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Chapter 4 .

I was never that mad about visiting a place like an Island .But its beautiful here ..the weather here is perfect. Mom loved beaches ...i wish she could come here with me .I look at myself in the mirror in sight in content. I was wearing a simple light green sundress with strapless neck .It reached to my knees and flowed .

"Ava ..." i heard Roman I walked in the bedroom and he eyes went wide .He walked towards me and his hands wrapped around me .His breath fanned against my neck and i resist the urge to moan .He took my hand and kissed it before wrapping his hand around my waist and leading me out Roman had his own hotel right in front of a private beach which he of course owned as well .

I took a seat on one of the chairs and were served lemonade. Roman suddenly picks me up and sat me on his lap .There is no point of arguing. So i never said anythingAfter sometime i stood up .My legs inching to touch the water so i did .I walked in water looking at the sunset ..Roman's hand came in mine and we walked on the beach in silence.

Maybe it isn't that bad .Maybe he is changing.

"Love ...lets go for dinner " I nodded and we walked to our room .The dinner was great ....sea food as it seemed was my first try .Quite different but was good .I was a bit exhausted by now ...I laid on the bed without changing and closed my eyes .I heard the door close as he walks in .The bed dipped besides me and i open my eyes to see Roman hovering over me .

He started kissing me hungrily as i  wrapped my hands around his neck .He ripped open my dress and kissed my bare chest to my core .His clothes were soon off and slides my underwear off my body .He kissed me roughly but i kissed back .
"I am making sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow my lovely wife " I blushed furiously as he pinned my hand above my head .I left a loud moan as he entered me ...

I never realised how i slept yesterday night .My hole body was sore ...I found myself in the bed with Roman's hand around my waist .He was seriously when he said i won't be able to walk .I sat up and look at Roman to see him still asleep .He look so different. ....almost relaxed and calm ..which he can never be .I look at myself in the mirror only to be greeted with red marks of love bites all over my body ..

After taking a shower i wore a simple floral dress which reached to my mid thigh show a lot if cleavage but ...i like it .It was 1 in the afternoon. ...I realised that i woke up late .We were supposed to visit some place ..but i am too tired .But not matter what ..i couldn't cover the marks on my neck .

Lets leave it ...Nobody is going to get that close to me anyway ...Excluding him ..
Your husband ..I was surprise at the sudden feeling in my head or body as i though of him my husband .He was handsome doubt .Which was one of the reasons i liked him .

But whenever i smiled due to his actions i remember what he did to me and father .
I couldn't forget  ."Ava " i jumped as i heard his voice ..It was full of anger .
I slowly stepped out of the bathroom and in the bedroom to see Roman standing with a furious expression.

He looks at me and i shiver ."Where were you ??" He asked in a raspy voice .
"I-I was taking a s-shower " i stuttered yet again .He pulled me into him harshly. "And how was i suppose to know ?"

You knew when you woke up ...isn't that enough? 
What's wrong with this ?

"I-I ..." i whimpered as his hold got tight "Daring to talk back are we ?" My eyes went wide .Why is he acting like this ? What did i do ? He was completely fine last night ...

"N-No ...its not " i let out a moan as he kissed me below my ear ."Were you planning on running away ?" He asked .I look at him in confusion. Even if i do ...I know you will find me .And there is no point of running away from you since we are now married.

I shook my head .
"N-No " i reply back .He kissed my cheek before walking in the bathroom. I sat on the bed thinking ....What's happening to him ?

"I'll have the seasonal salad with toast " i said ..the waiter nodded and notified it on the tab .I look at Roman but he didn't order .Something is wrong with him .He didn't talk since morning.He never ate since morning. He looked worried.Why am I worried about him ?Good that he isn't eating ..suffer .

I sighed .Even if i want to kill this man .He is now my husband. I can't stop worrying about him .I press the black button and the man comes back ."Fruit salad with French toast please " he nodded and walked away  .Roman looks at me ."That hungry ?" I shook my head but he looked out the glass windows.

