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Chapter 29

"Woahhh ..." i laughed as my little chipmunk kicked again .
"Whats wrong baby ...." i asked rubbing my belly .
It kicked again causing me to smile .
The only thing this chipmunk responds to is its father's touch or me .

I sat back on the rocking chair and continued reading the book out loud .
They say your behaviour and you surroundings always affect your child .
So i read and learn new things for my baby .
Then i started craving for bananas and i sight.
"Are you hungry now ?...hmm " i said rubbing circles with my palm on my belly .

I stood up with my 7 month old baby and walked out of the room .
Roman shifted us downstairs so that i won't get hurt walking down .
Its was a right decision.
I take the banana ate it still reading the book .
Everybody was out doing their work leaving me and Audrey alone .

Suddenly my hand started to pain and i frowned pressing lightly with the other .
"A-Audery" i call out .
After about a minute it started pain more and tears swell up in my eyes ..
"Whats wrong " she suddenly walked in .
She eyes went wide .
"Hey ...why are you crying ...are you alright " she said walking to me and resting her hand on my shoulder.

"I ..hand just started paining ." I said .
"Oh dear happens " she said and pulled me in our room .
She then slipps on a hand band in on my palm which covered my wrist .
"Better ?" She asked and i shooked my head .
She then rubbed it and massaged it ..
In some time it stopped .
"Thanks " i say sniffing .

"Common ..i'll make you and chipmunk something good to eat " she said .
I nodded smiling .
After having some delicious lasagne i lay back on my bed and watched some Netflix
I could feel my baby missing its dad .

I pick up my phone and dialed Roman's number .
"Love " he answered .
"Chipmunk is missing you " i said .
I heard him chuckle .
"I'll be right there baby " he said and hung up

"Your dad is on his way clam down " i said eating my chips ..
Soon i heard the door open .
Roman walked in and tossed his suit on the couch .
He walked over to me and kissed my lips passionately.
He then sat down beside me caressing my belly .
As soon as his voice was heard the baby kicked .

"My chipmunk loves its dad doesn't it " i said .
"Hmm ..does my little miss me ?" He asked kissing my belly over an over .
It felt so clam and relaxing.
I kept my hands on his and smiled .
"Yes ..a lot " i said ..
He peck me and stood up .
"I'll go have shower then we can sleep " he said but he suddenly stopped .

"Whats that ?" He asked pointing at my hand .
I realised the band was still on my wrist .
"Oh hand was paining a bit a while ago ..Audrey massaged it for me " i explain.
"Why didn't you tell me ?" He asked .
"Oh common ..not like you would come running at me like i died or something. was just a small thing now go and shower " i said turning my head to the T.V .

I gulped a second after realising what i said .
I saw him leaning in as he wispered .
"I am going to eat you up once you bring my little out in this world " my eyes windend and i look at his back entering into the bathroom .
My face was blushed and i suddenly felt like my hormones all over the place .

Well they already are ..soo...

The next month went in me , Emma , Ken and Crystal searching for the names , arranging the room .
"What if you have twins ?" Emma said excited.
I chuckled ..
"No ...i don't ...its just one " i said .
She sighted .
"Aw well time " my eyes went wide .

"W-What do you mean ?" I asked .
Ken chuckles .
"Well ...Roman isn't gonna let you go with just one ...he expects at least two " she said .
Oh god .
I blushed .

"Ava " i heard Roman's voice and i noticed myself getting excited.
Well not me...but my chipmunk.
"Hi " i wisper as he pulls me into a light gentle kiss .
"Why are you still awake ?" He asked
"Umm ..just .." i said and sights .
"Good night mom we are going to sleep " he said and walked to our bedroom with me .

"So ...i though about it but i am still confused " i said looking up at him .
"Hm ?" He hummed in response.
His fingers never stopped rubbing circles on my cheek as we laid facing each other .
The only thing separating us was the pregnancy pillow .

"Emma told me to pick out names ..i thought about it ...and ." I stopped .
"And ?" He gestured me to continue
"Zanthus if its a boy ...and Lucy if girl ...what do you think ...but ...i also liked Claire. .." i said thinking .
But when i got no response i looked up too see him staring at me .
"I think they are perfect " he said and leaned over to kiss my lips and forehead .

I smiled and grabbed his hands as a pain shot in my abdomen.
I sit up and it increases.
Ignoring the calls from Roman i stood up and the pain lessened.
I leave a deep breath and rubb my belly claming myself down .
I never realised Roman was asking me numerous questions holding my hands lightly .

"Its ok ...i was uncomfortable for a sec " i said .
"Don't lie .." he said sternly .
"Ok was just paining a bit ....its gone , i wanna sleep " i said ..
He takes me over to the bed and helped me lay down .
I closed my eyes and felt a soft kiss on my forehead making me smile .

"Wow ...this is cool " Crystal said entering the room .
I and Roman thought of a aqua theme
Blue or pink was too old now .
The closest only had baby clothes since we never knew the gender
So we decided to bring multi coloured clothes.

I put my hands on my back looking through the window .
My eyes went wide and i walked out the room .
"I thought you weren't allowed to go upstairs " i stopped at mid tracks as i heard him say that .
I look down to see Roman with a angry expression.

"I was just showing them our baby's room " i said and took a step down .
He immediately came to me and held my hand till i reached the last stair .
I never wait but just walked to the front door .
"Dad !!" I shout his name and he chuckled .
He pulled me into a light hug kissing my forehead .
"How are you !??" I asked .

"Very well ...and how is my sweet pea and my grandchild ?" He asked .
I chuckled and rubbed my belly sniffing.
"Missing you " i said .
He suddenly handed me a box .
"Belong to your mom ..thought you would like it " he said .
"C-Come in " i said stuttering because he mentioned mom .

He sat on the sofa and Roman came in .
Dad stood up and surprisingly shook his hand with Roman .
I sit down on the comfortable sofa and open the the box ..
I smiled as i saw it .

Mom's ring ...
It was passed down to her by her grandma .
"Mom gave it to her when she was pregnant with you ...for good fortune. ..figured you should have it " he said scratching his head lightly .
"To pass it down to your child ...and to their " he said .

Tears slipped down my eyes .
"I miss mom " i said crying .
Suddenly dad pulled me into a hug .
"Don't cry Ava " he said .
I nodded .
I felt a warm hand go around my shoulder.
"Don't cry love , its not good for our little " he said .
I wipe my tears and nod ..

"You are staying here untill the baby comes right ," i asked .
"I don't know ...i ..i took the day off to see you ..but i have work " he said .
"But dad can't miss the day " i said .
"I won't ...i'll be back next month " he said .
"But ..." i was cut off by Roman .

"I don't want my child's grandfather in too much work now ...don't worry about the work anymore " he said .
My eyes windend and i look at dad .
"Its alright ...i can handle it " he said .
"I insist " Roman stated .
It was better dad getting some time off
He looked stressed .
I want him too be with us when my chipmunk arrives .

"Fine " he said .
After some talked he decided to go .
I insisted on him staying but he said he has some important work ..
But he promised to come next month which was acceptable .

"Love ?" I look at him and smiled .
I let out a breath thinking only 2 months left .
"I want to show you something " he said .
"What ?" I asked .
He took my hand and pulled me in the bedroom .
He slowly started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it off me ..
Walking to my closest he took out a nice full length silky gown with a sweater.

He helped me wear it and ignored my questions.
"Where are we going? " i asked again .
"Somewhere " he said and took my hand pulling me in the car .


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