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Chapter 39

I was about to pick lucy up when Roman did it for me .
She screamed once and thrashed around.
"What is it my little? " Roman asked hugging her close to his chest .
I packed everything i needed and handed the bags to Brice .
"Umm ..Brice " i called he looks behind.

"Keep this blue one at the back " i said .
He nodded and walked out .
We sat in the car and the wall went up separating the driver's  seat from us .
I lean back and sight when lucy giggled .
I look at my right see her on Roman's chest playing with his large hands .
He picked her up as she laughed out loud .

"Oh god " he muttered as she hits his face with her small fista making me laugh
"Hitting you dad now are we ?" He said .
She made a sound with normal ..but then my eyes went wide ..
"Da..." she said giggling.
He continued tickling her and i sit up .

Common  baby say it ..
I wished for a word to out .
"Dada" my mouth hung open and Roman stopped .
He looks at me and then back at her .
"Did you ....did you hear that? " i asked .
"Our little just called me dada " he said and picked her up kissing her cheek and her forehead as she continued laughing.

My hands came to my mouth and i chuckled .
My baby spoke her first word ..
I took her from his hold and hugged her .
"My chipmunk spoke her first word ..oh baby i am sooo happy ..." i said .
She tapped her hands on my cheeks making me kiss those little hands as well .

I look at Roman and stopped smiling.
He was bending pinching the bridge of his nose
Keeping her on my lap i put my hand on his shoulder .
"Whats wrong Roman ?" i asked
He shooked his head and look up only to make me more surprise by his tear .

He was crying ...out of happiness.
"You both make me the happiest man alive " he said kissing me .
I sat there surprised for a second but kissed back .
Then i felt my dress being tugged down and lucy scream .
I pull back to see her stretching her hands for Roman .
We chuckled kissing our little


"Aww ...i wish i was there " Emma said  hugging lucy
"Roman was so happy " i said .
"Where is he anyway ?" Emma asked .
"Oh ..he is coming back for a meeting i think he will be here in an hour " .
Emma nodded .
"You should start giving her baby food now " she said .
I nodded .

It had been hours but Roman wasn't back yet .
It was 1 in the morning for god's sake where is he !??
He never replied the text nor did he call .
"Try Lincon's cell " Emma suggested .
I dial his and wait for him to pick up but ..
"He isn't picking up " i said pacing back and forth.
"When was he gone ?" Crystal asked .
"He was out since 9 in the morning. ...i am worried. ..he texts me if he is going to be late ..but ." Emma kept her hand on mine .

"Must be traffic or so ..don't worry" she said .
I nodded and sat back down .
Lucy started picking at my dress so i picked up setting her on my lap .

"Dada " she said ..this time Emma and Crystal looked amused but i was worried over Roman .
Never did he return back so late .
Lucy reached for my face and i pull her up to rest her head on my shoulder  standing up .
I placed around to room to make her sleep and to cool myself down .
"Sleep chipmunk " i mummered lightly .

I heard the phone ring and i look at the caller id to see it was Lincon.
I sat down and handed Lucy to Emma before picking it up .
"Lincon " i reply to his call .

"Umm ..mam ..where are you now ?" He asked .
I was confused but then answered anyway .
"In the house " i said .
"Mam ...its ..Sir .." i immediately went stiff .
"What " i reply back half worried.

"Sir ran into a car accident on the hightway .. "

What ...
He ...he ..Roman ran into a accident! ??
No can't be ...
That was when my heart stopped .

I stood up with trembling hands but kept the phone to my ears .
My heart was starting the beat fast ..
I didn't know what to do ..what to say .
"Mam ...mam " he called .
Tears formed in my eyes slipping down on my cheeks .
I heard Emma call for me but everything seemed too fazed .
"R-Roman ..." i wispered .

"Mam ....." he called but i never responded .
The phone was suddenly taken from my hands by Crystal as she talked on the phone
I sat down with tears streaming down my face ..


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