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Chapter 41

I pulled back trying to talk .
"I thought ...i thought "
"Shhhh ...its alright " he said pulling me into him .

I wrap my arms around his neck and cried .
"I am sorry baby ...i love you " he said .
I let my tears fall and hugged him tight .

Thinking back ....i would've killed myself if he would ask me to hug and kiss him .
But now ..i love him .
I love this man ...and i rather be hurt with him that see him hurt alone .
I was scared of him to my death .
But even if i am a bit now ...i know he won't ever hurt me again .

I pulled back and look at his injury.
"You're b-bleeding " i stated grabbing his arm .
"Its nothing baby " he assured but i won't listen .
"I am calling the doctor " i said pulling back and taking the phone  .
But my shaky hands , blur view made it tought for me to do so .
My cell was slowly taken from my hand by Roman .

"Ava " i sniffed and hugged him again .
He pulled me back and brought me into a deep kiss .
"Think i would leave like that love ? Not happening " he said smirking.
I sniff again .
"Besides. ..we have to make another you and me  .right "
"ROMAN !!" i shout slapping his chest lightly and hugging him again .

His chest virbrated as he chuckled and peck my forehead twice .


"It wasn't done on purpose though ...the break were indeed failed "Roman spoke
"According to Matthew ....there was no hindrance with your car sir " Lincon explained .
I sight and lean back exhausted.
Roman looks at me and looks back at his men .
"All it a night ..we are exhausted " he said and stood up grabbing my hand making me stand up as well .
All the men walked out the leaving room and i yawned .

Suddenly Roman picked me up bridal style and carried me to our room .
"Is our little asleep ?" He asked laying me on the bed .
I nodded looking at him .
He hovered over me and started kissing my neck and lips softly before it went fast .
Soon our clothes were off and him devouring my body and making me moan in pleasure

Before he could enter me i cupped his cheeks and he looked into my eyes deep
"Promise me you won't ever scare me like that " i stated .
He chuckled and peck me .
"Hmm ..i can't promise you that babygirl .."
"ROMAN !!" i shout lightly making him laughed again .
"But i promise. matter what , i'll always come back to you " he stated .
I teared up and smiled kissing him deeply .


"Is your wound hurting? " i asked tracing the patterns on his tattoo with my finger.
"No baby ..don't worry about that " he said in a husky voice .
"Of course i will worry ...i am your wife ..i know better " i stated in childish anger
He didn't even let me see the wound ..he stated it was nothing big .
But i know how it must hurt him a little.

"I am sure my wife ..." he said flipping us over so that he was on me .
He pecked my lips and smiled .
"..that you know everything,  but i don't want something like that ...distracting our romance  " he stated
I smiled biting my lip .
"You never listen to me do you ?" He said tracing his thumb on my lower lip .

I do ..
He lips met mine harshly and i moan out loud.
Romance ...
I remember his mother telling me that he couldn't spell romance even if his name was a part of it .
But now ..
I don't think he is the same person .

He pulled back and smirked .
"Wanna go another round " he asked .
I lightly slap his chest .
"I am tired " i say turning over with back to his fornt .
"Oh no ...Mrs . Chevrolet don't get to do that " he said pulling me back to face him by my waist .
I chuckled and kissed his cheek .
He removed the cover over my chest and kissed my breasts while my hand came to his head .

My ears suddenly picked up lucy's cry from the tab and we both sit up .
Roman stood up and wore his boxers before walking in her room ..
I stand up and wear my night wear walking in the room to see him swinging her lightly as she closed her eyes
I smirked .
"I am going to sleep " i stated .
He look over to me with wide eyes ..

"No baby ..please change her diapers for me .." he said .
I yawned dramatically .
"Why ..she is a daddy's girl isn't she ? should do it " i said .
"Baby ..please " he said putting her on the changing table .
I chuckled and walked over to him .

After putting her to sleep i smiled and kissed my baby before going back to sleep .
Roman walked right behind and took off his boxers .
I slid my dress of and got in the covers.
He guided my head to his chest and i finally fall asleep in his warmness .


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