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Chapter 37 .

"I now pronounce you husband and wife , you may now kiss the bride " the priest said .
The bride and groom leaned into a kiss and we all clapped  .
Ken runs towards the car with her husband not before giving me a quick smile .
I smiled in happiness.
Roman wrapped his hand around my waist and kissed my cheek .

I look at him but in no time his lips laid on mine as he kissed me softly .
"Common ..we have to get to the reception hall " Emma said and Roman pulled away .
I hand Lucy to Audrey just to make her carrier a bit more comfortable.
Setting her sleepy state in Roman took her and we walked to the car .


"Hey !!" Ken said hugging me .
"You look wonderful " i said .
"Thanks " she smiled holding my hands .
"I am married " she wispered and i chuckled .
"Yes you are " i reply.
"Sweetheart " i look back at Roman , he peck my forehead .
"Its our little " he said .
I frowned worrying  and said a quick bye to the newly married couple and walked to the room upstairs with Roman .

"Whats wrong with her ?" I asked .
"Audrey said she started crying suddenly,  she tried to feed her but lucy won't drink  " he said opening the door .
I got more anxious as i heard my chipmunk cry loudly .
I saw Audrey trying to clam her down but lucy never did .

"Oh no ..whats wrong baby " i muttered taking lucy from Audrey.
I bounced her slightly shushing her and walking to the bed .
"Shhh .." i laid her down and removed her dress
"You may go now " Roman said and Audrey walked out
He came beside me and sat on the bed near lucy

"Were did you keep her pacifier? " i asked .
"In the blue bag " he said taking lucy in his hands .
I take the pacifier and put it in her mouth and her cries slowly died but she was still sobbing .
"Shhh .." i cooed her and removed her dress full .
Taking a normal night onesie in which she would be comfortable i started dressing her .

I sight but tensed as she practically rejected the pacifier in her mouth in seconds and cried again .
"Ohhh ..shh ..mommy is right here " i said picking her up .
Roman stood up and rubbed her back .
"Can you open the balcony doors " i asked .
He opened them and i walked out with lucy in my arms .

"Its ok baby ...i got you .." i muttered .
She turned her face to rest it on my neck and fisted her small hand on the neck line of my dress pulling it slightly down
Not that i cared ...
I caress her bum and rubbed her back as she finally stopped .
"What was wrong with her ?" Roman asked kissing her back .

"I don't know , maybe she wasn't able to sleep or was irritated by the dress " i spoke .
He nodded with a frown on his face .
I look back at the sky and kissed lucy's forehead .
I loved the way she stopped crying as i held her .
I loved my daughter. ...too much that i was scared to leave her be even if it was for a second without someone i trust who could be with her .
I swing side to side patting her back .
I was about to pull her away from me but she won't remove her face from my neck .

"Just a minute my chipmunk "i said and pulled her face .
Rubbing her tears from her left cheek as gently as i could i kiss her left side .
Roman hand me a kercheif and i took it dabbing the tears from her right cheek .
I smiled as Roman kissed her on her right .

She rubbs her eyes and rests her head in my neck again with her one hand on my shoulder and one on my chest .
I smiled and held her close .
There was no feeling compared to this .
The feeling of your child safe in your arms ....right where you need them to be .
Safe ...with you .
Roman wrapped his hands around me from behind.
"We should leave, it would be better to leave now before our little wakes up again " he said lightly squeezing my forearm.
I nodded and walked inside .

"How long is the ride ?" I asked .
"Probably 3 hours " he said .
I nod and rest my head on his chest looking at lucy who was in front of me on the opposite seat .
I lift my head and pulled away from Roman but his hand still stayed on mine .
"What do you think you are doing ?" He asked .
I shooked my head and undid my hair so that i could rest my head without the pin hurting me or his chest .

I leaned back against his front and he wrapped his hand around me .
I squeak but suppressed my voice not to wake lucy up as Roman picks me up and set me on his lap .
"You almost woke her up " he taunted.
"Its was because of " i said but my last word came out as a wispered as he suddenly kissed my collarbone .

His lips leave kisses on my neck and cheeks .
"Ma-Maybe we should ..." i tried to talk but he didn't stop assaulting my neck ..
His lips met mine and he bit my lower lip making me moan .
"Shhh ...don't want our little to wake up now do we " he said smirking
I gasped as he suddenly kissed me roughly .

His lips trailed from the corner of my mouth to my neck .
His lips met mine again as we kissed deeply.
He tilted my head to get better access to slide his tongue in .
We pulled back and he rested his forehead on mine .

"I have been waiting to do this " he said kissing me once again .
I shivered at his touch as he trailed his index finger from my chin to my cleavage.
I bite my lip breathing heavy.
" Shouldn't have done that " he warned but i never got the chance to ask as he roughly kissed me again .
His hands made me straddle him and he unbuttoned my dress and kissed the swollen area of my chest .
I moaned in pleasure throwing my head back and my palm fisted in his hair .

He pressed my chested against his chest .
My breasts were sensitive and they hurt causing me to whimper and pull away suddenly.
He clenched his jaw jaw and tightened the grip on my hips ..
"Don't pull away " he said .
His voice was filled with anger but also with sadness .
"I ...i ...its just hurts " i said .
His eyes widend a bit .
He sighted and rested his head in my neck .

"I am sorry baby , i couldn't hold back " he spoke .
I smiled and pecked his lips .
I wrapped my hands around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder.
"Its ok " i said .
His palm came on my head brushing my hair slowly.
After sometime when my sleepy state took over i felt him unwrapping my on leg and setting me side ways on his lap .
He guided my head on his chest and held me tight .

"Goodnight my love " he said and i finally fell asleep .


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