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Chapter 25 .

I look at myself in the mirror once before walking down .
"Ready ?" Roman asked and i smiled nodding .
He took my hand gently and walked us to his car .
I was nervous but happy .. yet some how sad to tell dad about this .
Roman threatened him ...he was bad to my father .
But ...i hope this goes well .
All i want is Roman to be a bit more nice .

He opened the door and slip in and pulled my seat belt on .
The drive took less than 15 minutes and i smiled as the house came in view .
I press the door bell ,after some time the door open .
"Dad!!" I hug him and he hugs me back .
"Hello sweet pea .. how are you doing !??" He asked taking me in .
His eyes met Roman's and he nodded .

"Please have a seat " he said to us .
I took his hand and stopped him as he was trying to get us some drinks .
"Dad ...i ...i want to tell you ..a news "i say
He sat down with a confused look .
"What is it ?" He asked .
"Umm ..." i blushed a bit but managed to speak .
"You are gonna be a grandfather " i said .
He looks at me and blinks three times before his eyes went wide .

"Is ..this true ?" He asked .
His eyes divert to Roman .
"Yes ....Mr . Henry. ...she is pregnant with our first child " Roman stated kissing the corner of my head .
I blushed slightly.
I look at dad to see his surprised look .
"Can ...we please have a moment? " i asked .
Roman looks at me and he sighted .
Giving a kiss on my cheek he left us alone .

"You are not happy " i stated .
Of course he won't be ...
Roman did hurt him ...and now i am married to him ...with his child .
"He is a dangerous man Ava can you be so lenient? ...what if something happens to you ? What if something happens to your child ? .." he stated .
"Dad ...i .i ..think he is changing. .." i said .
"Don't be blind Ava , he will always be a heartless man " he stated .
"Dad ...i am not convincing you because i am going have his child , i am convincing you because i have seen it ...he ...he isn't the way ..he was "
I stated .

But then i felt like bailing on my father ..
"Dad ...i ...i know how he was to you , it was hurtfull for me to....i haven't forgiven him for that yet ...but ...why don't you see yourself? ...did he ever let us talk alone like this ? ..."
He sights .
"I still don't believe in him ...i don't want you to be in trouble. ..nor do i want a childs life in danger who is yet to come in his dangerous world " Dad said crossing his arms and leaning back .

"So ...y-you ...aren't happy for me ? ...i mean won't except this baby as your grandchild ?" I asked tearing up .
"Don't cry sweet pea ....of course i am excepting this child ....its just ...i don't want to see him hurt you " he stated .
I nodded sniffing.
"Ava ....i am happy for you ..and proud ..i will finally get to see that day where i can meet my grandchild ...just be careful ...ok "
I smiled and nodded .

After some time Roman walked in and sat beside me .
"How is your health going dad ?" I asked ..
"Its well .." he stated ..
I know he is stressed ....why won't he just rest a bit .
"Roman ..." i called and he looks at me .
"Can we go visit my mother ?" I asked .
"Sure love " he said .
"Do you want to join us dad ?" I asked .
"No dear should go ....i have some work to handle " he said ..

After that we decided to leave .
I wasn't satisfied with his reaction, i know he was slight disappointed with the news .
I know why , but i can't help feel more and more affectionate towards Roman , now that my hormones are at the edge ...i can't ignore those little things which make me fall for him even more .

Emma asked me to give him a chance ..
Let him see that i was happy , and that he could show me his weak side .
I want to get more closer ...
I just hope the child i am having doesn't get scared for him me .
I unconsciously kept my hand on my stomach and looked out the window .

"Are you hungry love ? "
I shook my head .
He nodded and drove to the one last place i wanted to visit today .
After meeting my mother we drive back home .
I was tired and i walk in sighting .
"Tired ? " i nodd as Roman asked me .
He suddenly scooped me up in his arms and kissed my forehead .

Walking up to our room he settled me down and slipped off his shirt getting into bed .
"When the next appointment with doc . ? " he asked keeping his head on my lap .
I smiled and brush my fingers through his hair ..
"Umm ...on next Monday " i reply.
He hummed in response.

His fingers lightly brushed on my thigh and i bite my lip feeling the different feeling in me .
I close my eyes just for a bit and soon i felt hot lips on mine .
I open my eyes to meet his face and i blushed .

"I love you " he said .
I smiled suddenly.
"Won't you reply to that " he asked softly .
I look up blushing at him .
I remember how he forced me to say that ...but this time he ...didn't 
Even if i wait a bit longer ...or hate to admit it ...
I was fallen for him already ..
There was no point in waiting.
I lean into him and softly laid my lips on his and pulled back 
I saw a flash of surprise in him ..

"I ...i you too " i said .



"When are we going baby shopping! ???" Emma asked excited.
I chuckled .
"Its only my first month Emma ...i think we should wait a bit " i say .
She nodded .
Suddenly the Roman walked in the living room and sat right beside me giving me a kiss on my forehead .

"Sweetheart. ..we should go for your shopping " he said .
"Why ? " i asked .
He kept his hand on my stomach. .i back away a bit but i instantly felt the warmess i bite my lip and smile keeping my hand on his .
"You are going to need loose clothing " he stated .
I nodded .

I took the chips and mayonnaise and dip the chip in it taking a bite.
I dipped another chip in melted cheese and was about to take a bit when suddenly Roman took it in his mouth .
My mouth hung open .
"This doesn't tast good " he said .
I forrowed my eyebrows in anger .
"Don't steal my chips " i said and ate three at the same time  .
"Ok love i am sorry ...i won't " he said kissing my cheek .

"How about this ?" Emma asked showing me the picture of the room decor  .
"Hmm ...i like it "
I say .
I was going to design the room for my coming baby ..
Might as well put my talent to work .
Roman's cell rang and he picks it up .
"What " he asked harshly .

Although he was good to me but he still is hard on work .
I don't think that will change .
"I want them now " he barked and hung up .
"I have to go babygirl ....i'll be back in an hour " he said and kissed me passionately before leaving .

After about in 20 minutes Audrey walked in .
I stand up and look at her alarmed face .
"W-What happened ?" I asked walking to her .
"Lincon has requested you to come in his office immediately " she said .

Oh god


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