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Chapter 30 .

"Where are we going ? " i asked .
"Its a surprise beautiful " he said .
He went from love to baby to love to beautiful.
Wow .
Ok .
Suddenly we pulled up in front of a big house.

I look at him confused.
Is it where his aunt lives who wants to see us ?
Wait he doesn't have a aunt ..
Where are we !??
He took my hand and slowly guided me to the front door where a man was standing.
He bowed his head and handled Roman a card

Roman handed them me .
"What ?" I asked .
"Open " he stated .
I walked forwad and looked at the recognition box .
Swiping the card i heard a beep .
"Put your thumb on it " he said coming behind me .
I did .
Then it asked for a password.
"What do you want to keep ?" He asked .

"Who's house is this ?" I asked  .
"Someone dear to me " he replied.
I bite my lip and type his birthday in it .
Then i heard another beep and the screen said accepted.
He then pressed his thumb and entered the same password.

The door opened on its own .
I look at Roman and he took my hand entering the house .
I was greeted by a big hall com . living room .
The lights brightended and i look up to see the furniture and celeing posh mordern .

I kept looking forward as Roman wrapped his hands around my belly kissing my neck .
"Who's house is this ?" I asked 
"I already said it ...someone dear to me " he said .
"Why does it have my thumb print over it ?" I asked
"Because that someone dear to me is only you and our little " he said kissing my forehead .

I look at him in utter shock as he kissed my lips .
"Wh-What do you mean ?" I asked .
I am confused. .no i am not .
I can't accept it ...just can't.
He chuckled .
"Its our home baby " he said kissing my cheek and his lips linger on my cheek for a minute and he pull away .

I look around at the big mordern entrance.
"This ...this is ..our home ?" I asked .
"Yes ..this is my gift to you, my wife ...out of love and happiness  ." he said 
I chuckled out of happiness wiping my tear .
And look down at my belly .
"Look little chipmunk. ...daddy gifted me something. ....and i love it ..your daddy is a good ,very good man " i said .
I felt a kick and i chuckled again receiving a peck on my forehead ..

"Thank you " i said .
"Thank you ...for believing in me and giving me a chance ...and for giving me a family which i though i would never have " he said .
I smiled as he wiped my tears .
"Don't cry baby ...this is all for you " he said .
I wanted to kiss him and hug him tight .

But i couldn't because of my big belly .
But it didn't stop  Roman he leaned in and kissed my belly before kissing me passionately .
"I'll show you the ground floor  ....since i won't take you up .." he said
"Why !!??" I asked .
"I won't let you walk up and down my love " he said .
I nodded understanding.

"The furnishing is done ...just has to be filled with groceries and stuff ...but i think we should wait untill our little grows a bit .." he said
"Untill everything settles down after your delivery ..probably  in 4  months ..till you get normal " he said and i nodded 
"Its perfect " i said .

We sat on the sofa and he pushed it back to make it more comfortable for me .
Wow the sofa goes back .
"I thought i would show you this after my little comes in this world..but i couldn't help myself " he said .
"I loved it ...a lot " i said and kissed him softly .

"As for our baby little will love his or hers room ." He said .
"Its the same as mummy designed it " he said .
I smiled and i felt myself clam down and relax .
"Your little loves to hear your voice " i stated .
He chuckled and kissed my belly .
"Hmm .." he hummed 

"Daddy loves your mommy so much .." he said kissing it
"He will always cherish and love her .." he said kissing it again
I run my hands through his hair and he looked at me .
"Lets just stay here for sometime .." i said and he nodded .



"Ooo ..this one is cute .!!" Crystal said
"Open this one Ava " Ken said handing the box to me .
We had received numerous gifts from Roman's relatives as well as mine ..
The first ones i opened was from dad .
He gave me three ..
One was the clothes the second were toys and third one was plushies.
I love them .

"Oh my look at these use to play with me with these " i said showing him a toy .
He chuckled and took it from me ..
"You actually broke one of these making her mad " he said and everyone burst out laughing. .
I took the car from him and kept it in the toy box .
"Wait you used to play with cars ?" Crystal asked .

"Oh believe me ..she used to play with anything ..and then break it " dad said .
I narrow my eyes at him but he simply laughed.
The place dipped beside me and i instantly knew it was Roman .
He rubbed my shoulder and kissed it .

I open a new box and saw a blue and green baby dress .
"Look at this " i say showing it to Roman .
He rested his hand on the head on the sofa behind me and took it by his other hand .
"Its cute " i said .
"Hmm is " he said kissing my ear .

I chuckled and folded the other clothes .
"Oh my !! Maria actually gifted you dipers !!! " Emma said laughing.
We all burst out laughing as well as Roman .
I leaned forward to grab another box but Roman rested his hand on my belly gesturing me to stop .

He took the box and handed me .
"Thanks " i said and opened it .
Awwww ...
Sooo cute .
It was a soft fluffy pickachu.
"Hehe " i chuckled keeping it on my belly .
Surprising it stayed .
Roman chuckled looking at my actions.
"I really like pikachu ..i am keeping this to my self ...chipmunk. .mommy is taking your toy " i said and held to my chest .

It was so soft and cute .
"stealing my little's toys ?" Roman asked .
"I am borrowing " i said .
He chuckled again .
"Shh ..don't tell my chipmunk " i said and i heard giggles from everyone.


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