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Chapter 38 .

I breath the cool air in and shiver a bit .
"Its beautiful here " i said .
"More beautiful for me since you are here " Roman said kissing my neck .
I smiled and turned around to see my chipmunk looking as far as she could in the foggy area .
He looks down at Lucy and rests his hand on her head from front .

"Stay here , i'll be back " he said and walked away kissing me once
I saw him walking towards our car .
I look back at the beautiful cliff covered with clouds and fog .
I heard some people from behind me .
I sight and wrap my arms around myself .

"Hey" i tensed up but look to my right to see a man .
"Hello " i reply not wanting to be rude .
"Amazing view " he said and i nodded .
"It is " i reply .
"So with your friends or .."
"Family " i replied cutting him
He smiled and nodded .

"Would you like to join us ? We are having some coffee " he said .
"Oh no ...its ok . Thanks though " i said
"Common ...its cold , i insist " he said keeping his hand on my back .
I backed away chuckling nervously.
"Umm ..i ..i don't think my husb-.."
"How about we sit ?" He asked .
I was about to reject him yet again when i heard a voice .

"How about you fuck off ?"
I went stiff as the anger could be sensed by me
I look back to see him right behind me where his chest was touching my back .
"Woah ..who is he ?" The man asked .
"Her husband. get going " Roman spoke harshly.
He glared at the man ..and grabbbed my hand pulling me into him .

"I ..umm ..s-sorry " he said and walked away .
"Asshole " Roman muttered making me smile .
I rested my hand on his chest to clam.him down .
As he did i spoke up .
"Its alright, he didn't do anything " i said.
"Apart from flirting and fucking touching my wife ...ya ..he did nothing " he said gritting his teeth .
I bite my lip not knowing how to cool him down .

Then i realised .
"W-where is lucy ?" I asked .
He rested his head in my neck and sighted kissing me there .
I felt shocks in my lower body as he gave a wet kiss just below my ear .
He pulled away and my eyes look behind him to see Brice our driver holding my chipmunk.

I smiled .
I look back at Roman to see his jaw clenched.
Someone is jealous.
He needed to assured everything was cool i tip toe and kisses his cheek .
Walking over to Brice i took my chipmunk from his hold smiling .
"Thanks for holding her Brice " i said looking down at her .
He nodded and walked to our car .
"Lets go ." Roman said wrapping his hand aroung my shoulder and guiding me to the car .

"Shh ..look at this baby .." i showed her her favourite toy but she took it and threw it on the floor .
Huh !??
She likes this one doesn't she .!??
That when Roman walked in .
"What is our little doing ?" He asked kissing me ..
She scream and i pulled back rolling my eyes and walking over to pick her toy up all while Roman laughed .

Ya laugh alright .

He picked her up and she taps her hand on his cheek and he chuckled
He took the toy from me and swings it in front of her only to make her extend her hand for it .
I raised my both eyebrows.
She took it from him and laughed .
How the ...
"What did you do ?" I asked .
He looks at me with a cheeky grin .
"Nothing love " he replied

"Seriously. ...she threw that thing just minutes ago when i gave it to her " i said walking over to him .
He chuckled and pecked me .
"She likes daddy playing with her . Not mommy " he said .
Ya right ..
She is a daddy's girl .
"Oh please. ...i am the one who can make her quite when she raises a tantrum " i said ..
"Jelous? " he stated and i look at him with angry face .
"Common my little. ..lets go to sleep " he said walking in the room next to ours .
I was looking out the window when suddenly sparks emitted from my waist .
"I want to make love to you " he wispered and i bite my lips closing my eyes and gripping the edge of the table .
His lips trailed wet kisses on my neck brushing my hair to one said .
He turned me around and picked me up to straddle him .
He then pulled me into a hungry kiss .
Our make out only made me shiver and feel shocks in my lower body .

He took off my shirt and kissed my cleavage earing a audible moan from my mouth
He sets me on the table with my legs wrapped around his hips and he continued kissing my neck .
I wrapped my arms around his neck and moaned into a deep kiss .
He squeezed my thighs picking me up and laying me on the bed .

I moan and pulled away only hear a angry groan from him .
"L-lucy " i said
He dipped his face in my neck and i arch back only for him to slip his hand under and unclip my bra .
"She is asleep in the next room babygirl ...don't worry .." he assured me and took my jeans off .

I bite my lip and arch back again as he kissed my core and stood up .
I look at him breathing heavily.
My hand fist on my chest as he slowly hovered over me by kissing my inner thighs and core to my neck .
I moan and hide my face in his neck gripping his hair .
He lightly slapped my asscheek making me gasp .

I sucked in deep breath as he entered me a moved .
"You want me to go slow ?" He asked tucking his fingers under my chin and lifting my face up .
I look into his eyes and gulp .
I shooked my head negative biting my lip unconsciously and saw him with a boyish smirk .
"I love you so much " he said kissing me roughly
I gasp and moaned loudly as he starting moving with no warning and devoring my body .

He fastened his pace and i arch back only my chest on collide with his .
It did hurt my boobs a bit ..but i wanted him .
So i pulled him closer and kissed him .
He deepens the kiss and continued thrusting into me .
"Come for me babygirl " i almost immediately released and he pulled out releasing himself on me .

I take heavy breaths looking at him
He peck me and stood up .
My heart broke as he walked in the bathroom .
I want him to lay down with me .
But then he comes out with a towel and wipes my stomach throwing it on the floor .
Bringing the covers over us he pulled me to rest half on him .

I kissed his jaw and smiled resting my head on his warm chest .
"Are you cold ?" He asked ..
I make myself turn into his comfort even more and shook my head ..
"Love " i look up at him in confusion.

His warm hand caressed my back and my cheek and i leaned into them even more .
"I want something " he said .
"What is it ?" I asked ..

"Next time ...a boy "



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