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Chapter 23 .

I walk down to the kitchen to see Audrey working .
"Audrey " i called .
"Yes mam ?" She asked .
"Just called me Ava ...and ..uhh ..c-can you do me a favor " i asked nervously .
I look at the stairs to see Roman hasn't come out of the room yet 

I walked towards her and stood on the otherside of the counter .
"Its ....its something to do with ...a just have to ..go ..and ...and ..bring me my report " i said .
She looks at my shaky state and gave me a genuine smile and nodded .
"T-The ..driver will take you direct from here " i said .

I appreciate the fact that she was just like Mary , understanding.

She started walking her room in order to get ready .

"Ava " i went stiff as Roman called me .
His hands wrapped around my waist and i unconsciously wrap my hands around my stomach.
I bite my lip as he kisses my neck before sitting down from breakfast.

I know i will throw up if i eat anything of this .
What to do ?
He will probably question me .
I sat next to him .
His lips met my forehead as he intensely glared at me suspicious.
I started eating something to show him there was nothing wrong ..

I hate this ...
What is this ...
Bacon ?
I hate bacon and eggs

I drink up the juice and saw Roman talking on his phone .
He soon ended the called and pulled me into him .
"I want you to be ready by 7 ..we are going out for dinner " he said .

D-d-dinner !!???

"W-what purpose? " i asked .
He kissed my lips and spoke .
"The project we undertook has finally ended ...i have a meeting at 3 ....i'll come home and then we will go " he said .
His lips kissed mine deeply again and he finally pulled back .
"See you soon love " he said and walked out .
I felt dizzy as soon as his hands felt me ...but i stayed composed .

After some time i heard a knock on tbe bedroom door and immediately open it .
"Your report mam " she held it in front of me .
I look at them and took it from her hand .
She walked away closing the door .

I took a deep breath and opened them . ..

"What would you like love ?" Roman asked .
I look at him and my mind went blank
I blunked the tears away and shooked my head
"I ...i am not that hungry. ." I said
He handed the tab to the waiter and wavyed him off .

Wait ...i have to hide the report .
Its still on my desk .
What if he finds it ??
What if i won't be able to get away from this !???

"What's  wrong " he asked .
"N-Nothing " i reply.
"Don't lie " i tensed up as he said that harshly .
I let out a shaky breath and try to stand up .
"I ...i ..have to used the bathroom " i said .
The smell of all the dishes made me more nausea.

But before i could stand up Roman held my hand tight looking in my eyes .
"I don't like being ignored love .." he said .
It was enough to scared me but my vision was slowy bluring away .
I saw him notice me uncomfortable.
He stood up and walked to me bending down to my level

"Love ..."he asked .
As soon as i stood i felt weakness in my legs .
Please not now !!!
"Ava !? Are you having fever ?" He asked placing the back of his plam on my foreghead .
I was having a slight fever ...which was to be normal .
But it scared me that he might not be able to understand my situation.

"I ..i " he then rested the back of his plam on my neck and then on my cheeks .
"Baby are having a slight fever " he stated .
I wanted to go home and do one thing .
Hide the report. ...but i couldn't.
Cause i blacked out .


I opened my eyes to see the room blacked out .
I slowly sat up and turned on the table lamp .
The clock read 12 at midnight.
I brought my hands to my head and rested my elbows on my lap .

I jumped as i heard a knock on the door .
I held my breath but released it as i saw Audrey.
But the news after that made me suck in deep breath again .
"Sir is expecting you in his office " she said .
"Why ?" I asked .
She look at me in worried face .
"He ....he only told me to bring you ..nothing else " she said ..

I took the cardigan walked out with her hesitantly  .
My plams go sweaty at every step i take breathing was uneven .
I could hear my heart beat at a faster rate as we stood in front off his door .
I noticed Audrey retreat back as i look at her .
She gave me a pained look before i lower my gaze and softly knocked on the door .

This time ...i never heard a permission.
I slowly open the door and gulped as i saw him standing facing opposite to me .
"Come here " he commanded .
I felt hotness creepy in my eyes .
I realised it was because of the tears threatening to fall .

My body started trembling as the harshness i saw in his eyes .
I slowly walked to him and stopped a feet away from him .
"My lovely wife " he started .
I gulp and a shaky breath full of fear left my mouth .
"I want you to give a explaintion ...about this " i gasped .
His hand held my report...

His eyes intensely glared into mine and i felt a tear slip out my eye .
I fidget with the hem of my cardigan as i lower my gaze taking deep breaths
"Talk " he spat .
I flinched at his voice ..
My steps immediately fell back as i saw him taking long strides towards me .

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into him .
He then continued to dragged me to his chair and pushed me to sit on it .
His hands came on either sides on the hand rest and he looked at me with furry .
"What are those reports of ?" He asked .
I never spoke .
But my body flinched and he slamed them on the desk .
"What is this " he asked gritting his teeth. .

" " i said .
He chuckled .
I closed my eyes shut as he kissed my forehead .
But his eyes were full od rage .
"Tell me my dear Ava walked out of the building. ...without my permission. ...drove to some fucken hospital. ..and took a test ." I went stiff .

Please no ...

"You expect me to still be unaware of it ?" I bite my lip in hold my whimper at his harsh voice .
"I ..." he cut he off ..
"I find my wife is fucken Pregnant from a doctor who claims that you have already taken a test ....without my fucken consent " he said .

"When did you take this test " he asked ..
"T-Two days ago " i answer ..
My eyes stayed glued to my lap as he never moved .

"Were you going to tell me ?"
I wanted to say yes ...
To clam him down ..but i couldn't bring myself to lie  .
I couldn't speak.
I wimpered as he banged his hand on the desk .
"TELL ME DAMMIT !! ...were . You . Going . To . Tell . Me about this ?" He asked gripping my forearms .
"P-Please " i blurt out in fear .

"What were you about to do ?" He asked .
Tears started falling from my eyes as he harshly let go's of my hand .
It unconsciously  made its way to my stomach .
I saw his jaw clench again .
"Were .." he spoke ..
I look at him in fear
"Were you about to take abortion  ?" He asked .

He turned around and rested his hands on the hand rest again .
"Answer me !!" He hisses and shooked my head .
"N-No " i said with a crooked voice.
"Why didn't you tell me " he asked ..
"I ..i ..." his hand gripped my jaw tight but not at the extent of hurting me ..
"You what !!??" He demanded and answer .

I sniffed and spoke with a shaky voice .
"I ..d-dont ..know ...i ..i am ..s-scared " i spoke .
I saw a hint of softness in his eyes  as he made me stand up .
He then cupped my face and kissed my forehead .
"You are having our baby ...and i won't tolerate you hiding anything from me from now on .  Get it ?" He stated ...

I nod trembling.
"Did i hurt you ?"he asked .
Yes ...
Yes you did ..
Not physically. ...but emotionally .. mentally .
I shooked my head  .
"Don't ever lie to me " he stated and pulled me flushed into him .
His hands wrapped around my body hugging me tight.

"Why did you not tell me about this  ?" He asked .
After some moment i spoke up .
"I ...I .thought that won't .. except it " i said .
He kissed my cheeks and forehead .
"What made you think i won't  ? " he stated.

My hands fisted on his shirt and closed my eyes sighting deeply .
I felt warm ...even if he scared me .
I just wish he would change just a bit .

"I am going be a dad " i was surprised listening to what Roman just spoke  .
He nuzzled his face in my neck and left light kisses on my skin
"You are going to be a mom " he wispered .
"I am happy ....thank you for such a good news my lovely wife " he said before crashing his lips on mine .


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