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Chapter 24 .

"Love ...." i opened my eyes and turned around to see Roman in a normal t-shirt for the first time .
I yawned and sat up still sleepy .
"You ....have  no meeting? " i asked .
He chuckled kissing my forehead 

"I told you baby , there is nothing important for me to attend at the company. assistant will handle it " he said .
I nodded .
I stood but felt dizzy .
Roman's hand came to my waist holding me in place .
"Still dizzy ?" He asked .
I shooked my head .

"Go take a shower baby , i have a surprise for you " he said .
Surprise! ??
Really !???
I smiled and ran in the shower .
I really want to eat something ...sour ?
After having a shower i wore a simple rose pink dress and descended down .

"Good morning Ava .." Audrey greeted .
"Hi" i greet back .
"I have already picked something to eat since i have been through this " i  look at her in confusion as she pulled me in the dinning room where Roman was seated .
As soon as i saw it and grinned .
"Thank you sooooo much Audrey " i said and pick up the jar of pickle.

Not wasting anytime i open it a took bite . My eyes shut at the sourness but i liked it anyway and i bite my lip .
"I wouldn't do that if i were you honey " Roman stated .
I blushed and sat next to him .
"Mam" suddenly Audrey placed a bowl of something in front of me .
Why does she call me mam in fornt if Roman !??

"What is this ?" I asked .
"Its good for you ...oats " i cringe at first .
"I don't like it " i stated .
"Its good for you baby up " Roman said .
I roll my eyes and eat it .
For some odd reasons i liked it .

"So ...what is my surprise? " i asked .
Roman smiled and kissed me .
"Common " he said .
We drove off to god knows where .
I felt him push my dress up and rest his hand over my bare thigh .
"You had no morning sickness ?" He asked .
"Lucky day "i stated looking out the window.

After all the drama which happened a day ago ..Roman took me to another meeting with the doctor.
She confirmed i was 3 weeks pregnant which made Roman happy .
He already did set rules for me which i had to obey .
He won't even let me go shopping.
I was to be accompanied everywhere by Audrey or Pearl which i didn't mind .
Pearl was appointed by him to look after me when i step out of the house .
Not like i saw her constantly. ..cause he won't let me out .

I haven't told anyone about the news .
Its only Roman and Audrey.
The car pulled up and i came in view with a big spacious land .
"What are we doing here ?" I asked ..
"Its a surprise love ...lets go " he said .
Why can't he just tell me ? !!
We walked and i soon a saw a tent in front of me .

There were tables arrange and people .
What is this ?
We soon came near and i saw Roman's mother .
Her eyes went wide and she walked, basically ran to us .
"Oh my lord ..congratulations my dear children " she exclaimed and pulled Roman into a hug and then me .
"I am so happy for you darling " she said hugging me .
"Thank you " i replied.

She pulled back and i felt tears in my eyes at her motherly affection .
"Aww ..don't cry dear ..." she said .
"Congratulations son " Darren came and shook his hands with Roman .
He then came to me and hugged me lightly .
"They are here !!" As soon as i heard the voice i looked ahead .

"Ken !!" I called .
She chuckled and hugged me .
"Congratulations Ava " she said .
"Thanks " i reply and smile ..
"Everything ok now ?" She asked .
"Ya ..." i said .
I look around never spotted the one person i wanted to meet the most .
"Roman " i called .
He looks at me and wraps his hand around my waist

"Did you invite my dad ?" I asked .
He nodded .
"He couldn't make it ..we'll go see him tomorrow. can tell him then " he explained.
I nodded and smiled .

But why couldn't he make it ?

Ken then pulled me towards the middle and i saw many people which met back at our wedding .
There were only 20 or so ..but it made me cry thinking how they arranged a surprise party for me to congratulate.

