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Chapter 26 .

I walk towards his office nervously.
Last time i was called he was trying to take someone's life .
What happened this time ?
Above all ...If Lincon called me ...its something serious.

I open the door and gasped .
Guards were trying to hold Roman back as a unconscious body laid on the floor .
My hand came to my mouth .
I look at Roman to see blood dripping down his forehead .

I immediately walked to him as he stopped struggling.
The gurads scoot away and i bring myself closer to him
"What happened? " i asked ..
I saw how his eyes were filled with furry and his angry state tried to clam down because of me .
I look at his forehead and saw a cut with blood dripping down from it .

Tears filled in my eyes and i suspect it .
The cut didn't look too deep but it couldn't stop my worry .
"What are you doing here !!??" He asked gritting his teeth.
"R-Roman ..lets go and treat your wound first " i said .
"Who brought you here ...!!??? .." he asked .
He looks at Lincon and his jaw clenched .

"Why the fuck did you bring her here !?? ....what if she could've gotten hurt !?? HUH !??" I flinch at his voice but held his shirt .
He looks at me and i frown looking at him .
He looks at the man on the floor once before pulling me out the room .
He slammed the bedroom door shut held my elbows

"Who brought you there ?" He asked ..
"Let me treat your wound " i said .
But he dodged it and shooked me ..
"Ava ....answer me " he stated sternly ..
"Y-You are bleeding " i stated ..
"Fuck Ava !! Can't you see how i hate it when you come in my office !??? I hate it when you see me killing that man ...i don't care about anything but your safety! " he shouted ..

Tears formed in my eyes as he yelled at me .
But i composed myself and spoke up .
"You promised not to kill " i said .
"But he deserved it ..." Roman stated .
"Nobody does " i reply back .
I saw how he clenched his jaw and his hold went tight on me .
"People like him wanted to get to you wife !! you expect me to let that fucker go!! Huh !??" He shouted .

Me ?
Why ?
I shooked all the thoughts away and took his hand .
Pushing him on the couch i walked in the closet and brought the first aid kit  .
Dabbing a wet cloth on his cut i gently blow some air on it .
"You should've stayed with mom " he said .
"I don't think so " i said and removed the oilment .

"You don't understand Ava....i can't help myself but hurt them ...i don't want you to hate me again .." he confess .
I never replied but simple aided his wound and saw another on his knuckles.
"You punched something hard " i said .
He looks down and sights .

"What happened " i asked .
"You don't have to know that " he said .
"Tell me .." i insisted.
"No " he replied.
"You won't be able to get it out of your mind then " i said .
He looks at me and looks over to his right avoiding eye contact .
"That fucker spoke low of me and you ..i couldn't hold it .." he confessed .

I bandage his hand and sight ..
I decided not to interfere more ...
We never spoke for few minutes.
I sat beside him confused and nervous on what to say .
"I am sorry " he apologised .
I bite my lip and tried not to cry .
"I am soorry that i hurt you ...i loved you from the beginning. ...but i forced you ..."

That was it ...
He was holding this in him for a long time ..
It lead to frustration and ..he ended up taking it out on a man .

"....but ...after i heard about the child ...i finally felt like i could have a family ....i was the one know to be ruthless Ava ..they said i won't ever have a family of my own ...that i was soo heartless that everyone hated me ."
I rested my hand on his shoulder.
"But gave me the assurance that i could be capable of doing something like that ...i am trying ..trying to fight and be nice to you ...but if you still think that i am no different than before .."
Before he could say something i crashed my lips to his .

He kissed back roughly.
I pulled back and smiled .
"I don't want you to change yourself Roman ...i just want you to bring your soft side out " i stated .
His hand came up to my cheek and his thumb rubbed small circles on it .
"I can't help but be ruthless in that world ...but for you love ...i am ready to bring my soft side out ...if i have one " he said .

"You do " i reply and brush my thumb on his forehead near the cut which was bandaged .
"Don't cry baby " he said ..
That when i realise i cheeks were wet from the tears .
I wiped them and sniffed .
"Promise me that you will never hurt me like before " i said .
He kissed my lips and nodded .
"I promise " he stated .
Our lips molded with passion and shivers ran down my body .

It soon  turned into a heated kiss and i wrapped my arm around his neck as he sucked on my sweet spot right under my ear  .
I bite my lip hiding the moan .
He unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt and pulled me on his lap to straddle him and trailed his lips to my cleavage

I fist my hair in my plams as he bit the area below my collar bone sucking it .
His lips met mine again and he slipped his tongue in .
I blushed harder as i felt something poking me .
His fingers held my chin and he kissed me harder making me wimper yet leave another moan .

He suddenly pulled back ..
"I won't be able to stop myself if we keep up " he stated and made a move to settle me back in my place .
But i didn't let him .
"I don't care " i say and kissed him .
Woahhh ...
Wait a minute. .
Where did that come from ..

Holy shit ..these hormones are killing me .
Not that i mind doing it ..but ..
Oh god Ava shut up !!

He kissed my lips gently and pulled back .
"I will hurt you " he said .
"I know you won't. promised " i said keeping my hands on his chest .
He suddenly stood up with me in his arms and laid me on the bed .

"Tell me if you want me to stop " he said and kissed my lips before undressing me .
He started slow and entere me kissing my neck .
His movements were gentle yet enough to sent shocks through my body .
I bite my lip and arched back as he kissed my nipple and squeezed my butt .

"I love you so much baby " he said pulling in and out of me .
I moaned and fisted my hands in his hair .
He pulled out and kissed my face over and over .
He hand wrapped around my waist and he pulled me half on him .
His warmess made me sight in content and close my eyes .

"Baby "
I hummed in response.
"Smile for me will you ?" I opened my eyes and look at him in surprise.
He brushed his fingers on my cheek .
I smiled and lightly kissed his cheek .
"And will not enter my office if there are clients in there " he said .
"Why ?" I asked .
He pulled me closer and kissed my lip .
" i don't want them see whats mine " he stated .

I smiled and snuggled closer to him resting my face in his neck .
I felt clam ...relaxed ..
I didn't feel nervous.
I liked cuddling up into him .
I want this ..i need him ..
And i forgive him .


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