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Chapter 35 .

"Ok just watch her " i said typing through my cell for k-pop music
"Whats going on ?" Crystal asked i look at her and smiled .
"Sit down ..."ken said and she did .
I search for chipmunk's favourite song and click on it .
The video starts on the T.V and i chuckled as lucy suddenly she turned around.

She look at the screen.
The song start and she kept looking at it .
"What is this song ?" Ken asked .
"Its a k-pop song ...umm ..BTS 'Go' just look at her " i said
As soon as the drop came Lucy started moving around laughing
We all laugh looking at her .
She banged her hand on the cushion she was on in excitement.
"Oh my god !!! She is cute did get addicted to k-pop music ?" Crystal asked .

"I accidentally clicked on it once and then she never looked back on English songs again " i said .
Ken chuckled and kissed her head .
"Are you done setting things in this house " Ken asked .
"Ya ....last month actually " i said .
They nodded .

I lean back on the sofa and look at Lucy still laughing looking at the screen .
"Yolo yolo yolo yo ..were my money at .." i sang
Ken looks at me .
"Since when do you sing Korean songs " she asked .
"What ...its the fifth time chipmunk is listening to this song ...of course it will get in my head " i said .
Ken grinned .
"And ...when i sing kindergarten song to her ...she starts crying. ..her jumping starts when i sing this  to her " i said .
They laughed .
"Dame Lucy are something " ken said .

"Oh ya ...Ava " ken said and stood up .
She pulled something from her bag and gave it to me .
I took it from her and open the card
My mouth hung open .
"You are getting married ??" I asked in excitement
She chuckled and nodded .
I stood up and hugged her .
"I am so happy for you " i said .

"Thanks " she said .
"You knew ?" I asked crystal.
She nodded .
"Ya ...just today " she said .
I chuckled .
"Lets make some cupcakes and eat something ! !" I said .
"Umm .. ..Ava ...we just had lunch " crystal said .

Oh ..

"Oh ...well ..i have to feed my stomach. .." i said and walked out to the kitchen.
I felt so exhausted and hungry after feeding my chipmunk.
I take the pizza and ate it .
After some bite of cake crystal brought for us i walk to the living room where Ken was playing with Lucy

Lucy kept playing with her toy until we heard the living room door open .
Lucy looked up and a smile made its way on her face .
I look at the door to see Roman .
Lucy started jumping in excitement and stretched her arms for him to pick her up .
"What is my little doing ?" He stated picking her up
She laughed and he kissed her .

"We should get going now " Ken said .
I nodded .
"But there for my dress selection " she said and i chuckled nodding .
They walked out and i take lucy's toys and toss them in her big playing area .
"Did you miss me hmm ?" He said kissing her tummy making her giggle

"Should i get you lunch ?" I asked
He nodded and kissed my cheek before sitting on the couch with his little.

I walked over to the kitchen to see Audrey settings his lunch .
"Its ok , you can go and rest ..i will handle it " i said .
Even she was exhausted by taking care of me and helping me with lucy .
She smiled .
"By the way ...lets make cupcakes for everyone tomorrow " she said and i nodded smiling.

I take his lunch in the living room .
He laid her in her crib and walked over to me .
I turned off the T.V as he sat and leaned back on the couch.
"Did you eat ?" He asked and nodded .
He ate and stood up walking in the kitchen.
I look over to see my chipmunk asleep .
Huh ?

"She slept ?" I asked to myself .
"She did " Roman answered
He started unbuttoning his shirt ..
Wow ...
Thank god she is .
"Lets go upstairs baby " Roman said picking Lucy up .

We walked to our room and he puts Lucy in her crib walking in the bathroom.
I sight and started undressing myself .
I was half way of pulling my bra when Roman wrapped his hand around me ..
I blushed noticing he was wearing only boxers .
"Have a bath with me " he said kissing my ear and neck .

I slightly nodded and he pulled me with him .
He pulled me on his lap as we sat in the bath tub .
He trailed his fingers from my neck to my collar and i shivered .
His lips met mine as he slowly slipped his tongue in .
He held the back of my neck and pulled me closer by my waist .

"You want to get out ?" He asked .
I bite my lip and thought for a moment.
His touch relaxed me ...i didn't want him to let go ...yet .
Then i shooked my head and wrapped my hand around my neck resting my head in the crook of his neck  .
He hugged me tightly and kissed my head .
"I miss mom " i said .
He pulled back and kissed my lips .

"I know she is proud of you baby " he said kissing my cheek .
I nodded .
My mind urged to it i did .
My hands cupped his face and i leaned in and pressed my lips to his
He deepened it
"Want me to make it up to you ?" He asked .

I look at him .
"For what ?" I asked .
"For every wrong thing i did to you " he said
I smiled and kissed his lips .
"You already did make it up to me being a good husband and a good father " i said .
He kissed me passionately and smiled against my lips.

"I am sorry for what i did " he said resting his face in my neck and leaving butterfly kisses over my skin
"Its ok " i said kissing his forehead .
"I love you my wife " he said .
I smiled .
"I love you too my husband " i said and kissed him .


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