Kent took the wine glass and i look at it .
I really wanna drink that .
She came towards me and handed me a glass of water.
I look at her in "what ?" Look .
"I can't give you alcohol babe " she said .
I rolled my eyes .
We tosted and had our sip .
Roman laid a kiss on my forehead and  pulled me into him .

"We are staying here now " ken said
I look at them expecting it to be truth .
"Really ? "I asked .
"Yes of course. ....i will be there to take care of my daughter " Emma said .
I chuckled and gave a thank you hugging her .

After some time we drove back home with Emma and Ken .
There baggage was already back at the house and Darren came with us .
After some time he decided to leave.
Emma asked him to stay long but he had some important issue so he left .

We had a small party of ours in Ken's room watching Netflix.
At some point even Audrey joined us .
It was really fun .
"I'll be back " i said .
I wanted to ask Roman whether i could go with Ken for food shopping.
I was about to knock when i heard his voice .
I peeped in and saw him giving strict orders to Lincon

"I want five at the back ..and they will be following her no matter what ..i want an update on whats going on back there ...tell them if they found any hint of him ...i want him dead " i gasped .
Dead ?
He hasn't stopped  killing people.
I frowned.

But it turned into an anger ..
Does he expect me to bring a child in his cruel world ?
I won't risk his or her  life if Roman keeps killing people .
What if they come back for him ?
I open the door and Roman look at me .
"What is it love ?" He asked stocking towards me .

His fingers came to my chin but i stopped him .
"You are killing people ?" I asked .
His eyes darkened .
"They deserve it " he stated ..
"Roman ...they do deserve pain if they do something bad ..but killing someone is not a good way to end it " is said .
"Don't interfere in this baby ...its not good for you " .

What !???
Are you serious ?

Suddenly my angry raised .
I didn't know how i said it but i did
"Are you serious? am i not allowed to talk in your matters ? you think i am that illiterate?  ..that my suggestion can't even be considered! !??" I shout .
I looked through my peripheral vision to see Lincon looking at me wide eyes .

He gulped and walked out .
I suddenly felt cold ...
Shit ..
I look at Roman feeling fear inside me
Was he going to yell at me ? ..hurt me ?
This was the first time i bursted at him ...
I couldn't help but feel like sinking into water deep down

My eyes met his ..but i never saw anger .
"Love ...i know what you mean . I will consider it ..ok ? Just don't get your pretty little head worked up on such a issue " he said pecking my forehead .
I look at him un surprise.
He didn't get angry ?
He didn't even clenche his jaw ..
He never yell at me ..

I nodded lowering my gaze .
"Look at me " he said .
I lift my head to meet his gaze when suddenly his lips met mine  .
He pulled me into him but i pulled back from the kiss in pain .
"What is it ? ..did i hurt you ?" He asked .
Well ya !???
Since my boobs are freaken tender ..
I hate this .
"N-no ...i ..i mean yes " i stutter nervously .

"Where did i hurt you ? "
On my freaken boobs ..
"I ...i .have to go .." i said and tried to walk towards the door but Roman pulled me back .
"Answer me " he said ..but this time wasn't a demand was soft .
He pulls me into him gently .

"I am sorry .."he said and kissed my neck ..
I bite my lip and nod .
"Don't bite your lips sweetheart " he said and kisses me passionately.
I blushed as he pulled out .
"You were here for something ?"
"Uhh ..i ..want to go shopping with Ken " i said .
"No " he replied.
"What do mean by no !?? am i suppose to sit here and do nothing? " i asked .
He looked amazed as i blurt at him .

I immediately stopped .
"S-Sorry " i said .
"Its ok love ...but ..i want you to take Pearl with you your bodyguard " he said .
I smiled and nodded .
He stopped me again as i tried to move .
"Where is my goodbye kiss ?" He asked .

I blushed .
His intense stare never did i stood on my tiptoes and pecked his lips .
"Bye " i say and walk out .

I smile at the thought of how gentle he was this time .
Maybe he is changing. ...who knows .


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