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Chapter 19 .

I stayed on my spot as Roman walked out the door again .
"We ...we are leaving? " i asked myself .
"Mam ..." Mary walked in and open my closet .
"You have a flight in 4 hours ....i'll help you pack " she said taking out the bag .

"Wait ...i ..." i don't understand what's happening !
I lowered my gaze with multiple questions in my head .
"Ava " Mary spoke .
She took my hand and sat me on the couch sitting beside me .
"You have to go , it's not safe for you both to live here now ..." she said .
I nodded

"Why don't you pack your bag ...i'll do mine " i said .
She smiled .
"I won't be coming with you two ...." i frowned
"Why ?" I asked .
"I have a family here ..." she said and i nodded understanding.

"I don't know what's happening. ...its so fast " i muttered .
"I know you are confused. ..." she continued , "so all started with a email .
Sir started receiving emails about you being kidnapped and to be killed , that man was soon under custody but some of his allies tried to killed you several times ..Sir wants you safe , so you both will be living in his second home .."

"Second home ?" I asked .
"Ya ...the one he adores  ....the one in Chicago " she explained.
We are going to Chicago? 
Wait a minute.

One moment we were in trouble the other we are leaving.
And one top of it.....i have to leave my dad ?
"Ava , its for you own safety ....i hope you will come back ones this all stops "
I smiled and nodded .

She started packing and i walked to Roman's office .
I forgot to knock and straight away walked in .
My body went tensed .
Shit ...
I never knocked .

Roman looks at me from the laptop and hungs up on his phone ..
He took long strides towards me as i fidget with my fingers .
"What is it love ?" He said cupping my cheek .
"When will we ...come ..back ?" I asked .
He kissed my forehead .

"Why do you ask ?" He asked me .
"My ...i ...i ..don't want be away from him " i confessed .
"Don't worry ...i make sure he visits you " he said cold hearted and kissed my cheek .
"But ..." i was pulled by him to his desk and he sat down on his chair with me on his lap .

"We leave in an hour ...are you done packing ? " he asked .
I look down at my hand .
"M-Mary doing it " i said .
His lips met mine softly and he hungrily kissed me  .
"Tell me " i requested pulling away earing and growl from him .

"Why did you pull away ?" He gritted his teeth .
My hands fisted on his shirt and his hold got tight on my thigh .
"I am sorry " i wisperd .
"Earn it " he said and look at him wide eyes .
What ?
"What ?" I asked 

"Earn it .."he repeated.
I winced as his hold got tight .
I bite my lip as he teased my ear making me shiver 
"R-Roman please " i begged him to stop .
But he never did .
"I won't  repeat myself Ava " he stated .

I shifted a bit as my lower body was tensed up .
My hand came on his shoulders and i look at him nervously .
His intense eyes glared in mine.
I leaned in and took a deep breath.
My lips met his softly and  I pulled back .

"Please tell me " i request.
He sights .
"We aren't coming back soon baby " he said and my heart dropped .
"Why ?" I asked tearing up .
"Its not safe here ....i don't want a hand laid on you ...we are leaving and thats final " he said .

I won't be able to meet anybody again ?
Even Ken ?
"I won't be able to meet Ken ?" I asked timidly .

He traced the back of his fingers lightly on my cheeks .
"We will see about that " he said and picked me up .
He walked us to our bedroom and sat me on the bed .
"Sir ...i am done with packing your bags your clothes are pressed as well..shall i make something to eat before you leave ?" Mary asked .

Roman nodded not taking his eyes off me .
He kissed my lips before walking to the couch and taking his suit .
He walked out of bathroom still in his jeans and looked at me  .
What ?
His steps got closer to me as he sat down next to me .

His hand came to my forehead as in checking for fever 
"Good you don't have a fever " he stated and peck my forehead .
"Stand up " he comands .
I did and saw him walk to my dress which Mary laid out .
He kept it on the bed and unbuttoned my jeans.

His hands slipped off my shirt leaving me in my undergarments.
I brought my hand to my chest feeling cold ..
"Cold ?" He stated and i nod  .
He simply slipped on the kneel length dress on me and zipped it up .

"Be ready in 10 " he said .
I sight .
I have to call dad and tell him about this .
"No need to call your father , i explain the situation already. .don't worry " he said walking out .
Was i too loud in my thoughts? 
Or did i actually spoke them ?

I made my way in the bathroom and got ready for the flight .
Chicago ....i will be a long flight


We entered the jet and buckled up for the flight .
As soon as i sat my eyes closed .
As the flight took of i felt myself being picked up and laid on a softer surface .
"Shall i bring something else ?" Someone asked .

"No " i heard and answer ..
I slightly open my eyes to see Roman taking his blazer off and unbuttoning his sleeve and first two buttons .
He picked me up again and made me settled on him as he wrapped his arms around me .
"I won't let anything happen to you love " he wispered kissing my forehead .

I fist my hand on his shirt and inhaled his scent.
He smelled so good ....just like everyday .
My thoughts then blocked as sleep took over me .


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