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Chapter 34

She lets out a cry and i look over to my left .
I sighted and stood up .
Taking my 2 month old chipmunk in my arms i slowly rock her back and forth .
We decided to move to our new house today since i couldn't wait any longer.

But Lucy just won't stop crying .
She hid her face in my neck and her small hands fisted on my neck .
"Whats wrong baby ?" I asked cooing her .
"Shhh .." i hushed her and walked to the rocking chair sitting on it .
I already fed her why is she crying ?
Suddenly her cries died down and i sight .

Just as i was about to put her down she started crying again .
"Oh god Lucy ...mummy has to pack ..we are moving in our new house now " i said and kissed her tummy making her leave a cute giggle.
I huffed .
I walk out in the living room to see Roman talking to Lincon .
He looked at me and smiled .

He lips pecked my forehead and he pulled me to sit beside him .
After some talk with Lincon on his company Lincon smiled at Lucy and walked out .
"Please hold her , i have to pack her stuff " i said .
He takes lucy from my hand .
I noticed her hand extend for me but as soon as she saw Roman she stopped it .

Putting her clothes and wipes in the bag i walked out to see Lucy asleep on Roman's chest while he texted on the phone .
I smiled and walked ahead 
The butler took the big bag from me .
"Should we go ?" He asked and i nodded .
The butler was about to take my handbag when i shooked my head .
"Let him love " Roman said .
"No ..i will need it .." i said .
He nodded and walked out with me .

They contain her diapers..but also my chocolates .
I need to feed my body since someone just gets too hungry easily
I think looking at Lucy .

We sat in the backseat as Lincon drove us .
Roman pulled up the partition between the driver's seat and back seat .
"Let me " i said and took my chipmunk in my hand .
I trace my fingers on her cheeks and she curled her fingers on my pinky .
So adorable.

I notice Roman taking out his laptop and working .
I never interrupted as i know he has been off his work for me .
Suddenly Lucy started crying and i frowned .
I tried to feed her my milk by bottle but she refused.
"Shhhh ...shhhh ..what is it my chipmunk " i cooed.

"Why don't you turn the tab on .." Roman suggested.
I did and showed her some kindergarten music ...i sight in relief as she stopped crying but...wasn't for long untill she started crying again .
"What happened ...shh baby lets see if we can find some new videos " i said and scroll through the YouTube when i accidentally tapped on a K-Pop music.

I was about to go back but Lucy stopped and giggled .
Huh ?
I look at the screen to see a k-pop song .
She kept looking at it .
Well ..guess its k-pop then .
I leaned back and let her see it .
Then again she started crying when it ended .

Oh god !!!

I scroll through some k-pop videos and saw a grp name BTS on which she giggled.
Well ...whatever she wants .
I clicked on some song and Lucy kept watching it .
Is she going to see k-pop now ?
Not like i care ...untill she cries .
But alright.

I felt a head on my shoulder and look down to see Roman .
I smiled as he kissed my shoulder and closed his eyes .
After some time i started watching k-pop songs with my chipmunk. ...i must say ...impressive.
I am just glad she isn't crying .
I hate to make her addictive to phones and tablets. ...but if she stops crying then so be it .

We walked in with Roman carrying my chipmunk.
Our luggage was already settled long time ago .
Our bedroom had a white and gray theme .
Lucy's bedroom was attached to ours
Roman laid her on our bed and sighted removing his t-shirt.

I quickly took a shower and walked out to see both father and daughter sleeping .
Seriously ? 
I have to wake lucy up or she won't sleep at night and then Roman because its already dinner time .
"Roman " i called .
He hummed but never opened his eyes .
"Its dinner time ....wake up " i said picking chipmunk up and trying to wake her

"What time is it ?" He asked in a husky voice and i blushed thinking what he said back in the hospital.
"Uh ..." i look at the watch "7" i reply
He sat up and ran his hands through his hair .
"Wake up my chipmunk " i said in a baby voice .
Roman kissed my forehead and walked out the room in just his sweatpants.

I know Audrey won't be there since she is already asleep ...but...shouldn't he wear something? 
"Wake up choco pie " i said .
She open her eyes and made a crying face
"Shhh ...don't cry baby " i said and walked downstairs with her .
She stopped making the cry face and reached her hand to my mouth ..

I chuckled and kisses her cheeks walking in the kitchen 
I saw Roman pouring orange juice amd he handed me one .
"Thank you " i said and sat down .
Keeping Lucy on the table she  kept quite i ate as much as i could .
I know i will be hungry as soon as i feed her .

All i am doing is eating and feeding .
As soon as i was full i stood up but a hand stopped me .
"Where are you going ?" He said .
I took a bite of the carrot in my hand
"I have to change chipmunk's clothes and diaper " i said .
He stood up and picked her up slowly
"Eat , i'll do it " he said .
I raised my eyesbrows as he walked upstairs.

He will ?
Can he change her diapers ? .
Is he sure ?

I sat back down and started to eat again .
Soon Roman came down with lucy  .
She giggles as reached out to me .
"You want mummy ?"  I asked and took her from Roman's hand ..
He kissed me and we sat in the living room watching T.V

Not less than an hour later i realised how we were sitting.
Lucy was Roman's face with her legs on my stomach  .
She started hitting him and giggled .
I hissed internally as she slapped him with her small hands and he hissed loud .
"What are you doing ?" He said ..

I bite my lip in order to stop laughing.
Roman picks her up and kept her on his chest closing his eyes again ..but she crawled to his face and started hitting him again .
Thats when i lost and i burst out laughing.

"You think this is funny ?" He asked and i stopped still chuckling lightly
"What is going on with you my little " he said and picked her up stretching his arms to hold her above .
"Daddy will get mad at you if you won't stop " he said .
I bit my thumb amd chuckled how lucy moved her legs and her arms trying to reach his face .

"Mummy will get mad if you scratch me " he said looking at me .
I won't actually.
"You will right ?" He asked and chuckling shaking my head no .
I saw him raise his eyebrow.
He kept her down in her crib and hovered over me but without applying any pressure.

"You want me to get hurt ?" He said sternly .
Not if its from my chipmunk .
I never replied.
He rested his head in my neck and kissed my soft spot .
I moaned as he sucked it and kissed the swollen area of my breasts .
I fisted my hands in his hair but heard Lucy scream.

Roman immediately got up and looks at Lucy .
He picked her up and rocked her back and forth 
I bite my lip as my body still shivered due to him .
He looks at me and leaned in to kiss me .
Our lips touch and he deepen it only hear Lucy cry again .
I pulled away and looked at her .

"Whats wrong with her ?" Roman asked .
I know exactly whats wrong .
I smirked and kissed his cheek but she kept her hand on my chin in order to pull me back ..
Jealous little chipmunk ?
I chuckled .
Roman still looked confused
I leaned in and kissed his chin when she screamed again .

"Aww don't like us kissing ?" I asked and she screamed again .
I heard Roman chuckled and bring her close to him kissing her cheeks .
"She is jealous "he said and i laugh out loud .

My little jealous chipmunk.


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