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Chapter 28 .

I opened my eyes as i felt a warm hand rubbing my belly .
I was alarmed at first but relaxed as i saw it was Roman .
"Morning love ..." he said .
What suprised me was he muttered morning to the baby kissing my belly as well .
I sit up and felt hungry .
"I will be back by 3 in the noon ...take care me if something happens ok ?" He said .

His lips kissed me lightly and he waited for my response.
I smiled and nodded .
He walked out the door and i stand up for shower .
I decided not to dry my hair .
Putting on a yellow shirt and white comfortable pants i look at the mirror.

I immediately smiled and i saw how my belly was growing.
My hands found their way on my belly and i paced my plam back and forth on it ..
"Momma is to love you so much ...i won't even stayed mad at you ...because i know you are going to a be a good baby " i said .
"Mummy talking to her baby ?" I looked back to see Emma standing near the door .

For some reason my eyes felt tearing up .
"Hello " i said 
"You must be hungry lets go downstairs. ." She said .
I nodded .
She took my hand and held it untill i reached the last stair .
My nose catched up an amazing smell of pasta and i jumped lightly on the last stair .

Unfortunately i slipped causing Emma to yell out my name .
My hands clutched the railing and i stopped myself from falling .
I let out a heavy breath and closed my eyes shut for a minute and look up to see Emma holding my hand tight and all the three ladies in front of me .
Audrey with a spoon in her hand , Ken and Crystal with a fear look in their eyes

"I am fine " i said smiling ..
Their was a moment of silence.
And then it started .
All of them blurt out .
But the one i catched was Romans name .

"NO !! i am fine ..don't call him .." i said
Ken look at me throught the phone .
"Please "i said
I don't know how mad he will get hearing this .
"You shouldn't do this Ava. " Crystal said

"I am sorry for worrying you guys " i said and sat on the couch .
"What were we suppose to do if you fell huh !? Why did you leave my hand and jumped ? ...oh god ...i am about to die out of a heart attack " Emma scholded me lightly .
"I am sorry " i said .
"I am sorry baby " i said rubbing my belly .

After sometime they all went quite and we forgot the incident.
Well was me who thought they forgot it ...but they didn't.
I ate lunch and look at ken to see her talking on the phone.

"Who is she talking to ?" i asked immediately 
I hope its not Roman ..
If he knows about this ...i am going to die .
"No one Ava your lunch dear " Emma convinced me .
I gave in and ignored the bad vibes i was having of fear

I heard a loud voice and i tensed up on the couch.
"Where is she " He asked .
I heard those loud steps right behind me and i gulped .

My hand rested on my belly and i dared not to look back .
I gulped as i felt his presence behind me .
I want the floor to swallow me up this instance.
"Ava " i went stiff at the anger in his voice .
My breath hitched as he came in front of me .

"I...i..." i couldn't speak .
He kneels down and cups my cheek .
"Are you hurt ?" He ask .
I could see how angry he was .
I shooked my head .
"And why did you jump ?"he asked .
I gulp .
"Love answer me " he said .
"I am sorry " i apologise.
His jaw clenched and his eyebrows forrowed .

"We are moving downstairs " he said and stood up .
"Call up Matt and tell him to arrange everything in the room downstairs " he commanded Audrey and she nodded walking out the living .
I look at Ken and give her a death glare.
I squeak as Roman picked me up bridal style and carried me in our present bedroom .

"Do you not understand how dangerous is it for you to slip and fall !??? ...what if you were hurt huh !??" And he started lecturing me .
I starting crying due to his shouting.
"Ava ....don't cry ..." he stated .
I heard him twich his lips and pick me up setting me on his lap .
He guided my head to rest in the crook of my neck as i sniffed .

"I will get angry if you try stupid things which might hurt you and my little "he stated .
"I love you baby " he said keeping his hand on my belly ..
I nodded lightly .
"Did you eat anything? " he asked
"Yes" i spoke lightly .
I probably am a burden on him ..

"We have a appointment next Friday don't we ?" He asked .
"Did you forget it ?" I asked .
Oh he even forget my appointment.
He is such a bad husband! !
Ya ...he thinks i am such a burden.
I grit my teeth and look at him .
"I never did baby ...i was just confirming it " he said .
"But that means you did forgot it right ?" I said tearing up again in anger

He held my chin looking at me with stern eyes .
"Don't speak such you think i would ?" He asked .
I shooked my head wiping my tears .
"Crying not good for my little and you ,baby for me " he said kissing me .
I smiled immediately.
He is such a good husband.
"I want to eat popcorn " i said .
I heard him chuckled .
I smiled as he kissed me deeply.
I felt myself shiver and i kissed me back deeply .
He pulled back and i kissed his jaw wrapping my arms around his neck

My actions suprised me ...but my hormones never got enough.
"Baby stop " he said and i pulled away .
He doesn't want me now ?
"Its not that i don't want you ..i would give anything to make love to you baby ..but i don't want you and my little getting hurt " he said and kissed me lightly .
"I want popcorn " i said again kissing him back .
Stupid stupid hormones.


"Oh my god Ava ..what are you eating ?" Ken asked
"Popcorn " i stated.
"Filled with caramel, Nutella and cheese? "She taunted .
"Whattt ..i like it  ..wanna try some ?" I asked .
She cringes and shooked her hand negative.
I rolled my eyes and continued eating .

This was the a week in my fifth month. ..and my belly was getting bigger day by day .
I was getting weird cravings ..
One of which was eating chicken with cheese.
I would've cringed of i wasn't pregnant.
But now seemed like a fantasy to me .

Getting  accustom to my round belly was a bit difficult but i managed it either way .
I just want to go and see my baby .
I heard Roman call for me and kept the bowl of popcorn down, grabbed my cardigan and walked out the living room .
It was my appointment day and i was excited to see my baby .

I was deciding whether  to know the gender ..or keep it a suprise .
"What are you thinking? " Roman asked wrapping his arms around me .
He decided not to drive and let Lincin do it .
There was a bodyguard with us everytime we went out .
I didn't like it ..but i had to compromise a bit .

"Should we keep the gender a suprise or do you want to know ?" I asked rubbing my belly .
It seemed to clam me down way more than i thought it would .
It means my little chipmunk loved it as well .
"Whatever your want love " he said .
I pout
So what should i do !??

"I am confused " i said .
I felt a different feeling settled in me as Roman's hand came to my belly .
He rubbed his plam over it lightly and then i felt it .
I gasped and Roman's eyes wide in fear .
"What happened !?? " he asked cupping my cheeks .

I teared up and i noticed how Roman tensed up .
"Step up on the speed " he said but i held his hand and shooked my head smiling.
"Whats wrong.!,? Tell me honey are you hurt ?" He asked .

"Your little kicked for the first time " i reply


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