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Chapter 40 .

I tried to stop but i couldn't.
"What !!?? he ok !? " i heard Emma talking on the cell .
"Ok ..alright " she hung up .
I kept my hand on my forehead breathing slowly.
"Its gonna be fine Ava . " Crystal said .
I shooked my head closing my eyes .

Lucy started crying but i sat their still not able to think .
What if ...what if he ..
No ..he is fine .
I am sure .
He is tough ..he can survive it ..i know it

I sniffed and stood up wiping my tears .
Dialing Lincon's number i held it to my ears wating for his voice .
"Mam ..." he answered.
"Where is he " i ask .
"I would've answered that early mam ..but no bodies were found in the car "

WHAT !??

"What do you mean by that !!??" I shout .
"Its quite fine madam ..since there are no bodies found , it might mean that they somehow managed to get themselves to safety " he explained.
I fist my hand and bite my lips .
"I am on my way ..don't worry mam " he said and hung up .

In about five minutes i heard the door open and Lincon walked in .
"Well ?" I asked .
He removed his glasses and shooked his head .
"We didn't find any trace of them ..i couldn't go at the place where the accident took place ...but ..Roman's men are working on it " he said .
I saw his worried face ..sweat covered his forehead and he ran his hand through his hair .

I let out a heavy breath .
"Sit down " i say .
He looks at me and his eyes soften .
Walking towards me he kept his hand on my shoulder.
"Everything will be fine ...he can't be beat in such a small situation " he said .
I nodded but my tears flow from my eyes .

I couldn't help but hug him and sobbed .
He went stiff but i felt his hand soon of my hair patting it .
"Its alright " he said .
"We heard what happened " i heard Kassandra's voice and i pulled back .
She look at me and walks faster with her husband on his heels .

I was pulled into a long hug as she mutter soft words in my ear .
"He is gonna be fine ..." she said .
We sat in the living room waiting for any news .
But i couldn't help think negative.

What if he was hurt ?
What if there is no one to help him ?
What if he got no medical care ??
What if ...
What if ..
The what if's wouldn't stop .

Emma came and sat beside me holding lucy .
I never noticed she was reaching out for me .
I wipe my tears and pick her up hugging her to my chest .
She kept saying the word "da" make me smile but inside ...i was uneasy .
I was worried. ..scared ..

After some time she finally fell asleep
I asked Audrey to take her upstairs and told her to stay with her .
We tried his cell phone contacted his bodyguard.
Lincon order men to good around the same area many times ..
But we had absolutely no clue .

"We'ev got nothing. ...send the men back and check in the nearest hospitals if any and make sure you handle the track " Lincin kept talking on the phone as we all kept hoping for any answer ..

I sniffed again and then ...
The one part in your life where you hope and hope ...and it happens 
The almost cliché moment where his walks in with a stressed face and when everyone just stands up surprised .
That was what happened.
We heard the door open and slam shut .
We all looked up and then he entered the living room .

His forehead was  having blood while he walked in with Brice
Everybody stood up and ran too him while he looked at me .
I covered my face with my hands and thank the god multiple times before looking up .
Emma hugged him so did everyone else .
The last person to hug him was Lincon and then they all look at me .

I stood up wiping my tears as he walked to me .
"Love " he called and i threw myself at him hugging him.


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