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Bonus Chapter


"I love and you are mine " i stated wrapping my arms around Ava and kissing her neck roughly .
" eww dad that's so cliché " Chipmunk stated and i roll my eyes .
Before Lucy and Zanthus , Ava would melt in my arm aroused and it would be one of the hottest things . But now its only a matter of seconds as my steamy lines get cut off by those little brats of ours .

"And Mom cheesy can dad get giving you these seriously? " she said holding up all the cards i gave her and Ava gasps .
"Those are the most important cards in my life . Where did you find them !!? "She said running to get those and i smirk .
"Dad seriously wrote you are his on her birthday card . Like ..whyyy ??"

Not matter how much i wanted to grab lucy's toys and hide them so that she stops commenting on my cards . I know couldn't because Ava would get mad .
"Daddy " i look behind Lucy to see my little knight rubbing his eyes as he walked in the living room . I walk to him and pick him up kissing his cheek .
"Are you hungry ? "I asked taking out the milk and setting it on counter .

Zanthus loved having milk before sleeping . Even if he had no need of drink it now . As both the mother and daughter talked i patted his back heating the milk .
"Daddy i wanna sleep with mommy tonight " he said and i sigh .
These two will never leave us alone . And here i was thinking about having my beautiful wife as dessert tonight.

I smiled and kissed his forehead walking to the living room couch with his milk .
"Aw my baby come here " Ava called he immediately tried getting out of my hold . I set him on the couch and he runs to Ava hugging her . I patted my chipmunks head before sitting between them .
"Go bring us ice cream " i said and she huffs .
"No " i raised my eyebrows.  " i work day and night for you ..."
" okay okay please don't start that lecture. . I am getting it " i look at her in disbelief as Ava chuckles .

"She is grounded " i muttered and Ava  twitched her lips . " either way you don't let her out . What's the point " she said and i kissed her cheek and her neck .
"No no " Zanthus pushed me away and i groan walking to our bedroom .

It was an hour later when Ava came in with sleeping Zanthus in her arms .
"Sorry hubby " she whispered and i roll on the other side in anger . This boy never lets me sleep alone with my own wife .
What the fuck !?? .


I sigh as he rolls away in anger . Its my fault actually. I have been overprotective with Zanthus and i hate him sleeping without me . But looking at Roman i think i might have given him too less time . I kissed Zanthus on his forehead and walked in their bedroom . Lucy immediately shoots under the bedsheet hiding that she was on her phone .

"Next time i see you on your phone at this late in night . I am making you sleep on the floor " i stated and laid Zanthus on the bed . "I ..i wasn't on the phone ! I was setting my alarm for tomorrow " she wines .
"Yet its me who wakes you up . " i replied and she pouts. I playfully slapped her head and she hugs me .
"No phones at night " i said and walked out but heard her say i love you which made me smile .

When i entered our room I bite my lip as i saw my handsome husband sleeping on his back with his hands behind his head . He was only in his sweatpants showing me his chest .
I straddle him and kissed his cheek . His eyes open but he kept a straight face . "Somebody is angry " i mutter pouting and kissing his other cheek .

His hand rested on my thigh and i grind on him making a sexy groan leave his throat . " Talk to me " i wined but he only slapped my ass cheek which made me jump on his crotch causing it to rub against my core . I moan lowly biting my lip trying to get Roman to talk but he didn't. 

"Are you really that mad ?" I asked running my hands on his chest and neck . "Yes " he replied and i take my dress off throwing it on the floor . "Really ?" I asked trying to seduce him .
A gasp left my mouth as he flipped us over and spanked me again but wasted no time in ripping my undergarments off me and bruising my body with his kisses and love bites .

He took me roughly that night . He was angry and i knew it but it only made me arouse more . His hands , his lips , his kisses were leaving me wanting more . After hours of loving each other i finally rest my head on his chest gasping for air .
My body was beyond exhausted. I was sore all over . But i guess that was his motive behind it

I should be punished for ignoring my man as he said . He kept on kissing my cheeks and neck until i finally relaxed . My eyes close and i snuggled into his warmth. 

"Ava " i hummed but didn't open my eyes . "Wake up . " I still didn't let go .
"Come on baby . Get up . " he said but i scowl and glare at him .
"Its your fault . All yours . I am exhausted.  My body is sore , ask Natalie to take the kids to school please " i stated . " they are already gone " he replied and i let out a sigh of relief. 

Natalie was the best nanny . I never did need her but when i did she never complained and best . Both of my chipmunks loved her .
I feel Roman's hand on my butt and i look at him in the deadliest look .
"No more " i stated and he chuckled kissing me .
My hand rested on his chest but slid's down to feel his stomach and to my surprise i look at his stomach in disbelief. 

"What ?" He asked and i started laughing. 
"You ..where are your abs honey ? You have tummy fat !" I laugh as he looks at himself and sighs .
"That's what happens when you have a demanding wife and kids to take care of " he mutter flipping us over and resting his face on my chest  
"You used to be so hot " i said and he looked up in anger

"I am hot today as well " i chuckled but he bites my neck making me squeak. 
"I'll get those abs back soon . Just see " i roll my eyes .
"Ya sure . "
I was determined to have a long bath myself but of course.  He joined

"Lets make another us " he whispered

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