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Chapter 21 .

My cell phone starting ringing and i saw the called id read Roman .
"Roman ?" I asked .
"We are going out on a lunch with a important client ...i'll be there to pick you up in 15 " he said .
"Oh ..ok " i said and hung up .

Hmm what should i wear

I walk in the nedroom and straight to the closet .
After searching for a dress i finally settled on a Peach colour knee length dress with a black belt around its waist .
I styled my hair in a messy bun and wore some make up .

Making my way downstairs my phone ran indicating Roman is already at the entrance.
I took the private elevator .
As soon as i stepped out the guards walked with me to Roman's car where he was waiting.

I look down feeling paranoid.
Do i look ok ?
Will he like it ?
"Ava " i look up to see Roman intensely staring at me 
I fidget with my fingers in nervousness.
"What is this ? " he asked
I look at him in confusion but i noticed his finger pointing at something.
I follow it to see he was pointing on my neckline 

"What ?" I asked confused .
He looks behind me and pulls me closer resulting my hands to rest on his chest .
He leaned in making me shiver as his hot breath fanned against my ear .
"I don't like you showing your cleavage my love " he said and tensed .

I look down my my neckline to see it slightly plunge.
Oh my god !!
"S-Sorry ...i ...i back " i said and tried to walk away when he pulled me back .
"I don't want you wearing this again in public get that ?" I immediately nodded and he pulled me up to our bedroom .

He then walked in the closet and came out a baby blue dress with V-neck and long net sleeves.
I look at myself in the mirror and raised my eyebrows.
The dress i wore wasn't showing that much of cleavage from front .

It doesn't look that bad thought ..
Why did he want me to change ?

After changing we drove to the venue for lunch in a restaurant.
The lunch venue was great .
Roman's client was named Mike and his wife Kelly .
I decided on having something very light and settled on pasta with seasonal salad.

As i ate it i felt something different but i ignored the feeling and continued paying attention in the conversations .
We said our goodbyes  and sat in the car .
"Do you want to have some dessert love ?" Roman asked and i shooked my head .
"Can ...can we go home ?" I asked .
He nodded and drove off the restaurant.

The pasta was great but i still think there was something wrong with it .
Maybe it was the salad ?
I felt bile rising to my throat and i immediately took the bottle from the holder and drank some water .
"Ava ?" Roman called and look at him .
"Whats wrong? " he asked .

"N-Nothing ..i was thirsty " i tried convincing him and it worked .
As we got home Roman pulled me in the bedroom and kissed me hard .
His hands slipped off my dress and i tried to pull back but he didn't let me .
He then layed me on the bed and kissed my lips harshly and i wimper .

"Roman " i wispered .
"Hmm " he hummed and i moan as he sucked on my ear lobe .
"I ...i ..t-tired " i stated but he didn't stop .
His hand held my thighs tights as he settled himself between me .
My core was already wet due to his actions.
My body reacted to his every movement and i shivered in pleasure .

Suddenly his cell phone rang and he cursed under his breath but continued torchuring me with his kisses .
The phone rang again as i got frusted .
"R-Roman ...its ..ringing the second t-time " i said .
He sighted and pecked my lips once before getting off the bed and picking it up .

I flinched at his harsh voice directed towards the person on the other side of the call .
"I'll be back for dinner " he said and kissed me deeply before stroming off the bedroom door .
I gulped and slowly got off the bed .

Working sucked when you had to do it for the sake of others .
I personally loved designing but if there was a time limit. ...i hate it .
I finally completed the blue prints and sighted .
Walking to the kitchen i saw a women cooking .
"Excuse me " i called .
She looked up and smiled .
"Hello there name is Audrey i am your part time cook "

Cook ?

"Uhhhh ?" I couldn't understand why though ?
"Oh ...i am sorry .Mr . Chevorlet hired me as a helper , i will be cooking and handling your house work , if you want to change it please let me know " she said setting the dinner plates .
I nodded biting my lip .

"Umm ..leave this to me , will you please go and change the bedsheets of the second room from the hall " i said .
She smiled and walked away .

I smiled as Roman did so .
I was indeed having a bit problem with doing the chores for such a big house .

I kept fidgeting with the salad on my plate and glancing at Roman .
His intense glare met mine and i gluped .
"You aren't eating well love " he stated .
"I ...i am " i said earing the salad and showing him i do .
"Your father called " i immediately went stiff

"What did he say ?" I asked .
"He asked for you and i replied your were very happy here with me " my mouth hung open for seconds and i composed my posture.
Happy ?
Yes i am happy ....but not willingly .
I am still married to a killer  .

"C-Can i.."
" No " his voice sounded in my ears before i could ask the permission to let him visit .
I lowered my gaze as tears threatened to fall from my eyes .
"Ava " Roman picked me up and sat me on his lap .
"Its dangerous for him to leave from his house might follow him leading here " He explained 

I nodded understanding.
He peck my forehead and neck .
"I love you much ...i can kill anyone who threatens to touch you ...i assume you already know that " he stated .
I gulped and nodded .
I don't want any more of that to happen .
It is better for me to think of dad and let him be safe back home .


"Ava " i open my eyes and turned my head to see Roman dressed for  office .
"I'll be back by evening. ....make sure you eat well " he said and kissed me deeply before walking out the door ..
I sat and felt something rising to my throat and immediately ran to the bathroom .
I throwed all the content out and my eyes went wide

My knees went weak and i slid on the wall sitting down .
My hand flew to my mouth as i stare off in space .


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