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Chapter 33

" I am finally getting discharged " i said in a sleepy tone .
Ken chuckled .
"Ya ...finally the way we saw your new house , its soo beautiful " she said
"Thanks " i replied.
I noticed Lucy stir a bit on my chest and i look down to see if she was comfortable.

I sight and put my one hand down with the other still on her small back .
"Sleep Ava " ken said amd i nodded .
"Should i take her ?" She asked .
"No its ok ..i want to sleep with her " i said and put my resting hand on her head .
Ken nodded and kissed her head before walking out .

I felt Lucy being lift from my chest and i immediately got stiff ..
I was too tired to open my eyes but i managed to slightly open them .
I relaxed and i saw it was Roman .
He held her by his one hand and leaned in to kiss my lips .
I closed my eyes again when i felt him pulling the covers up above my chest .

I heard Lucy cry a little .
I decided to keep my eyes close and just lay there.
"Shh little. ..don't want mummy to wake up " he said in hushed voice .
"Lucy ...i know you won't understand me ...but daddy has been very bad to your mummy " he said ..
I turned my attention to his voice .
"And i am sorry for that " he said .
I opened my eyes and looked at him .

But he didn't seem to notice me awake .
"I am going to protect her and you " he said kissing her head .
The way he handle Lucy was something i could never imagine the first time i met him .
His curel personality didn't match his behaviour with me or our little chipmunk  .

I smiled inwardly at him .
I couldn't change him by my self , so the god have me my daughter. help me .
I sight and he looks up .
"Hey .." he said standing up .
He puts Lucy in the crib and walked over to me .
He sat down beside me and laid a soft kiss on my lips .
"When are we going home ? ...i am so done with this room now " i said .
Roman chuckled and kissed my forehead .

"I want to show you something. "
Don't tell me you bought something else now !
"What ?" I asked .
He started unbuttoning his shirt .
"W-What are you .." i spoke but he removed it anyway .
I lift my upper half and gasped as i saw bandage wrapped around his shoulder to his elbow .
"What happened? Roman !!?" I panicked.

He chuckled again and kissed my cheeks .
What is this man laughing about !!??
"You are hurt and you are laughing! ??" I said .
"I am not hurt babygirl " he said 
He slowly takes off the bandage reveling his hand ? .
What is that ?

As he kept opening it .
My mouth hung open as i saw the tattoo on his shoulder till his elbow .
"What !?" I wispered .
"It has your and my little's for it " he said sitting beside me .
When did he do this !??
He must done this day before yesterday since he went out .

I trace my fingers lightly on his arm and saw Lucy name carved and then mine .
I look at him in complete awe .
"Wow " i wispered .
The tattoo covered till his front forearm and was full of patterns.
Our name was visible just on his bicep .
"Did it hurt ?" I asked .
"No " he said .
Of course it did Ava .

"Its amazing " i said and he leaned in kissing my lips .
"Ava ..dear ...OH MY GOD !!"  I slightly jumped at Emma's voice .
"When did you do this ?" She asked walking to Roman .
"Day before yesterday " Roman replied.
"Wow ...oh look ..your name . "Emma said .

She chuckled and went over to Lucy .
"Oh my ....did you change her diper ?" Emma asked .
I look at Roman .
"What ?" He asked .
"She was with you ....i was asleep " i said .
He bit his lip and sat beside me .
I look at him .
What is he doing ?
Roman leans in and kisses my cheek .
"Please do it for me mom " he said kissing my neck .

I pull away and glare at him .
"Its ok , I'll do it " i said.
"No..." Roman said .
"Its ok dear ...i'll do it " Emma said and picked her up .
I sight and shooked my head  .
"I'll get you a dress to wear " he said and stood up .

After dressing up i quickly apply some lotion on my face and brushed my hair .
I heard Lucy cry and walked out .
"Whats wrong with my chipmunk " i said taking her from Emma's hand .
"She is hungry " Emma stated i nodded .
"I'll feed her so that she falls asleep ..tell Roman we'll leave in some time " i said .
She nodded and walked out .

I quickly unbuttoned my dress from top and unclipped my bra .
Good thing i got the ones which unclip from from front
Lucy stopped crying and started drinking.
Uurrghh boobs hurt !!

The door open and i leaned forward to grab the blanket but stopped as it was Roman .
He tucked his hands in his jeans and walked to me .
"Is she asleep already? " he asked .
I down and shooked my head .
This little chipmunk won't sleep till she is full .

He sighted and kept the car keys on the table and his phone rang .
He sat down beside me and rested his arm on the head of the bed leaning back .
"What" he asked in the same harshness .
His voice was seemed cruel when we talked on the phone .
Why is he like that ?

After some time lucy fell asleep with her mouth still on my nipple and chuckled lightly .
Jesus ..this girl .
I slowly pull her away and was about to keep her down on the bed when Roman stopped me .
He hung up and kept his phone down taking her from me .
I button up my dress and wore a cardigan over it .

He walked to the sofa and kept her in the baby seat .
He then took a small blanket from my baby bag and covered her before buckling her up .
We walked out with him carrying Lucy .

As soon as i step out i sight .
Finally ...i can breath the fresh air .
I sat in the backseat with my chipmunk as he drove .
As we entered i saw dad and hugged him .
"Go take rest " he said and i nodded .
"We'll play with your chipmunk for a while " Ken said .
"I have her dipers in this bag ...and if she doesn't stop crying check her back cause she might have irritation if she still cries bring her to me " i said .
Ken nodded and i walk in the room amd immediately fell asleep on the bed .

I woke up as i heard a voice  and i immediately knew who it was .
I open my eyes to see Lucy next to me with Roman asleep .
I turned over and peck her nose .
She kept looking at me and yawned .
I smiled .

Roman woke up and looked at me .
I slightly blushed as he was only in his boxers .
When will I stop blushing on such acts !??
He kisses my lip and then Lucy and closed his eyes again falling asleep .

I chuckled .


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