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Chapter 32 .

"Ok one last time ...push push push " she said and pushed harder 
The heard the beep sound go high .
"Is everything ok ?" I heard Roman ask .
"Ya don't worry about it ..ok Ava try harder ...almost there " she said and tightened my hold on Roman's hand and pushed with all my strength.

"Go again " she said and i took and deep breath and pushed .
"Ahh " i felt my plams go sweaty and all the blood draingning from my brain .
"Thats it thats it ..good ..good ...push again sweetie ..almost there " she encouraged me and i took in deep breath and pushed for a long time untill heard a cry .

"Thats it did go " she said .
I felt my body go numb but i never missed the small cries of my baby .
"Its a healthy baby girl "my heart rejoiced as i heard it .
The nurse unbuttoned me and placed my little chipmunk on my bare chest .
"Oh my god ...oh my god " i said looking at her .
"She is beautiful " Roman said kissing my forehead .

I was in labour for 7 hours ...but it was all worth it .
"Lucy ..." Roman wispered kissing her small head .
Tears formed in my eyes and hold her close to me bouncing her lightly .
The nurse was checking up on her as i held her close .
She eyes were so mesmerising.
"She has your eyes " i wispered to Roman .

He smiled and wispered a thankyou to me .
"My little." he said .
"Will you do the honour of cutting the cord ?" The doctor asked .
Roman nodded and he kissed my lips cutting the cord .
"Do you want to giving your baby her first bath ?" The nurse asked .
"Ya " Roman said

I hand him my baby lucy and i saw it .
The love , care , attachment in his eyes for her .
He looks at me and smiles .
I smiled back .
"Ok you have to push again "
Bitch WHAT ??
"W-What ?" I asked .
"Your don't have to apply much pressure just for the placenta to move out " she said .
Say what !??
Oh my lord .
Not again .

I wimpered as i push and immediately saw Roman go stiff .
"What going on ?" He asked .
"She has to push the placenta out .." the nurse told him .
I saw worry in eyes but i ignore it and pushed with all the strength left in me .
"Ok ..done " i felt a sharp pain down there .
"Ahhh..." i wimper

"Ok ...good .." she said .
I leaned on the pillow and let out a finally breath .
They brought Lucy in my arms again and Roman sat down beside me .
"Ok ..will be back in half an hour to check the pluse " she said .
I nodded rocking my baby .
She started crying and i knew she was hungry .

"Out "Roman commanded the others .
They all walked out and he help me get the gown .
I pulled lucy to my chest and she started drinking
"I love you " Roman stated .
"I love you too " i reply .
My chipmunk soon fell asleep and i closed my eyes not bothering to let her go or cover myself .

Roman was there with me ...there was no worry .


"Lucy " Emma called lightly kissing her .
"She is beautiful " Dad said .
"She indeed in " Darren said .
I sight and saw the nurse walk in with my food .
"Thank you " i said and had some water .
"We'll be back ..have some food and rest ok " Emma said and handed lucy to Roman .

He held her with extreme care and delicately bounched her .
She turns to me and kept looking at me .
"Hmm ? " i called smiling at her .
I saw her smiled and then look at Roman .
After having the food i took Lucy in my hands .

"I have to fill some forms right back " Roman said kissing my forehead and walking out .
Thats when Ken walked in .
"Hey ..." she chirped .
"Waohhhh ....she ..sooo tiny !!" I chuckled .
"Wanna hold her ?" I asked and she nodded .
She eyes twinkled as she held Lucy .
"Will you do the honour of being her godmother? " i asked .

She looks at me in suprise
"Seriously! ??? ..of course. .ohhh little lucy " she sang .
I let out a sight .
"I brought you some clothes go shower " she said and i nodd .
I slowly got up from the bed and walked in the shower .
Thank god Lucy was asleep .
She won't let me go even for a minute.

I stripped out of my clothes when i heard a knock on the door .
"Its me babe ...let me in " he said .
I sight and open the door letting him in .
"You want me to shower with you ?" He asked .
I bite my lip and nodd .
He chuckled and stripped .
He help me wash all the stickyness from my body .
I was glad he was with me since i had no strength in me .

He dressed us up and picked me up carrying me to the bed 
The sheets were already fresh and the he sat with me in his lap .
"When can i get out ?" I asked .
"Not untill your body is back to normal ...they will discharge you in 2 days " he explained.
I heard my baby cry amd i immediately look over to Ken .
She walked over and handed me Lucy .

"I'll go and bring some food for you " she said and walked out .
I feed Lucy resting my head on Roman's chest .
"My baby " Roman wispered kissing my head .
"Hmm ...look how she looks at me with those big eyes ..cute " i said .
"Hmm .." Roman hummed  .
Lucy pulled back and i pulled her close .
She small hand rested on my collar bone .

She screamed and i frowned.
"Shhhh baby go to sleep ...mumma is tired " i winned .
She then laughed and i sight .
"Whats wrong? " Roman asked .
"I know she won't sleep now ...this little chipmunk already slept for an hour ...great you want me to entertain you huh ?" I said kissing her forehead 

She laughed again .
Roman caressed her small head and we sat there in each others arms till i felt my eyes heavy .
"My little is going to be just like her mother. ..kind and caring ..and beautiful " Roman said .
I look at him and kissed him deeply as he kissed back .
I rest my face in his chest and closed my eyes .


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