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"You look beautiful " Roman said dipping his head in my neck and kissing me .
"Umm ..people in the house know ?"
My 9 year old Chipmunk said .
"Oh as if we care  my little " he said kissing my cheeks .

Lucy instantly smiled .
She started loving the fact that her father called her his little.
At first she hated it .
But then she realised how he lived her and how he called her that out of love .
She then started smiling everytime he would call her his little.
I walk to the kitchen .

I sight leaning on the counter and looking at my sweetpea .He stopped eating the cake and looked at me .His eyes went wide and he shuts the door of the fridge .
"Hi." he looks anywhere but me .I chuckled and walked to him .
Taking a tissue i kneel down pulling my dress up a bit .Taking his face in my hands i started wiping the chocolate off his face .

"You look beautiful mom " he said .I kissed his cheeks .
"Thanks " i said .
"Mom .." he called
I keep the tissue on the counter and look at him .
" Thanks for the cake mummy was yummy " i chuckled hugging him .

"Lets go ..we are late " i said .
I look at the dress once more before patting my hair .
"Zanthus !! ...lets go sweetpi " i called he came running to me .
We walk out the door to see my Chipmunk on the car front with Roman holding her .
She looks at me and smiled .
Helping her down her came to me and kissed my lips before helping me in the car .

"Umm ..where are we going by the way ?" Lucy asked .
"For dinner " i reply.
Both our kids say 'yes ' in excitement.

After dinner we decided to go our new Tree house .Roman had it build for the kids .
But it looked more of a cabin then a tree house apart from it up in tree .
The kids walked out to balcony and we walked upstairs to the open area .
"Baby " Roman called I look at him .He pulled me into a deep kiss before pulling back .

"Thanks for giving me this wonderful life " he said .
I cupped his face in my hands .
"I love you " i said .
"I love you too " he replied kissing me deeply .

"Gosh there any place you both don't make out ?" Lucy commented walking to us .

"Hey ..Leave your mom and dad alone ..this place is ours ..go and play downstairs " Roman said leaning in for a kiss but we felt something making its way between us and i look down to see Zanthus 
I sight .
"Never .." he said .

Oh lord ...
I chuckled and kissed both my kids before kissing my husband.
We sat there having some dessert.
This is the way it has been ..
Us going out every month and spending our night in the beautiful house .

I must say ...i love my life .
I loved my family  .


Thank you all for the support.
Thank you for reading my book and voting.
It gave me a huge push too write more .
And all those who commented .
I love you all ..and thanks for encouraging me .

Hope you found my book worth reading.
And hope you find that one person in your life who you will love your dearest.

Thank you again .
Good bye

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