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Chapter 42 .

"Chipmunk " i called ..I heard her small feet tapping on the ground running towards me and i smiled .Keeping the piece of cake on the plate i take it too the counter setting it down .
"Mommy !!" She shouts and come to me hugging my leg .
"Hello my love " i chirped and smiled but it wasn't genuine.

She looks at me and bites he finger ."Mommy ?" She called .
I smiled at her ."What ?" I asked .
She looks at me .."You are smiling " she stated 
Of course i am ..what else will i do ?
"Mommy !!" She scream. But i still smiled .

She made some kind if groaning noise and stabbed her foot .
"I ..i know why you are acting like that " she said .
I couldn't  help but notice how cute she was while saying that .
" why am i acting like this ?" I asked .
That Roman stepped in the kitchen 
"Little " he called .
Usually she would burst out saying she wasn't little ..but this time she stayed quite because of me .

She is so cute when she is confused and scared .
"Daddy " she called .
Roman pecks her nose and hummed in response pulling her on his lap .
"Mommy is smiling too much " she said .
I smiled again showing her my face before going back to my work .
"Why ?" He asked .
I keep the knife on the counter and put my one hand on my hip and other on the counter.
"I am sorry mommy " she said biting her thumb .

Ya ...sorry .
Sorry for what exactly? 
"For what ?" I asked .She looks at Roman then back at me .
"For breaking your favourite vase " she confessed .I smiled and nodded before making a serious face and going back to cooking .
"Should i ?" Audrey asked "I'll handle it " i said .She walked back and i know she was looking at both of them .

"Mommy !!" Lucy called again ."What ?" I asked .
"Sorry " she said ..
"Its fine baby ...but just please don't go in my office and touch anything. ."
The water in vase was spilled on my laptop. ..
And now Roman will bring a new one ...and i hate spending money on expensive things ..but the father and daughter won't listen .

I felt hands wrap around my waist and sight leaning into his chest .
He kissed my neck softly.
"Are you hurt ?" He asked  .
I shook my head 
I was hurt ...i accidentally stepped on the broken glass ..but it was a small piece so it didn't do much ."Lie " he muttered and took the knife from me keeping it down and he picked me up ..

Lucy laughed and ran behind us as he carried me to the living room .
"Daddy is carrying mummy ..." she said and i chuckle looking at Roman's serious face
"I am not lying .." i said .
He looks at my hands before and his eyes came to my leg ..
Shit .
I saw his jaw clenched .
"Why didn't you tell me Ava ??" He yelled .
I suddenly got angry. " Urrgghh ..because. .you were working. ." I yelled back .

He seemed taken back cause i never yell like that .
"Mommy mommy mommy " lucy jumped up and down on the couch 
I sight and gesture her to come near me .I know she will cry if i ignore her .I kissed her cheeks before pulling her close to me .
"I don't like you keeping such things for me love " Roman said .
I smiled .
"Its okay ..i am fine " i said .
I pulled him close by his shirt and kissed his lips .
He deepen it making lucy yell "eww " .

We pulled out and laughed. That's when i heard Audrey. "Ken is here " she said .
"Send her in " i said .Lucy ran to the door and she laughed .
" hey " ken chirped I waved at her .
I put my legs over Roman lap and lean on his chest as her rubbed circles on my back and my thighs .

"Hi Alex " i waved at him and he smiled .Alex was ken's 3 year old son .
Lucy and Alex grew closer and were best friends before best cousins. She would always wait for him and lucy was the only one who he like to play with .
"So and Alex's dad decided to go on a campaign trip about you guys ?" She asked .

I look at Roman and he nodded.I kissed his jaw and look back at ken .
"I made some cake ..i'll get us some " i said and stood ..only too feel dizzy .I took a step ahead but my head seemed spinning and i take a step back .
"Ava !!" I heard Roman and his hands wrapping themselves around me .
That's when i blacked out .

I open my eyes and saw Kelly ...our family doctor .
I sit up and she smiled at me .
" how long was i out ?" I asked ."Just 20 minutes darling. ..Roman is waiting outside " she said .
Then the door open and he came in .
"Whats wrong ..!?? .." he asked with a worried face .
"Mummzii " i look at lucy and lucy ran towards me .

"Why don't you go play with Alex ..? " she nodded kissing me .I kissed her back and she walked out "Well ?" Roman asked .
He seemed agitated and mad .
He always is when i get sick .
"I am sorry to say this ..but " Kelly spoke ."Your wife has ...only 3 months left "
I look at her in shock .

"WHAT THE FUCK!!" his voice roared in the whole room .
"I am sorry Roman ..but she won't survive this disease ...we hid it from you for a long time since she last came in for a appointment. ..but ..i don't think we can anymore "Kelly explain.
"Roman ..there is nothing we could do was getting serious " she said

I look at Roman to see him running his hands through his hair .
"I am killing you unless you don't fucking explain all this !!" He yelled
Kelly looks at me and i understood.
Pulling her down by her hand and whispered as Roman talked to himself .
"I am pregnant , aren't I ?" She nodded trying to hold her laugh .

"Its okay can go ." I said .
She nodded and ran out the room .
"I am calling a specialist....i am not believing that women " he shouts .
I stood up .
"No ...sit down now !!" He ordered .
"This can't happen ..." he said running his hands through his hair .
I cupped his face in my hands .

He seemed out of breath
Well ...bumer ..he took it seriously.I kissed his lips and pulled back smiling .
He face was priceless .
"She was joking...i am pregnant " i said .Kelly came in and started laughing .
I chuckled a bit but his face shut me up .There was a moment of silence before he started yelling at Kelly .
She didn't stop giggling thought .
He was about to yell at her more but she ran out the room

Roman then picks me up and pushes me on the bed hovering over me .
"Don't . EVER . DO . THAT . TO . ME !!!" he half yelled .
"I am sorry ..." i said running my hand through his hair .
He shook his head laid it on my stomach kissing it lightly .
"You scared me " he whispered .
I chuckled .He pulled away and looked at me .

I kissed his forehead and giggle  "I am sorry hubby ." I said .
He chuckled and nuzzled his face in my neck "I love you  so much " he said
"I love you too " i reply.
"Ever thought of me as romantic? " he asked .I pecked his lips twice .
"Not after you locked me up in your house ...but now ..i think you pull it off quite well " i said .

He hummed in response and kissed me passionately.
His lips trail from my neck to my collar bone sucking in my skin .
I moan and bit my lip.
"Last time you gave me a hickey your little  though we had bed bugs in our bed " i said .
He looks at me
"Tell her they increased in the spam of time " saying that her dipped his face in my neck again assaulting my skin .

I laughed as he tickled me .
"You are only mine ...All mine " he said before kissing me deeply again .

Yes ..
Only his
All His .

                    [The End ]

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