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Chapter 2

I kneel down and trace my fingers on the words ..The roughness of the rock felt my fingers .
Keeping the bouquet of lavenders on the grave I let my tears fall .
"I remember you telling me what love means , i remember how you always told me to be kind , to have a soft heart , have virtues , but you never told me how to use them mother "

I wipe my tear .
"I don't know whether i can use your teachings to change ones life , i am to be married to Roman the man who i fear ....fear that he might kill my loved ones , i am confused,am i the hateful person here ? ,do you despise me ,.will you ? ..if i fall for him . Will you grow the hate towards me if i say yes to him ? or will you praise me for saving my father " i said

"I need your blessings, i am to be married today mother ....please watch over us " i said .
I felt the cold breeze hit my body and i shiver .My hair flew to the direction and i tucked a strand behind my ear .

Kissing my two fingers i place them on the grave ."I will visit you soon ....i love you " i said .One last tear fell from my eye as i wipe it away .Suddenly i hear a ring .I picked up my phone and look at the caller ID.

"Ken ?"

"OH MY GOD !!! AVA !!! WHERE ARE YOU !??? i woke up and Aunt Emma was searching the whole house for you ....we thought ...we thought you ran away ....Roman doesn't know yet ..but are you okay ? Where are you !??"

"Calm down Ken , i was visiting my mother , i took Emma's car and the driver drove me here ..."
I said calmly

"So didn't run away " she asked

"You and i both know i can't " i state

"Do you want to ?" She asked again

"Whats the point ? ...i don't want my father's life in danger. " i said walking to the gate

"Where are you now ? ..."

"I am coming ..." i said

" Does Roman know ?"

"No ...i just had to visit mom today get her blessing, i can't do this without her " i said

"I understand. ...see you soon "

I hung up and sat in the car

I woke up 4 in the morning. ..just for this .Emma already told me that the day will began 5 in the morning. ..I know she is probably freaking out as to where is her daughter -in-law.I reached the mansion and opened the door I was greeted by three women .Crystal (Roman's other cousin ) , Ken and Emma

"OH DEAR !!! i was so scared " Emma said hugging me "Don't worry ...i wasn't planning on destroying the day " i said She gave me a pity look before pulling me upstairs.

"We have to get you ready " she said
"Then we have to take the blessing of Roman's grandparents. ...its kind of a ritual " I nodded After 3 hours of sitting in a chair as my hair and face was done Crystal brought me something to eat .We ate the breakfast and they left me with the Mary and two other assistants.

Okay ,3 hours 
I have to stand in front of many people in 3 hours ..Stop thinking negative. 

Can i object to the marriage? If i don't want dads life danger .I can I took in heavy breaths .
I imagined my wedding day to be surrounded by my family happy as mom and dad kiss me over and over saying sweet things ...


I never imagined to be married forcefully.The time finally came ...I was dressed up .I look in the mirror and see myself ..but also my mom ..My mom's wedding dress was altered and Emma made sure to add a beautiful belt around it .It was a sweet heart neck line embroidered from my waist up and then flowing down .Simple yet elegant. ..that's how mom liked it .My bouquet was decorated with white roses and purple lavenders .I had a thin diamond bracelet on my right hand .

Pearl diamond earrings. My hair was style into a beautiful up do with curls hanging low from the front ..and small white flowers placed in some areas .I looked beautiful.But i still couldn't get over the fact that i marrying Roman ...Roman .A heartless man .Suddenly a memory flashed in my mind

"Do you like me ?"
"Yes "

"Do you really think i am cruel and ruthless ?"
"No "

I lower my gaze .I don't remember much of that night .
But i was scared that he might hurt me if i blurt the true out .Then again ,he never said anything."Its time " My heart starting beating fast ..My hands go sweaty as i see dad standing near the door .He smiled at me and suddenly i feel like i am dreaming.I see a white flash and then everything comes back to vision .

"Hey are just feeling nervous. ...relax ..take in deep breath " Crystal said I nodded .
I sighted heavily.The car came to the front gate as Emma picked up my trail and help me walk to the car .My maid of honour was Ken ...because i have no sister. she is like one to me .Emma invited some of dad's family ,That is my long term cousins. My three cousin sisters were to be the bridesmaids .We met 10 years ago ..Which doesn't matter right now cause i am freaking out !!!

I was taken to a room and we waited for the call .And it finally came .Dad and i walked last .We stood behind the closed door ...

"Hey ...are you ready ? ....we have to notify the men in there ..." Ken said

I clutched my dad's elbow ."Can i just ....get a minute ?" I request .Ken nodded and walked away ."Tell us when you're ready " Emma said .After about 5 minutes i took a deep breath ."D-Dad ..." i called ."I love you " he said ..He kissed my forehead once before we walked to the door standing behind the others .

The door opened and i felt my heart race .I saw the big hall and the tall ceiling lined with chandeliers .As our turn came the people stood up I kept my gaze down trying to keep my tears in .I suddenly felt cold ...shivering. "Calm down .." the wedding planner whispered from afar 

Ya right ...
Calm down .
Dad took the first step making me follow him .He kept his hand on mine which was hooked on his elbow and squeezed it .The light music started and we took small steps on the aisle.

Half way through i finally look up and gasped ,Roman was looking right at me ..
Never did he take his eyes off me I suck in deep breath. My fathers shaky hands take mine .I look at him trying to hide my tears .

"Please don't hurt her " he said .Roman extended his hand and mine was placed right on his .
Dad gave me on last kiss on my forehead before backing away ..Everything else went blur .I never noticed my bouquet being taken from me I never noticed that our vows were exchange.

"Do you Roman Charles take Ava Rivers to be your lawfully wedded wife ?" I went stiff ..Everything went to fast for me ..
"I do " Roman almost instantly said

Then it came to me .."Do you .."Stop
"Ava rivers .." Please stop "Take Roman Charles ," Stop "To be your .." No
No no no no ,
"Lawfully wedded husband " No !

I look at the priest and i my eyes drift to Roman .I opened my mouth but i couldn't talk .I felt Roman's hands go tight on mine .They were warm yet ...i was scared .I was in fear ..I couldn't speak ..I tried hard to ...but i couldn't. "Miss Ava Rivers ?" The priest called ..I never took my eyes off Roman ..Then Roman looked at my dad and turned his gaze to me .

"I ..." Common ..i can do it .I have to do it ..

"I ..." I took in deep breath.
"I do " i said
"The rings " i heard the priest say .My hand began to shiver .
Roman took the ring from the box and slipped it in my trembling fingers. He gently rubbed my hand but the shivering didn't stop .

"Ava ..." the priest gestured me to take the ring .I took it with my shaky hand and held it tight so it won't fall .God knows what Roman will do if i loose the expensive thing .I slipped the ring in his finger .

"I now pronounce You Husband and wife . " .I tried to say something but Roman grabbed me crashed his lips on me .I heard cheers and clapping from the people and flash of light on us .

"Welcome to your new life Mrs. Ava Charles and Mr. Roman Charles " the priest blessed us and we stepped down from the stair .Roman pulled me into him and we made our way out the door .I am scared .

Roman sat down next to me and closed the door of the limo .The car started ..I was shivering.
"So ..." he said 

"Why did you take a long pause during the I do's my lovely wife ?"

Quick Note :  Yes I did did change the surname again to Charles 

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