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I have dreaded the days that i made my Ava cry . I have never been able to express my true feelings for her until that one day when she closed her soft hands on my face and even if i had hurt her , her tearful eyes searched the sorrow in mine , ignoring her own state she asked me why was i angry . That's when i realised,  she was the only one to tame the beastly act inside me . She was the only women who could handle me and love me .

As i watch her looking at the horizon i silently pray to god not to ever take her away from me . She is mine . Now her will .
She looks at me and smiles and i smiled back .
"What are you thinking? " she asked .
"About you " i reply and saw a tint of crimson blush form on her face , the love in her eyes made my heart swell .
I grab her soft face and kiss those soft luscious lips . Biting into her lower lip she moaned into mine making me hard then and there .
She pulled away earning a angry  groan from me but she only blushed further .

Fuck that turns me on even after all these years

"Your chipmunk is just a few steps away from us and you know how angry she gets " i sigh chuckling and turn my head to see my little playing in the sand . She stood up but tripped and landed in her butt and started tearing up . I immediately stood from the chair and walked to Lucy . Picking her up and bounced her little body in my arms .

She then holds on to my shirt and giggles. She was about to put her hand in her mouth when Ava stopped her , "ah ah ah ..that's bad " she said .
Her motherly side always surprised me even more , it always made me worry that my family will be taken away from me .

Years ago at the age of 12 i was taken away from my mother , my father wasn't the man of love ..he taught me to always make everyone fear me . He told me that love was nothing. He turned me into a heartless man that's when people started talking of how ruthless i was . How i would never have a family.  How i would never have someone to hold and call them my children

Ava is the only women who changed me and my ruthless thoughts . Even after how much i abused her . I was brought back to reality when Lucy fist her hand in my hair pulling it making me hiss .
She is definitely a fighter. 
"This is the fifth time today . You aren't getting any ice cream " i said and she pouts . " dada " i roll my eyes and kissed her cute cheeks .

"You are still not getting one  " i said and she screams loudly making Ava yell at her . " Lucy ! Stop it " damn . My wife's got a dangerous voice .

"We'll get one later " i whispered in her ears and she giggles even if she hardly understands it .  We then walked towards our car . Ava stretched her hand to take lucy but lucy never moved . "I want daddy " she muttered and i smirk at Ava to see her mad .

"Rich dad's spoiled brat " she muttered making me laugh . Half way home lucy fell asleep in my arms as Ava talked to mom on the phone . "Should we stop by a restaurant? " i asked and Ava shook her head .
"We'll be there soon " she said and hung up . "Mom is making something of dinner "she said and i nodded .

As we reached my father was already standing there on the porch and i sigh . Now he will act like a child  . My dad acts the total opposite of what he acted towards me when i was young . I don't remember as young as my little baby . But he never acted so soft .

He smiled at Ava and then at me which i only replied sarcastically. 
I was about to take lucy straight to our room but she woke up .
"Grandpa " she said and dad takes her from my arms .
Somehow , even if it was my own father , i still didn't like other men touching my child . Almost as if they might hurt her .

"Why don't you guys go freshen up a bit . The dinner will be served till 8 " mom said i nodded .
"I'll wash her up " Ava said taking lucy upstairs and i look at dad .
" how is the comapany doing ?" He asked and i sigh .
That's all you ask ? You met me after 2 years and that's all you ask ?

"Its doing good " i replied but never waited for a reply.  Fuck it . I don't want my mood to blow up .
I walked in our room and heard lucy laughing in the bathroom .

"Daddy !" She jumped in the tub splashing on Ava . "She likes it here , don't you chipmunk " . Lucy kept looking at me and stretched her hands out from me in a adorably way . I only laughed and was about to grab her but Ava didn't let me .

"No no you know very well that she won't let you sit . Let me dress her up then you both father and daughter can go do what you want " she said and started dressing lucy .

Soon mom came in and took her out and i finally got the time to be alone with my wife . I tosser her over my shoulder making her gasp . As i laid her on the bed and she hits my shoulder making me groan and kiss her neck .
"What is this , an plan made by mother an daughter to hit me all day ?" I asked and she chuckled .

"Maybe " she replied kissing me .
"Lets go take a shower " she said and i smirk. 


"We thought you guys we already asleep " Kassandra said as we walked down . " you are here ?" I asked and she walked towards us hugging the life out of my wife . " family reunion! !" She yells and mom laughs .
"So what took you guys so long " she asked and i wrap my arms around Ava as she tried hard to hold her blush .

She hits me lightly as i peck her neck which had the fresh mark from the shower . But then Ava gets out of my hold to see lucy . Lucy wasn't the girl to stay away from one of us . She needed either me or Ava .

After we had a family dinner i decided to sit on.the roof with Ava and chipmunk.  "Its pretty here " Ava stated making me look at her .

I was about to ask her who the man was in her office yesterday but i know she might get angry . But i couldn't stop myself .
"Who was that man talking to you ?" I asked picking her up and setting her on my lap . I glanced at lucy to see her alseep on the mattress.  I ran my hand on her hair and looked back at Ava .

"He was ..Mister Roberts son " she replied.  " he was helping me with getting more information on my next project " i was already feeling angry .
I clenched my jaw and kissed me passionately which she replied to .

"If he looks at you .." " with a bad eye i will let you know and let you punch him untill he looks like a pulp of orange,  not happening " she continued. I pinch her cheeks and kissed her lips biting on the lower lip making her wince .

"How dare you disobey your husband " i said making her smirk . " i am the only one who can disobey you and you will have to bare with it " she said and it honestly turned me on .
"Will see about that honey " i whispered kissing her .


I am honestly so happy . I never imagined my story hitting 1 million. 
Thank you guys so much . I love you and your sweet , funny , sarcastic comments .
Thanks again for reading my book .

I promise to edit it throughout and make it a better story to read .

Thank you so much . ❤❤

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