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Chapter 18 .

"Ava ..." i heard Roman call .
I open my eyes to see Roman beside me .
I rub my eyes and yawn.
"Are you feeling good ?" He asked .
I nodded but felt dizzy .
"You are not " he said and helped me sit up .

"I am fine " i state .
But he didn't seem convinced.
He pressed the call button.
"Mary  .....i want you to prepare a soup for Ava " he ordered and stood up .
I sat up and huffed .
What is happening to me ?
"Where are you going? " i asked timidly as i saw him going out .

"I have to call the doctor " he said .
"There is no need ...i ...i am fine " i said .
But he looks at me once before walking out .

As soon as i got out of the bathroom Mary brought me soup .
"The doc. Is here " she said and i nodded .
I saw a women walking and smile .
"Please sit up " she said and checked me .

After a while she wrote something on the board and finally spoke up.
"You are fine ...just the starting of flu , don't worry you'll recover in about 3 days " she said
I sighted .
Flu ?
I have no clue to where it came from.

Thank god its not more than that .
I look at Roman to see him intensely glaring at me .
What ?

The moment Mary and Doctor left he made his way towards me kissing me hard .
His hands wrapped around my waist pulling me closer .

His lips nibbled on mine .
As he pulled back his fingers caressed my back .
He rest his forehead on mine 
"Take rest love ...i have to look over things " he said .

"Mam should drink the soup " Mary said this the third time 
I sight and drink it .
"I don't get it ...i was fine days ago " i said .
"Its just the cold mam ...maybe you are stressed " she said .
I nodded and sat back .
Ken suddenly barged in and hugged me .
"You ok ? ...i thought you had high fever " she stated .
"I am fine ...the doc. said its just a flu " i stated

She sights .
"I really want to take you out ...maybe you will feel well after getting some air ?" She stated
I want to step out as well .

I frowned and closed my eyes

Two days later .

"I-i ...have to go shopping " i said .
"What ?" He asked .
"Ken promised me that we will go for shopping. ...i ..i have to buy some clothes "
Thats right.
I have worn these the hundredth time now .
Maybe .

He sighted .
"I am not letting you leave like this love " he said .
"Please. ....let me out for once ..i am fine ...and i don't feel like sitting in " i request  .
"Please Roman " i request.
"Your life is in danger " he spat .
I look down .

"I ....i ...Please let me out for once ..." i begged .
He seemed debating for a long time ..
Untill he finally spoke up .

"You will be having bodyguards with you "
He stated

Thank god ...
I am have flu ...either he will get one or Mary .
And i have to buy somethings .
I am probably getting my period since i felt so low .

I am surprised as to how he let me go .
He didn't last time .

After an hour i called Ken and we Drove to the mall .
There was a black car following us the hole time ...
Roman's men .
I had two guarded women with ne with two guarded men .

What am i a celebrity? 
The first thing i did was shop for new clothes and sanitary napkins.
"What are you taking?" Ken came behind me
"I having a good feeling that i might get my period. .." i said
"Why ?" She asked .
"Because i am feeling tired ...that's what normally happens " i explained walking to the counter .

But Pearl my bodyguard took the cart from me .
"Mam ..please get going we can handle it " she said .
I frowned
"You are my bodyguard not servant " i said walking ahead .
I saw her eyes flash a hint of amusement but they went back to normal .
"Mam ..."she called but i stopped at my mid steps .

A man standing right the front of me .
Staring at me and smirking .
I took a step back and turned my head when i heard a gun shot .
I happened so fast ....
I close my ears and shut my eyes .

I saw him being knocked down by Roman's men .
"Shit .." he mutter and tried to fight back .
I couldn't see the hole thing.
Pearl swiftly grabbed me and pulled me out of the mall right in the car .
Ken got in after.

The car speeded up to the highest limit .
"Who ...who was that " i asked .
"He was ......the one who tried to shoot Sir ..." she explained.
Roman was in danger ....
Not me .
"Even if they want him , the bullet was aimied at you Mam ...because you're his wife " she explained.

I felt tears slide down my cheeks .
I should've listened to him ...
I step out of the car and Ken took me in our room .
"Mam ..." Mary called Ken
She looks at me once before walking out .

What should i do ?
What if Roman  finds out .?

Suddenly the door slammed open and i stood up flinching.
Roman stalked towards me and i took small steps back .
He cupped my cheeks and searched for any injuries.

"Are you hurt " he asked .
I shooked my head .
He clenched his jaw and his hand came around at the back of my neck .
I shut my eyes involuntarily .
He brought me closer as his hands wrap around my waist .
He kissed my neck softly  .

"Pack your bags "
What ?
I look up at him in confusion .
"Wh..why ?" I asked .

"We'er leaving " he replied.


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