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Chapter 22 .

I kept biting my nails as i stare on the screen of my cell phone .
The contact read Kassandra
Should I ?
Maybe i shouldn't.
She would probably end bad results.
Ahhhh fuck it .

I pressed the call button and held it to my ear .
After some rings she picked up and chirped a excited hello .
"K-Ken " i called .
"What's. ....whats wrong. ..why is your voice crooked ...??? Were you crying? " she asked .
"No ...i ..i want to ask you something  " i stated .

"Go ahead ...i am worried now Ava " she said .
"Umm ..i ...i " i gulped and tried to speak .
Ken stated silent  on the otherhand .
"I felt nausea . ...and i threw up the 3rd time this week " i said .
"Oh my god ...are you alright? " she asked .
"I am ...i felt a bit dizzy ...i ..i can't eat properly ...i don't what to do " i said nervously  biting my nails .

"Ava " ken called and i raised my eyebrows in anticipation.
"Hmm " i hummed in response.
"Have you been feeling off ? "
"Yes " i replied
"Have you been feeling nausea in the morning? " she asked .
"Yes " i whisper faintly.

"Have you taken a test ?" I stopped biting my lip and get off the bed pacing back an forth .
"No " i answered .
"You have to get one then " she said .
What !??
No ..i am ...i am not no no ..
But i have to ..
But howwww ???
"But how ? Roman doesn't let me leave the building .." i state .
"Just do it some how ..and get a test ..also visit a doctor " she said .

"Tell me as soon as possible Ava ..." she said .
Her voice looked worried.
"Ok " i said and hung up .
This isn't real
This isn't real .
Common Ava ...its just a food poisoning.
I have to visit the doctor and they will cure me .
That is it ..i have food poisoning.

Thats why i am feeling weird.
It can't be
No no no ..
I am just sick ..
Clam down Ava are just sick .
I knew that pasta had something weird.

I placed my plam on my forehead and exhaled frustrated .
My forehead was slightly warm ..
Was i having fever ?
Probably because of some infection
The fear rushed into my body and i immediately rushed to change and get out .

I was out of the elevator and walked out .
As soon as i reached the big gates the guard stopped me .
"Mam ...may i know where you are going ?" He asked .
"I ...i was going to the drug store " i said stepping forward but he blocked .
"Pardon me Mrs . Chevrolet but we have strich orders from the boss not to let you out without his permission " he explained.

I sight in frustration and ran my finger through my hair .
"You don't understand. ...its really important. ..please let me go " i said .
"I am very sorry mam ..but we haven't received an yes from the boss " he said
I rolled my eyes
"But you have to let me ..its really important " i said
He folded his arms
"And whats so import-...."
"I need tampons " i finished cutting him .

His expression turned into a suprise ones and he look to both his sides ..
"Umm .." he scratched his head .
"So ?" I asked  and he steps out the way giving me space to leave .
I walked two blocks away as fast as possible and sighted .

Thank god .
I look back and continued walking to the drug store .
After buying the needed stuff i took a cab to nearest clinic.
I was to get the results the next day .
After about an hour when i finally reached home Audry was already done making the dinner .

I dropped the boxes on the bathroom counter and paced back and forth .
Just looking at made me fear for my life .
I took a deep breath and did as ot was instructed .
After waiting for 2 minutes i was about to see the results when i jumped as the was a knock on the door .

"Ava ..."
My eyes went wide and fear took in me .
"Uh ..yes ?" I asked trying to hold my shaky breath .
"Love dinner is ready the door baby " he said .
"I ...i..will be there in 5 ..i just took a .s..shower " i said stuttering .
"I am downstairs then " he said and i heard the door close .

I sighted and closed my eyes .
Please please please please. ..
God help me with this ..
Please let it be negative. ...

I opened my eyes and my heart stopped.
Two .
It had two lines ...
My hands suddenly felt cold and the stick fell from my hands on the ground.
My mind stopped working and i felt on my knees crying .

This can't be happening to me ...
I never wanted this ..
Is he going to kill me now ? Because i am carrying an unwanted child .
Is he going to throw me on the strees ?
I can't take it ...
I never wanted this to happen.

My hand rested on my stomach thinking there was a life in there .
I can't kill it ...i won't be a killer like him .
What am i suppose to do !???
I am going to be a mother. ...
I am having a child whose father is a murderer ...
I don't trust him with my child .
I fear he might ...he might kill it to ..

I hugged my knees and sobbed crying my heart out .
What if he hurts my baby ?
What if he hurts my family again ?
What ..if ...he ...he ..he ..forces me in abortion ?
What should i do !???


"Ava " i flinched as Roman took long strides towards me and cupped my cheeks .
"You were crying " he stated .
I shooked my head in fear but he spoke up
"DON'T lie to me " he said ..
"I ...i am n-not was just the water ..i ..i ..accidentally got ..s-some soap in my eyes " i tried to sound confident as much as possible but he didn't seem to be approved.

"We'll talk about it after dinner ." He said and pulled in the dinning room .
Because of his non convincing look i couldn't eat have of my dinner ..
Not that i was able to anyway .
My body was shaken by what happened in the bathroom .
I couldn't speak well .

I fisted sheets in my hand and took in deep breaths .
The only sound was of the water running in the bathroom .
I was scared. ..
I closed my eyes and tried to think of ways to get away with this .
He will question me ...tonight or tomorrow.

There was no getting away with it ..
The bathroom door open and and closed my eyes shut pretending to be alseep .
"Ava " Roman's hand brushed on my cheek ..
"Ava have to tell me why were you crying? " he stated 
I stayed still pretending to be sleep .

"I know you are not asleep love ..."my heart stopped as he said that ..but i kept my eyes closed .
"AVA !!" i jumped and took in small breaths .
He held my jaw tight and leaned in .
"Tell me love ...why were you crying ?" He asked .
My mouth opened but nothing came out .

My shaky hands flew to his and tried to loosen them but he brought me closer .
"...i ...i ..the ..the .." i tried but couldn't because of how scared i was .
"Hmn ?" He hummed asking me to continue .
"The ...the soap .." i said ..
"I hate lies babygirl " he said and i wimpered as he harshy spoke .
"Tell me NOW !!" he demanded 

"I...i..." tears fell from my eyes and i started sobbing .
My body started trembling.
Roman immediately pulled me on his lap and cooed me slowly 
"I am sorry my love ..i didn't mean to scared you ..i love you so much " he said giving kisses all over my face .

He rested his face in my neck and moved his hand back and forth on my back claming me down .
"I want to know the reason by tomorrow. ...if anyone has tend to hurt you ...i won't hesitate in cutting there limbs " i shiver at his words .

How was i suppose to bring this child in such a harsh world ? ...
How was i suppose to protect it from my own husband ?
I am pregnant. ..with a child ..who was in danger although still far away from the real world .


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