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Chapter 27 .

I stopped doing whatever i was doing as soon as i heard Roman call for me .
There was moment of silence indicating that he was asking Audrey.
Soon i heard foot steps coming towards the room .

The door open and Roman walked in .
"What are you doing love , someone else will do this ..come on " he said trying me make me stop .
"No ...i want to paint my baby's room ...besides i am not painting the whole room ...just this wall " i stated .
"But you won't be able to reach that high Ava " he said .
I frowned .

"So you think i can't do anything without others help ? " i stated tearing up .
I keep the brush on the table and walked out of the room .
Stupid hormones.
As soon as i reached our room Roman grabbed my hand and pulled me inside .

He slowly pushed me towards the wall and blocked my escape by keeping his hands on either side of me .
"That is not what i ment " he stated
I never replied.
"Ava ....look at me " he said .
"No " i reply looking at the bed .
I want to sleep .
"Baby .." he held my jaw and made me look at him forcefully .

"I am sorry alright. go have you lunch .." he comands .
I rolled my eyes .
"Don't roll your eyes at me love " he said .
"Or what !!??" I shout .
Shit .
My eyes go wide as i regret it .
"I won't be taking this lightly next time Ava ...i'll make sure you get punished " he said .
My eyes went wide .
Was he serious?  .

He kept looking at me untill i finally spoke up .
"P-Punish me ?" I stated .
"Yes " he answered .
"What will you do " i wispered tearing up again .
He pushed himself off me and walked to the bed .
Was he back to his old self now ?
Did he not care about me ?
Was he going to hurt me ?

Suddenly he open my drawer and my mouth hung open .
"What are you .." before i could ask he took my bag of red chilli chips and held it in his hands .
"Doc . Told you not to eat something like this i right ?" He said .
"N-No ...he .didn't. ...give me my chips back !!" I said walking to him .

It was hard enough to get the bag back due to the small baby bump forming .
"Baby ...i don't want you eating this " he said .
"No ...R-Roman .." i said and walked behind him to the door .
"I ...i like those chips " i said .
"They aren't good for you ...Audrey has already prepared you a meal ..go have that " he said .

"Please! !" I said walking down with him
"Audrey" he called .
She came in and looked at me .
I pout at her and she frowned ..
"Don't get her one of these things again " he said throwing them on the table .
"Don't say that " i said walking at them but Roman held me back
"Didn't you get what the doctor say baby eating these things again "
"But why !!!" I wined .

"Sir is right mam shouldn't have these chips ...they are wto spicy for you " she said taking them away .
I clenched my jaw and look at Roman
"I hate you " i said .
I saw how his eyes went wide and he walked to me .
His hands held my elbow pulling me into him but not harshly.
"Take that back " he demanded .
"No " i state .

"Take it back Ava " he said .
I look at him to see anger in his eyes .
I look down and gulped .
"You love me right ?" He asked caressing my cheeks .
I nodded but then again shooked my head realising i was still angry on him .
He sights and pulled me to the chair .
He sat down and pat his lap .

When i didn't do so he grabbed my elbow and pulled me on his lap .
I rub my belly lightly and smiled 
My thrid month started just now ..
I had a different glow on my face which i loved .
"Mam " Audrey came in with my medicines .
I took them before having something all while i was on Roman's lap .

"Hello my dear " Emma came in the dinning room with Ken .
"We brought you something " she said .
"Really " i asked excited and tried to get up .
But the i felt a wram large hand on my belly and on my waist .
Suddenly a different feeling formed in my stomach.
I look at Roman to see him eyeing me .
"Eat " he commands .
I bite my lip and starting eating the lunch .

"Look " Ken said .
She had bought me new clothes which  were light and loose .
"Thank you Ken " i said .
She smiled 
"Darling ....Crystal is coming today to see you "  Emma said .
Oh wow ..
I was kinda missing her company .

I smiled 
"I am going to have some ice-cream " i said and Roman unwrapped his hand around me .
He kissed my forehead before i stood up and walked in the kitchen.
Opening the fridge i look at the 4 flavours i loved the most .
"Hmmm ...what should i have today "
"How many times do you have ice cream a day ?" I look back to see ken cutting a apple .

"Hmm ...i never count " i said taking the chocolate flavour and putting three scoops in my bowl .
"Hey ..umm ..i .." she started speaking and i look at her .
"What ?" I asked .
"He proposed yesterday i said yes and i am in love with him " she blurts it out like a maniac 

I chuckled .
"Congratulations Ken " i said and hugged her .
"Thanks " she smiled .
"Lets go watch a movie !!" I said and she nodded .

"Which one ?" I asked walking in the living room with the bowl of ice cream
"Hmm ..i wanna something like ....Devil wars Parda . " she said .
I searched through the Netflix and found a movie named "The dressmaker " i clicked on it and it started .

"Seems good enough " Ken said .
Soon Emma joined us  .
"Where is Roman ?" I asked ..
"Aww missing your hubby already? " ken said and i blushed  .
"N-Nooo ..i was just asking " i said and went back to eating .
"He is at CAE.Industries ." Emma said .

"Why ?" I asked .
"He said he had some important work .." she replied and nodded  .
Soon we heard someone and i look back to see Crystal.
I stood up and hugged her  .
"Hello there ..oh wow ..soneone is glowing " I chuckled and nodded as she commented .
"Congratulations Ava .." she said giving me a big box wrapped with a bow on top
"Thanks and whats this ? " i replied and asked .
"Something for you " she said 

I sat down with her and opened it .
The box contained everything a too be mon need .
There was also a dress for the coming baby .
I started crying thanking her while everyone cooed me .
"Now ...lets watch the movie cause i am bored " she said .

Audrey brought us something to eat and we made her sit with us 
No matter what movie , i always cried either at the happy ending or at the emotional scene  .
Sooon i felt a bit dizzy and decided to go and sleep .
"I am going to sleep " i said and they nodded .

I walked in our room and sat on the bed sighting.
I was worried about if i will be a good mother or not .
I won't let my baby get hurt .
I am just worried if Roman will hurt him or her .
I don't want him to be harsh on my baby .

But i know he won't  ..
I have to turst him ...since he is the father .
I lay on the bed and close my eyes drifting off of sleep .



"Love " i heard his voice and i turned my head to feel the warmness of my pillow .
I heard a chuckled and a finger on my cheek .
"Wake up baby , you have to eat " he said and i opened my eyes 
The pillow was indeed his chest .
I look up and he kissed my lips 

"Hungry ?" He asked and i nodded .
I sit up slowly and yawn .
My hand unconsciously comes to my belly and i remember the first time i heard my baby's heartbeat 
A smile made its way on my lips and i suddenly received a kiss on them .

"Think about our little? " he asked 
He called the baby little. ..god knows why .
"Why do you call our baby little? " i asked .
"Because its going to be our little ray of light " he said .
I smiled and kissed his cheek .


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