The order finally came .The waiter brought the fruit salad and French toast , i gestured him to place it on Roman's side .Roman looked at the food and then at me .
"Y-You haven't eaten since morning ...." i said .He took the fork and started eating .I decided it was better eating something light since we just woke up .It might help him as well .

Because he is your husband.
Uuurrgghh ..i am trying to forget the fact that i am married. ..but i just stop thinking about it ...about him .

" Thank you " what ? I look at him surprised .He said thank you ? I nodded and look out the window."Do you want to go sightseeing? " Roman asked .I shook my head .."I am just tired " i replied but didn't stuttered which surprised me . I noticed him nod and we walked to the beach ."You don't want to go somewhere  else ?" He asked .

Wait...he is back to normal ?

"No ..of that's okay  w-with you " i said .He took my hand and we sat on the big chairs under the tent .After a while a man came with drinks .I was laying back on the chair but sat up .He looked at me and his eyes went down to my chest .I unconsciously looked to my right to see it empty ..Where is Roman ?

He keeps the tray down eyeing my thighs making me more uncomfortable. His fingers lightly brushed on my hand making my eyes went wide "Enjoy your drink ..." he said still looking at me .I gulped as he kept looking at me .
"Thanks you can go now " i said .

"Well ..i can stay a while longer ..if you want .." he said coming closer .I stood up and looked for Roman but he was nowhere to be seen ."No .you can go .." he chuckled ."Sexy .." he comments .

"Who the FUCK ARE YOU !??" i flinched as i heard the voice .I took a step back unconsciously look at him His face looked alarmed I gasped as Roman punched him on his face ." WHO THE FUCK GAVE YOU THE PERMISSION TO COME HERE !??" he yelled and punched him again ."N-No ..Roman .." i tried to stop him but gasped as Roman punched him again making his mouth bloody .

My hands came to my mouth not able to react .Roman repeatedly kicked him making him unconscious .He looked furious 
"Did he touch you " he said calmly But i know what who happened if i told him .

I shook my head negative.
"Lie " Roman muttered and punched that man again .Roman hands were full of his blood .
"R-Roman ...s-stop ..he didn't." i tried to tell him ..

He stops and looks at me .Suddenly a man dressed in suit came to us and apologised .
"I DON'T  WANT YOUR FUCKEN APOLOGY he is fired and who the fuck gave him the permission to come here !???? " i flinched again at his voice .I look at him in fear as Roman cleaned his hand coming to me .

I look at the unconscious body on the ground. Men came to pick him up .
"HE WASN'T ONE OF YOUR STAFF !??? You do know it perfect. ....nobody should step here unless there are called for time ..its you who will be fired ...CLEAN THIS SHIT AND GET OUT !!"
i look at him and than at the man ..I flinched a bit as Roman pulled me into him nuzzling my neck ."Are you okay  ?" He asked ."ya" i whispered and he kissed my cheek . 

"I would've killed him ...but i don't want my wife to get angry .." he whispered .His hands dragged me into the hotel and he pushed me in the bed ."Listen carefully love......i won't hesitate in killing him or any other man if they look at you ..." he said hovering over me and grabbing my jaw .His hand pulled my dress up as his fingers hooked on my underwear .

"You are mine ..." he claimed before ripping it apart .I whimpered at the harsh kiss .He pulled my dress over my head and unhooked the bra ."R-Roman ..." i moaned as he entered me .He was harsh ...wild a hunter .I was left weak and exhausted yet again .His head laid on my chest and he made my hands wrap themselves around him .He took me by force yet again ...But this time was different. It was more harsh .I felt suffocated ...but ....that different feeling was still in my body .

Roman nuzzled his face in my neck in a sleepy state .
"I thought they would take you " I instantly opened my eyes and look at Roman .

His eyes were closed ...His hands went tight around me .Did i hear him right ? Why would he say that ? He was talking in his sleep ....
"Roman ?" I called ...but he was fast asleep ..I laid my head back still thinking of what he said .

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