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Chapter 17 .

I open my eyes and sat up .
I never felt the warm hand around my waist as Roman already was in a meeting.
I make my way in the bathroom and took a long shower.
He took me several times yesterday night .

I was left with love bites over my chest and neck .
I never did try to understand his behaviour but when i did ...i figured , he never puts up to emotional things ...his escape is anger .
After what he confessed to me last night ...i was left stunted .

He was stressed because i was in danger
He was receiving threatening letters about me getting killed .
He promised not to let any man get a inch closer to me ...
Even if he had to kill his own men who were involved.

I hope they aren't.
I asked Mary but she said he walked out without having anything .
I am worried but scared
He was rough ...his voice was rough last night .
His actions showed how much he was holding back on his rage .

He didn't hurt me physically. ..nor mentally.
But i was left with a sore pain in my body .

I frowned. ..maybe i should listen to him ...
Maybe it was wrong of me to protest for going out .
He wants me safe .....maybe

"Miss ...shall i pour you some tea ?" Mary asked .
I nodded and sat on the sofa .
I got messages from Ken apologising to me .
She was sorry for forcing me but it wasn't all her fault .

"Mam look a bit different " Mary said
"Huh ?" I am confused.
"Maybe a bit ...tired ?" She said .
I blushed slightly.
Well of course i am tired because of your boss .

"AVA !!" i jump at the voice and turned around.
Suddenly i felt a way of shivers run from my lower body to my cheeks .
"Uh.." i stood up putting the cup down .
"Are you ok !??" He asked cupping my cheeks .

I frowned.
I am ok ...
But why did he ask so sudden .

"Y-Ya ..i am " before i could finish he kissed me hard and passionately  .
"I thought i lost you " he wispered in my neck .
Whats happening ?
"Sir ...we can't trust them ..." Lincon said .
Suddenly the glass window of the living room broke into pieces and i flinched at the voice .

Roman immediately turned around shielding me .
"Get the car !!" He shouted and pulled me out the door .
I scream and i heard the gunshot , Roman hand came to my head and pushed me in the car .
I noticed Lincon get in the front but then it clicked .

"M-Mary .." i said .
"Shhh baby she is safe ..DRIVE !!" he comands and the car speeds up .
Tears ran down my eyes as i saw a guard been shot down .
"Shhh ..everything is fine ..i am right here " Roman wispered holding me tight to his arms .
He kissed my lips and forehead .

"Sir ...i belive the villa is safe for now and i will call up the rest " Lincon said .
"Make sure i have a team of 30 back up " Roman ordered 

The car pulled up and Roman pulled me in in the house

"W-What's ..." i was cut off by Roman .
"We got home on time ....they were behind you ...i want you to stay in our room ok baby ...i be back as soon as we are done " Roman said .

"W-Wait " i said stopping him .
"What is it honey " he asked .
"I-I want to stay ..."i said .
"No " he replied.
"Please " i request.
I need to know whats going on .?
If my life is in danger that i am involved as well .

"Fine ...but do not talk ...get it ?" He stated
"Yes " he kissed my forehead and pulled me to the couch in the living room .
Some men entered after a short while .


"We got him ..but he is still  a threat " the man named Arthur said
"I don't want him anywhere near us " Roman said .
"W-Who is he "i asked Roman ..
He sights , he seemed debating with himself .
"Roger ....SV company's  manager ..tried to kill our men but failed ,i made him bankrupt  " Roman said .

That clears why was he trying to get Roman ..
But why me ...??
I mean do they even know me ?

I stood up and my eyes felt dizzy .
"Out " Roman commanded as he stood up .
Everyone walked out the house as Roman picks me up and carries me to the bedroom .
"What's wrongs love " he asked laying me down .
I shooked my head .
He held my jaw tight forcing to look at him .

"Don't lie " he stated .
"I-I just ...feel tired " i said .
"Sleep baby " he said kissing my forehead and walking out the door .


"Hey ..Roman called me ...he wants me to stay with you " Ken said coming in .
"Hey " i said sitting up and grabbing the water bottle from the night stand .
"You aren't feeling well ?" She asked sitting down besides me .

"I don't. ..i just ..feel tired and restless " i said drinking the water .
"Hmm ...why  ? " she asked .
"I don't know Ken ...maybe i never had breakfast thats why ?" I asked myself .
"I'll bring us something to eat " she said .

I was about to stand up but she stopped me .
"No ...Roman gave us strict orders not to bring you out of the room " she said

Us ?

I simply nodded considering that he won't like it if i do that .
Ken soon came in with some sandwiches and chips .

The door opened and i noticed Roman in a angry state
Oh my god .
I went stiff .
Ken immediately stood up and walked out leaving us both alone .
He started unbuttoning his shirt .
"W-What happened ....?" I asked nervously.
I wasn't expecting and answer but i got one .

"There is nothing to worry about are you feeling ?" He said getting in the bed next to me .
"I-I'm fine " i reply .
He laid back and closed his eyes .
"R-Roman " i called .
He hummed in response.
"Am i ...danger  ?" I asked .

"We both are " was his reply .


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