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(Time line is when Lucy was six and zanthus was three years old )

"Ava !" I called the second time from the living room and and sigh . What was this women doing ? I toss the news paper on the table muttering how this women can't hear me . Mean while Lucy giggles. I chuckle as she gave me a look and walk in the kitchen to see this lady trying to open a jar of something called as kimchi and with a spoon in her mouth .

"What the heck are you doing ? I called you three times !" I stated but she only ignored me . I clenched  my jaw and snatch the jar from her and open it handing it back to her . "Thank you " she said and continued making something . "I called you yet you ignored me " i said and she rolls her eyes . "I have to prepare Lunch for Zanthus and Lucy , i have to go pack there bags because Zanthus hates Natalie touching his things and I have to make breakfast while you three watch T.V " she complained . "LUCY !!are you going to pack your bags or not !!??" She yelled from the kitchen . "I am never getting time for myself " she mutter .

"There is a reason why we don't help you " i mutter

*few days ago *

"ROMAN !! " she yelled and i walked in the bedroom . "What is this ? You mixed your shirts with my dresses !!?" She yelled and i frown . " so ?" I asked and she groan . "Why do you three try an help if you don't know a single thing about it !? Your shirts might get coloured because of my dresses ! Don't even think of doing the laundry without my permission " she said .

*few hours later *

"You people are only making it worse ! I don't want you in my kitchen again . Out ! " she yelled . Lucy and i walk out with Zanthus in my arms as we three gulp at the raging women in the kitchen . "We only tried to help " Lucy pouts but i sigh . " what else can we do " i mutter as Zanthus giggles. 

*currently *

"You said something ? " she asked and i shook my head . She only mutter things while cooking . I smiled at her as she stands on her tip toe to get something and huffs . But i walked behind her and help her with the jar .
"No ..i want that one " she said and i wrap my hand around her waist taking the one she wanted and keeping it on the counter .

"What's wrong ? Are you stressed ? "  i asked and she sighs . As she turned the gas off and covered the meal she made her head leaned back on my chest . "I am " she said and i turned her around and check to see if she looked tired ,she gasp as i picked her up and sat her on the counter . "Are you pregnant? " i asked calmly and she bites her lip .
"Well ?" I asked again .

"I may be " she said and i pulled her into me smiling like a idiot . I picked her up carrying her to bed and called Lincon to hired two maids . "You rejected my idea at first sweety but i am hiring two maids and you will not say no " i said she she nodded . "I am in desperate need of a helper " she said and i chuckled .

"When ?" I asked and she looks down at her stomach.  " i don't know , i didn't have any problems like before during the first month but i missed my period last month and this month as well . I don't know yet " she said and i nodded . "Is it making you tired ?" I asked she nodded . "should we cancel the trip ?" I asked and she immediately shook her head . "Lucy was looking forward to this trip since last month . And Zanthus seems happy as well . I wanna go too " she said and i hummed .

"We'll leave in the evening then . I'll go make an appointment with the doctor " i said and she kissed my cheek . I walked out and called my family doctor to set up an appointment as soon as possible.  He didn't mind . But i had to call Brad because i think we rather take a drive because i don't wanna drive that long .

"Daddy " Zanthus called and saw him sitting on the couch . "Lucy . Watch him he might fall " i said picking him up and she sighs . "Is mommy okay ?" She asked and i nodded . She is still young to know so we will let her know about their new sister or brother later .

An hour later we kept the kids home with Natalie and a guard . Don't ask why . Its been a thing for me to keep them safe for no reason now . I smirked as the doctor confirmed Ava was two months pregnant.  "It will be quite a handful with three kids now " the doctor joke and Ava laughed . "Believe me i know . I have three kids myself "she said and they started talking .

Not long after we left with me having a smirk on my face and Ava with a look saying " yes he got me pregnant the third time " . We didn't wait to inform my mother and father then we informed her dad and others . We didn't expect them too laugh out loud but we were happy .

"I hope its a girl " i said and she rolls her eyes . "I don't care either way but if you try and increase the protectiveness around me again i will kill you "she said and sat in the car .
She sure has got guts to speak like that . I lightly spanked her cute asscheek as she walked inside our home . She jumped and glared at me .

"I can't wait to have my third child in my arms " i said and walked to the gym. Yes i did get my abs back after working and made her realise that nobody can challenge me . I was working out when Lucy walked in , " Hey there chipmunk " i said she pouts . " I hate boys !!" she yelled and i immediately walk towards her picking her up and setting her on the table near . 

" Who troubled you ?" i asked , " Did someone hurt my princess ?" i asked as she looked at me abut to cry . I feel anger raise in me as her lip trembled " come here honey " i said picking her up and kissing her cheek . " The boys in the park said i was a weak girl " she said and i run my hand through her hair to relax her . " Daddy , teach me how to fight !" she said and i smirk . 

" As you wish my little princess " 

*few months later *

" That's right , very good " i said as she punched my hand and chuckled as she tried to kick my leg . I picked her up making her laugh and walked towards our living room . " Daddy me too me too " Zanthus said running towards me and i pick him up with my other hand . " Where is my women? " i asked myself looking in the kitchen . " Probably eating again " i said making Lucy laugh . 

I set the kids down and walk my way towards our room but didn't see her there . " Where did this women go ?" i ask myself and walked towards her office . I open the door to find her decked up with all kinds of junk food watching T.V with a laptop on the glass table near her and her books laid on the floor . " Really ?" i asked and she turned to me . 

" Hi " she said sipping on some red juice " what the fuck are you drinking ?" i asked sitting beside her taking her chip and keeping then on the table , " Tomato juice want some ?" she said and shook my head cringing " What ,its really good " she said and i chuckled . I kissed her cheek bring her head towards my chest and pulling her body close she looked up and kissed my lip . I was about to kiss her more but heard a noise . 

Out of no where our kids ran in with Lucy chasing Zanthus . He yelled and jumped on Ava making her laugh . I rolled my eyes picking him up and kissing his forehead , which only made Lucy jealous . " I can't process the amount of jealously she'll be having once her sister is born " Ava said and i laughed 


Thank you reading my book , love you sweets 

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