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Chapter 36 .

"Can i come in ?" Ken asked and i looked up .
"Heyy !!" I chirped and hugged her .
"So ...all things done for tomorrow? " i asked and she nodded .
"I am feeling so nervous,  what if he changes his decision? " she said .
"Relax , he loves you ...he won't  ever do that " i said .
She smiled and hugged me .

"Wait ...your aren't suppose to work untill you get in good health " she said and i chuckled .
"I am not working ...its just ..Lincon was finding it hard to set up the background in his office so he requested me " i said .
"Don't work too much " she said .

We walked down only then a delicious smell hits our nose .
"Wow ...whats that ??" Ken asked .
"I and Audrey made some cupcakes. ..lets go " i said picking Lucy up from her crib that was in the kitchen .
I asked Audrey to look after her for some time thing is she likes Audrey.

"These are amazing! !" Ken said and ate it .
I smiled .
"What is your chipmunk wearing on my wedding day ??" She asked tapping her cheek with her index finger.
"I decided to make her wear something comfortable, so me and Roman went shopping " i said
Ken looks at me and raised her eyebrow.
"He ....he ....he went shopping? " she asked .

"Ya ..i know , he never did that , but ...guess everything for his little " i said looking down at lucy .
"Oh shut up , you make it sound like he only cares for her " Ken said
"No ..he does care for me , i know it " i said .
Ken smiled
"I have to get going " she said and i nodded .

I look at the clock to see it was three in the noon .
"You want some help with the dinner ?" I asked .
Audrey looks over to the kitchen and shooks her head .
"Its ok , go look after your chipmunk " she said .
I chuckled and picked lucy up .
I hissed as she grabbed my hair strand and pulled it .

I held her hand and slowly uncurled her fingers.
"That is a bad thing baby ..." i muttered and was about to set her down when she started crying.
Not again !!
I sight and lift her up to my chest and sit on the bed .
"You want mommy to sing for you ?" I asked .

I peck her forehead making her giggle
She reached out to my face and i tickled her making her laugh .
I started humming a tune which mom used to sing for me .
I don't remember the name nor the words ...just the music .
I changed Lucy's diaper humming my mothers song to her and she kept looking at me with her index finger in her mouth .
The door opened and she immediately looks over and giggles .

She started rolling over but i stop this little chipmunk.
"Oh noo ...mommy still has has to dress you " i said and walked in her room ..i knew that Roman was with her in our room
Taking warm clothes for her to sleep in and diaper i walked in the bedroom and sight .
"Don't pick her up know she won't lay down if you do right ? ....she most definitely won't let you go now " i said keeping my things on our bed .

He chuckled .
"I know baby ..but i missed my little " he said .
I internally rolled my eyes .
Missed your little. ..please. .your little sleeps with you everyday since she was a month old .
Wait i jealous? 
What the heck !!??
He keeps her down and she began to scream.

"Shhh .." he shushed her kissing her forehead .
Putting some lotion on her i take the diaper and put it on .
" How about we go somewhere ?" Roman asked laying down besides lucy .
"Where ?" I asked .
"Beach " he answered.

I remember what happened the last time we went to a beach ...things were pretty bad.
"I don't think we should for now , lucy is really ...." i said .
"Then what about somewhere else ...hill station ...we will just relax there " he said .
I sight thinking about it .
I will have to take lucy's diaper ..lotion. ..clothes. .

Wait ...oh god !!
Great all i think about is her and her diapers
I shooked my head and chuckled 
Roman gave me a confused look .
I picked my chipmunk up and and sat on the bed .
"Mummy only thinks about you now , so you wanna go ?" I asked.

"It won't be that bad Ava..besides, you need to freshen up a bit as well " Roman convinced me .
I smiled and nodded .
"We'll leave tomorrow after the reception " he said kissing my forehead .
"We are going to hill station " i baby talk to my chipmunk lifting her up .


Note :
In upcoming chapters since lucy is growing up ..i won't specific her age .

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