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Chapter 20 .

Its been almost half a month since we settled here .
Roman's house wasn't a mansion. .but a building
He owns the whole building.
His office is on the second floor and third is my space which i love .

I have been in love with the balcony of our room and the roof top .
There hasn't been any news of danger in Chicago for us .
Roman decided to settle here .

I miss dad ....Ken ..Mary ...a lot .
But the connection we have is only  thorough cell phone ..
Roman doesn't allow a single person from the third floor and above .
Only Lincon has the access to his office and the roof if any emergency.

I sighted as i heard the beep of the oven .
Roman made sure i was safe and decided not to have any disturbance during day or night .
I decided not to have any servant as i would feel uncomfortable.
It was better if i did the cooking .
Besides it was a distraction for me from Roman .

Setting the table i pressed the intercom button linked to Roman's office .
"Hey ...umm ...the dinner is done " i said .

"I'll be there is a few minutes love  "
He replied.

I walked to our bedroom and freshened up .
Hearing the beep from down stairs which indicated that my husband was  here .

"Ava  " he called and i descended downstairs.
He looks at me and throws his suit on the couch .
I walked near him only to be pulled into a kiss .
He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me passionately.

His lips trailed kisses on my neck and i felt something in my lower body .
"D-Dinner " i stated and he chuckled .
He took my hand and pulled  me in the dinning room .
I was about to sit next to him when he pulled me on his lap
"How am i suppose to serve you ?" I stated trying to get up .
" love " he spoke up but i cut in..

"R-Roman ...let me " i said and stood up .
After serving him the food i sat next to him eating mine but he stayed .
"You ...don't like it ?" I asked .
"Come here "he commands.
"But .."
"Come . Here love " he demanded .

I stood up and sat on his lap as he gestured me too .
"Why don't you listen to me " he stated .
"I ...i do " i replied.
I am hungry .
I picked up the olive and ate it from his plate .
"You look hungry ..." he said having his dinner all while his one hand wrapped around my waist .

"Hmm " i hummed eating half of his plate .
During this half month i have been rather comfortable with him .
I feel safe , he hasn't forced me into anything ....
But the bed .
I hate it when he manhandles me ..but he doesn't hurt me  .
I like the way he gets possesive ...but i still fear him a bit

He treats me better than before .
And thats what i wanted .
I don't feel like getting away from him anymore .
I like to be with him .
I smiled inwardly as he held a mushroom to my mouth but i refused it .
"I hate mushrooms " i stated .
"But they are good for you " he replied and held to my mouth again .
"But ...but i don't like them " i protested timidly .

"Baby your mouth " he said sternly and i did .
I cringed chewing it and immediately took some water in my mouth .
"How do you even eat these " i muttered .
I noticed his chuckled .
"Do you want me to hire a chef ?" He asked .
I frowned .

"Why ?" I asked back .
"I don't want you getting tired or hurt " he stated .
"But ...its alright. ..i ...i can manage it " i stated
Does he not like what i make ?
Oh no .
"Should ..i ..make something else for you ?" I asked .

"No baby ..i like it ..i just don't want you getting tired or stress " he stated .
A smiled made its way on my face and i nodded
"Its ok ...i can " i muttered .

I was done cleaning the platform when Roman wrapped his hand around my waist .
I felt a different feeling in my body as he kissed my neck .
"Lets go upstairs " he said .
"I ..i ...umm ..i am not done yet " i reply .

He took my hand and pulled me to our room not before turning off all the lights.
He then picked me up and laid me on the bed .
His kisses started slowly and i wrapped my hands around his neck .

He kissed my neck and his hand went tight on my waist .
I moaned as he sucked on my soft sopt .
"Sit up baby " he said and slided off my dress .

I bite my lip as he kissed my cheek cupping my face with one hand .
He then slided off his clothes and ripped off my undergarments making me gasp .
I arched back and gasped as he entered me with no warning.

He thrushed into me deeper and deeper everytime then i felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and i scream and wimper .
"Ava! " Roman called alarmed and slowly pulled out .
"Whats wrong " he asked concerned 
I shooked my head and bit my lip 
"It hurts " i stated blushing .

"Fuck " he muttered kissing my lips and face .
"I am sorry baby girl ...i didn't mean to " he said .
What was that ?
"I ...its ok " i said .
The pain faded soon .
Roman picked me up and took me to the bathroom .
After spending some time i fell asleep.



I woke up and felt hot kisses on my cheek and neck .
I turn around to see Roman .
"Morning baby " he said ..
I smiled faintly .
As i tried to sit up the sore pain returned back .

I clutch my stomach and frown
"Did i go too harsh ?" Roman asked pulling me into him and sitting me on his lap .
I never spoke a word amd rested my head on his shoulders.
"Ava ....answer me ...was i too harsh " this time Roman's stern voice made me talk .

"I.....maybe ..." i said .
He kissed my lips before picking me up and walking to the bathroom .
"Do...don't you have ?" I asked .
He didn't answer .

"Does it hurt ?" He questioned and i shooked my head in confusion.
This never happened before ....
Why now ?


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