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Chapter 3

"Congratulations Roman ,Ava .Nice to meet you " one of their family member said .I nodded and smiled .We reached to the party roof 15 minutes ago 

I was wearing a champagne colour form fitting gown with my some strands of my hair tucked behind and decorated with flowers .It was time for dinner and we were still greeted by many guests .Roman rubbed his thumb over my waist and i bite my lip .

"I scared " i confessed .
"You were scared to say yes ? me ?" He said holding my jaw .+I look at him in fear but his eyes softened ."Why ?" He asked .

I look down and open my mouth but nothing came out .
"I.. i don't know " i reply.
"I would've made you mine either way Ava ,you had no choice,  even if you would've said no ,i have my ways to make you talk " i trembled as he started kissing my jaw .

I shut my eyes close .
"Who do you belong to Ava ?" I look at him in disbelief. Tear escaped my eyes as he wipes it .
"ANSWER ME " he demanded ..
"You" i said .

"You are MY wife , my queen , my life , only mine " he said before crashing his lips on mine .
I squirm but he held my waist tight.
"I warn you Ava ....don't resist " He made me sit on his lap while he kissed me deeply .

"Dance with me " Roman  said and gently took my hand .We walked to the floor and people scooted away .The music started and he held my waist tight pulling me into him .Not  wanting to look in his eyes i rest my head on his chest .After a good amount to dance i see my dad ..

"Ava ....its time for the father-daughter dance " i smiled as Emma said that ."What ? she only dancing with me mother " I look at Roman in confusion.Can't he just be nice for once ."Oh no dear are coming with me , let her spend some time with her father " Emma said grabbing Roman's hand .He takes his hand away from her and comes to me .Pulling me towards him by one hand on my waist ..."I will not tolerate you in the hands of anyone else ... understand? " I immediately nodded .

He then walked away ." Ava ?"
"Dad " i smiled as he took my hand and we danced .
"You remember mother ? ...dancing with you on the wedding day ?" I ask ."Oh yes i do ...we danced all night ...she was beautiful " he said .

"We challenged each other ....who can stay quite the most " i raised my eyebrows.
"Of course it was her who started bricking " i laughed out loud ."Really dad " i laughed and he laughed as well .I have to cherish this moment ,I have no hope as to when i will be seeing him again .I smile and look at him ...I wanted this moment to last .. but The beast is always lurking in the back .

"Can i have my wife back ?" I did a good job hiding the fact i was cursing him from inside .He takes my hand and drags me to the dinning table ."What were you laughing about ?"
Why do you wanna know ? I was laughing with my dad ...

"It was on a joke " i state .His hand rested on my thigh and he dig his fingers roughly I tried to stop him but he didn't.
"I...we were just taking about my mother " i confessed .His fingers suddenly stopped .

"Wasn't that hard now was it ? ...still you wish to take the hard way " Roman stated ..I glared at him but he chuckled .He leans in and kisses my ear making me shudder.
"I suggest you don't show me that attitude if you you don't want me to go rough tonight "

Shit .

I look at him in fear and he kept his hand on mine and brought it on his thigh .
"Eat baby ...we have a lot to do after this " i blushed as the person beside us heard that .
Thank god it was only Ken .We sat in a black car and Roman took the driver's seat ."W-Where are we going? " i asked ."Eager are we ?" I blushed furiously. "Just asking " i said ."We are going to My private Island "

What ?

"Island?" I repeat. "Yes love ...why ? don't like it ?" He asked .No ..i love it ,Its you who is don't like to go with .."You want to change ?" He asked .I look at my dress .It will be uncomfortable for a flight .I nodded but then i realise he was driving. "Umm ..Y-Ya ." I said .He never replied just drove to his mansion.We stepped in ..there was no one in the house .Taking off my shoes which we too uncomfortable i started walking towards the stairs.

A gasp left my mouth as Roman picked me up and carried me up to our room .He puts me down as walked to the closet .I saw him taking his shirt of and tossing it in the basket with the suit ..I make my way to the bathroom and take a shower ...The water droplets hit my skin as i sight .I was about to close the shower when i gasped out loud ."Shhhh .." i brought my hand to my chest  .

"Its just me sweetheart " he said .
I closed my eyes and he started kissing my neck ..I was suddenly slammed on the wall behind as he kissed me roughly. He brought his hand on my butt and lifted me up to straddle him .I moaned as he sucked on my nipple and bit into my skin .I never realised we were on the bed with me under him ."R-Roman ...i...i " i couldn't speak as he kissed my sweet spot and rubbed his fingers over my breasts .

I arch back as his fingers entered me and he pulled them back and forth faster .I soon came and felt my body heated ."R-Roman ..s-st ..mmm " his lips met mine as he entered me .

I arch back as shocks were going down my body .He slammed into me faster making me scream.He pulled out and flipped me over ."On your fours " he said calmly .I did as he said .Why did i obey him ?He slammed into me from the back kissing my neck .His hand brought my hair to a side as his lips left wet kissed down my neck .I let out a scream as he slapped my ass cheek .

But a muffled moan escaped my lips as he slammed into me faster .I bit my lip and moan loud as i cum ..Soon i felt something hot inside me .Roman flipped me over and kissed my neck sucking on it ..My hands unconsciously wrapped around his neck and other in his hair .He kissed my collar bone and i whimpered as it stings He bites my skin below the collar bone making my thighs tight .

I heard him groan and i shiver ."You want me to repeat baby ?" I shook my head and moan as he grinds himself on me ."What was that then ?" He stated and entered me once deeper and i moaned yet again .Why is he torturing me ?? 

He is taking advantage of my weakness .Worst .I never protest ..Because i know he gives me pleasure. I must look like a slut .Tears form in my eyes .I feel pleasure from him ..heartless man ...who almost killed my father.And i didn't ever protest ..He looked at me and his face went alarmed ."Ava ? ...why are fuck are you crying !!!?" Tears flow from my eyes as i look at him .He pulled out and cupped my cheeks ."Did i go to harsh ?" I shook my head surprised by his words .He cares for me ? Does he ? Maybe i am just imagining .

"Then ?" He said with his eyes full of rage ."A-Are you angry ?" I asked ..
He kissed my lips ."I  am not tell why are you crying? " .I can't tell him that ...I will never tell him that ..I am too scared for his reaction.

"I-i ..just ..i ..."
What should i say !??? He will look through my lie in no time !He kept looking at me ..
"Its j-just a bit pain .." i said ..It was the least i could come up with .

"Where ?" He said sitting up and pulling me on his lap .My thighs did pain ..
I look at them to see red finger marks on them .Roman trailed kissed on my neck rubbing my thighs ..He picked me up and took me the shower .

"Tell me if it pains again ..." he said brought me out and sat me on the bed  .Walking to his closet he came out with only jeans and one of my dress with my undergarments .

I stood up ready to take them from him but he stopped me .His hands unwrapped the towel around me and he knelt down .His finger tapped my foot gesturing me to lift it up .He slides up my underwear and i shiver as his hands touch my core .He does the same with my bra and dress.

"Are you hungry ?" I shook my head .His hands wrapped around my waist .
"Are you sore ?" I blushed deep red biting my lip .

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