshly making me wimper and held my jaw tight .

"When i tell you NOT . TO . GO will not ....don't test my patience baby .." he kissed me cheek hard making me wimper .
His hold loosened up and i took a step back .
I thought he was finally changing.
My tears pooled and i walk out .

Ken looks at me and frowned.
"Its ok Ava will be alright " she said .
Its not !!
He doesn't even let me leave the freaken mansion.
What am i ? ..his pet !!???

My frustration led to me shedding tears .
I hate it ..
I wasn't able to shout , yell and remove my frustration in anger  .
Instead..i started crying.
My jaw clenched and i slammed the bedroom door and locked it.
He doesn't trust me ...

What is his problem !!???
Why won't he let me !??
Am i suppose to just sit here and do nothing! ??
Can't i go and live a little! ??

I jumped as there was a bang on the door .
"AVA !!" Fear raised in me .
Roman was angry .
But my stubbornness remained .
"Ava the fucking door " he roared .
But i refused to do it .

"Ava open the dame DOOR !!" i flinch as he bang on it loudly .
"Ava if you don't want any trouble i suggest you open the door " he said in anger .
I stood up slowly and walked towards it .
"I am breaking it down if your don't open it " he yelled .

I open the door slowly .
When i did eyes went wide .
Roman was furious.
He slammed the door close and pushed me to the wall .
"Why did you lock the door !!??" He shouts
My tears fell in fear of getting hurt .
"ANSWER ME " he yelled making me wimper .

"I-I ..." that was the only thing i could say .
His hand wrapped around my waist and one behind my neck fisting my hair .
My hands fisted on his shoulders .
"You what Ava !?? do know what happens if you do this right ?" My eyes went wide .

Please no

"I don't like being ignored. ...i don't like you locking yourself up ...i dont like you going anywhere alone ..i don't like you protesting about something that can be harmful ....i HATE IT WHEN YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME !!" I squeeze my eyes shut crying .

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO HARD HUH !!??" he yelled and i wimpered as he tightened his hold on me .
"Pl-please ..." i spoke with shaky voice .
Is he going to hurt me ?
Will he ?

His hand lift up and i flinch and shut my eyes again .
I waited for the impact .
But his hand held my jaw .
"Open your eyes " i did as he said .
His jaw clenched .
"P-Please ..let go " i begged .
"You want me to stop !? ..after what you did !??" He yelled .

His hand roamed to my lower body and i winced and he slapped my butt .
"Listen to me ...whatever i tell you to " he said .
He slapped my butt again and i shivered .
"Don't ever argue with me ...get THAT !??" i nodded and wimpered as he spanked me again .

"W-why ..." i wispered  .
"WHY !?? ..WHY DO I DO THIS !?? well honey because it drives me crazy when you fucken cry ....I trying to hold my anger ....i am trying to keep you safe .....but i ...FAIL !!"
I wimpered but opened my eyes .
Safe ?
safe from what !??

"I do not want you taken away from me get it ...don't you fucken run away from me are mine ...only mine ..all mine .." he said gritting his teeth and wrapping his hands around me tightly .
I sniffed and looked at him .

My trembling hands unfist on his shoulder .
He never spoke for sometime .
Which gave me the time to relax just a bit .
But then ..
He seemed insecure.
My heart knew how he was raging because of stress .

So i left my respect and asked .
" W-What is wrong  ?" I asked .
He rested his head in my neck in inhaled deeply .
I was suddenly picked up and my legs straddled him
He took me to the sofa and sat with me still in his arms .

"Did i hurt you ?" He wispered .
I sniffled and slightly nodded .
He kissed my cheek , ear , forehead and the corner of my mouth .
"Sorry " he wispered again .

"P-Please t-tell me .." he kissed my lips softly and pulled back .
Thats when i saw it ...
He was worried. ...scared ...stressed ...angry ..
All these emotions were bottled up in him ..
He couldn't help but take them out .

(Not all relationships can work out with threapy and physical strength
Sometimes they just need emotion .)


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