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Chapter 31

"The doc . will be here in an hour " Roman said unbuttoning his shirt with one hand .
I nodded and look back at my belly rubbing it .
"I want chicken " i said .
Roman stopped right there and looks back at me raising his one eyebrow .
"What ?" I asked .
He simply chuckled rubbing his forehead .

"You just had a sandwich " he said and walked out the room with only his jeans.
So .
I had a sandwich..... so ? .
Stupid .
He then came back and and sat beside me .
"Wait for some time ok " he said .
I pout .
But i want now !!!
He kissed my pout and i kissed back .
His hand rested on my belly as he left light kissed on my head .

In some time Emma came in with a tray .
I immediately smiled .
She kept the tray on the bed table in front of me .
"Chicken? Really ?" She taunted .
"Whatttt ? ...its .." i took a bite "not me .." i took another " its my chipmunk " i said taking a bite again .

I heard both Roman and Emma  sight .
I ate the whole thing and stood up to wash my hands .
As soon as i walked in the bathroom Roman came beside me .
"Can't i get one minute alone ?" I asked .

"No " he simply replied.
"Whyyy !??" I asked .
"Because its your last month. ..i can't let go for a sec " he said .
What if you have to poop !?? Huuh ?
Will you ask me to sit with you !??
Stupid .
I'll keep that to myself .
I sight and walk out .

After sometime the doctor came and checked me up .
"Due date 4th Jan right sweetie? " she asked and i nodded
Just one freaken day left ...
I am scared as hell
"What did you eat since last night ?" She asked .
"Pasta , sandwiches, chicken , fruits " i blushed as Roman said that .

The doc. laughed .
"Seemes there is no problem ...ok now ,after your water breaks, if you have immediate contractions contact us , and if you have none then wait untill 4 to 5 hours ...if you don't at all you have to be brought at the hospital immediately " she explained.
"As soon as her water breaks note the time and colour of the fluid ..and if you have cramps " she said looking at everyone .

I wet my lips with my tongue and look at my belly .
"I had cramps this morning. ." I said .
I noticed Roman's hand on my shoulder go tight .
He is mad now since i never told him .
"Where ?" She asked .
"Back pain .." i said .
"Its normal many have numbness during contractions ..but ..thats normal " she said noting things down .

I bite lip getting a bit scared 
Shit !!!!
I am due fucken 4th Jan .
Oh shit !!
I am scared as shit .
I felt Roman's hand rubbing up and down my back claming me down .
He kissed my cheeks .
"I'll escort you out " Emma said and the doctor nodded smiling at me .

She squeezed my hands once before saying bye .
I hope she is the one during my labour.
I don't want anyone else ..
"You want to sleep ?" Roman asked .
I nodded .


I woke up and yawned .
I slowly sit up and saw the time was 10 at night .
I huffed and walk out the room to see everyone sitting in the living room .
"What are you guys doing ?" I asked .
I noticed ken go stiff .
I look at them suspiciously .

"R-Roman ?" I asked as he walked to me .
He grabbed my hand and walked me to the sofa .
"Nothing love ...we were deciding something on our anniversary "
Huh ?
Its ...

"Its in 3 months. ..why now ?" I asked .
"Because we will be busy with our baby and your health. .." he stated .
I nodded and was about to sit down when something wet slids down my leg
I stood straight and my eyes went wide .
"What is this love ?" He asked .

"My water broke " i said .
He looks at me with his mouth hung open .
"Oh my god !!! My grandchild is coming " Emma said half jumping .
I tried to smile but then the water ran between my legs again .
"Bring me a towel will you " i requested and Audrey rushed out ti get one .
Roman made me sit on the sofa and kissed my forehead .

"Here the doctor is on the phone " Crystal.
"Thanks " i said .
"Hello Ava...when did your water break ?" She asked .
"Just now " i said
"Ok ...are you having any contractions ?" She asked .
"No " i said .
My mind was still a bit blur ..
I never knew what was going on .
"Ok us if you get steady contractions in some time alright. ." She said .
I nodded but realised i had to speak .
The phone was taken away by Roman and he spoke on the phone
"You ok ?" Ken asked .
"I ..i wanna pee " i said and she chuckled .


Its been an hour and i starting to get contractions. ..
But they look mild .
"Oh god " i exclaimed as i felt them coming again .
I fisted my hand in Roman's and took in deep breath.
Then it went away and i released a deep sight .
"Are you having cramps ?" He asked and i shooked my head .

"Its time " Emma said taking my hand .
We slowly walked to the car and Roman got in beside me pulling me into him .
"I am with you ok ...don't be scared " he said noticing how fazed i was .
The pain started again and i squeezed my eyes shut and bite my lip .

"Oh god " i wispered .
"Shh " Roman started cooing me lightly .
The car was silent and i was thankful for that .
Having people talking besides you when you are in pain is more irritative .
I did as the doctor instructed me to .
I took in deep breaths .
"Roman " i wisper as it started hurt badly and my contractions started coming frequently.

"Its ok i got you " he said kissing my forehead .
I hope i'll be able to make it .
Mom please be there with me .


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